Dio Eraclea
24 June 2013 @ 03:13 pm
Name: Neapolitan // Dio Eraclea
Age: 19
Team: Citrine

Height/Build: 5'7 / 174.1cm. Healthy build, has got some muscle.
Hair Color: White/silver.
Eye Color: Purple (pale).
Notable Traits: Permanent orange markings on the edges of his eyes. POINTY EARS! Has a 'sidetail' on his left that he keeps longer than the rest of his hair. (image for all)

Other: Has good senses? Hearing/seeing/etc. because genetics. But that's nothing big and more of a if he's being watched he'd probably notice.
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Dio Eraclea
19 October 2012 @ 03:49 pm
FINALLY POSTING THIS thanks to the best scanon ever TK for this stuff. Basically the BD info about skyfish hunting and info on the capture photos where another one of my Dio headcanons came true.

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Dio Eraclea
OKAY SO I'M GOING TO TALK ABOUT A LOT OF THINGS IN HERE. Because hoooooly shit Last Exile why.

There are spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn't seem Fam, yet! So stop reading if you are avoiding.

THE SUBJECT OF THIS POST: the information released in the last BD booklet.

Which is basically Dio is directly connected to what you see happened to Claus in Fam.

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Dio Eraclea
18 June 2012 @ 05:20 pm
Original vanship permissions and info post is HERE, though it won't be updated with this until later tonight when I have time.

BUT IN THE MEANTIME SINCE THIS'LL BE ON [personal profile] cfudnetwork!!!!

Axe Crazy ended in Dio's vanship getting quite a makeover (if you can call holes and claw marks and burns a makeover I GUESS TO ASSHOLE BIRDS NAMED ANKH THAT'S A MAKEOVER), so since the event, he's been working on it pretty nonstop (because flying seriously guys NOT FLYING IS HORRIBLE) and redoing its frame. It's probably almost done by now!

The vanship basically looks the same as pictured in the permissions post, but lacks the "don't seat front please/even though it's the backseat it's pointing to/even though in that guardian angel boyfriend scene they subbed the words as Lucciola's seat" Greeklish on each side since. Lucciola is there now!

And also because with how negative sense that shit makes, oh Last Exile. SO NOW THE VANSHIP HAS A LITTLE LESS BAD GREEKLISH ON IT.

(just a little though: "Kaltafare" you mean Kartoffel right Last Exile)
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Dio Eraclea
16 June 2012 @ 04:08 pm
Okay, so this went from a 'headcanon about a general What Happened with Dio's recovery' to 'I'll just make a whole life timeline of headcanon shit' and then ended up with 1/5th of a NaNoWriMo.

I'm also still waiting for the day we get actual canon on some of this stuff, but it's GONZO so I will not hold my breath.

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Dio Eraclea
09 June 2012 @ 12:56 am
On Dio and his vanship's profiles from the BD booklets (that a super mega awesome anon scanned ;3; ♥) Also added the vanship stuff to the vanship info page. o/

Also Alison and the scanner are da best for clearing up a few of the lines since I was like WTF DOES THIS EVEN MEAN at.

Age: 18 (note: he turned 19 between the final battle and the epilogue)
Affiliation: The United Kingdom of Anatoray-Disith
Rank: Captain-equivalent officer
Height: 174.1 cm

He is the captain of the Silvius' Vanship Combat Team, but due to the fact that he strongly dislikes being in a formal chain of command, he left the ship to live a carefree life wandering the planet. Originally, Dio was a Principal (#2 position) of the Guild, and a candidate to become Maestro (#1 position), but has abandoned that status.

He has an outstanding talent as a vanship pilot, a clear intellect, and a mastering of martial arts. He loves interesting things, and though he seems as if he only has his own interests in mind, he easily drops them for the sake of those he needs to protect.

Length: 22.0 ft (not including claudia engine), 39.1 ft (including claudia engine)
Height: 5.3 ft
Width: 6.8 ft
Seating Capacity: 1+1
Power Source: Anatoray-tech single claudia unit, x3 single wheel electro-heat claudia units
Engine Output: 2500 CP
Top Speed: 466 mph
Cruising Speed: 279 mph
Operational Range: Ferry Range 1,800 nautical miles (3,334 km); Combat 30 min. at full speed + 1,200 nautical miles (2,222 km)
Altitude Limit: 33,000 ft
Armament: 2 small-size harpoons

Dio's unit, built from junk parts of other vanships. In addition to an Anatoray Claudia unit, it has an electro-heat formula unit. Although the outer-body is wooden, it has a purely metal frame, and the timber is polished to reduce air resistance and increase its speed. On top of the electric power the Sky Pirates use, the Anatoray internal combustion engine is its main source of power.

The rear is equipped with a very long range, large fuel tank ballast. Additionally, because Dio was very particular about thorough maneuverability and is extremely skilled in the area, and because it is a peaky engine, few other than Dio are capable of piloting it without a great deal of difficultly.
Dio Eraclea
04 May 2012 @ 12:36 pm
I'm just gonna post this here since I had it saved from 2ch and there is ... still no other info out to confirm or deny if what they posted was real and no scans from Volume 3's BD booklet where it's apparently in? But we got a lot of info from the exhibits and stuff too, so.

But it says:

"I also received BD Volume 3.
The booklet revealed the specifications of Dio's machine.
750.1 km/h maximum speed and 450 km/h cruising speed.
By the way, here are the specs for Fam.
160 km/h cruising speed and 300 km/h maximum speed.
The Vespa would be slower than the Silvius in the Grand Race."

Seriously if that's legit then Dio. Dio.
Dio Eraclea
27 April 2012 @ 03:26 am
Which isn't so much of a retcon since apparently I went with the right assumption when I canon updated in CFUD?

On the Fam JP wiki, they got an FAQ up for the final episode, and one of the things they talked about on it was the very end with Dio getting yellow card trolled (something I went OH MY GOD WHY ARE THEY SO VAGUE ABOUT THIS WHAT THE FUCK AM I GOING TO DO WHEN I CANON UPDATE). The answer for the question mentioned the Last Exile exhibit in Nakano going on right now, where there are things with info and storyboards and other things from what I gathered looking through twitter and blogs and stuff about it (apparently Dio had long hair in the early storyboards? Which invoked a few shoops and pieces of fanart...).

And I guess since the answer mentions it it's the closest thing to legit unless they make a note of it in another canon source? The wiki says "In the descripton of the exhibit in Nakano, Dio became disqualified from a fuselage/airframe check, not because nobody was riding in the backseat, suspect that it was disqualified because there was something in violation with the aircraft itself."

And his vanship was what I went with when I updated since ... Dio's vanship was made by him and its statistics are kind of insane compared to the norm of the series. IT'S STILL DUMB AS HELL because seriously no matter what the reason was you'd think they'd check the vanships before the race itself...

Unless Dio just decided to fly up and join without doing that. Which. He would do. SO YES for now I have that and hopefully it's legit because if it is then I went with the right thing. /o/

Now I want to go make a wikia account to correct all of the pages on the English wiki that have the wrong info about it, but if I make an account I know I'm going to go crazy and correct other things as well as add all of the information ever like from the Chronicles translations.
Dio Eraclea
14 December 2011 @ 04:32 pm
So here are some pics and THINGS about Dio's vanship that he has with him.

Here's yo steampunky vehicles. )
Dio Eraclea
06 December 2011 @ 04:08 am
So I found this lineart image featuring the cast:

(whole version of it here) Anyway, I have a similar image from the Heroic Age design lineart library that I own, and I found this featured on a site that also talked about some of the other official merchandise from the series. Also the lineart itself is all legit. So Dio isn't actually as tall in the sequel that originally thought-- it's just everyone he's been around so far is a midget pretty much (Fam Gisey Millia Teddy). I'm gonna peg it at about 174cm, which is 5'7 - he was 165cm (5'4) in the first series. (until we actually get an OFFICIAL number but it'd only be off by 1 or 2cm hurr)

Seriously look at these caps he's like the jolly white giant in comparison.
Dio Eraclea
26 November 2011 @ 01:54 am
Since I like having this info there since people ... miss it.

Dio's appearing in Fam isn't a retcon of his 'dying' in the last episode because Dio never actually died in the last episode, despite what you ... see in the scene. Of course, it's not said in the series as much as it's said via other sources.

1) One hint is hearing Dio's voice later in the episode, saying 'ascending!'

2) The Aerial Log artbook confirms that after Dio fell, he was picked up by a Guild ship that had been passing by the area.

3) This post-canon official art.

So as you can see they handled this wonderfully.

Oh wait no they did not people still ask why the fuck Dio is alive in the sequel.
Dio Eraclea
21 November 2011 @ 11:55 pm
After deliberation, browsing the wiki and double-checking episodes, I'm pegging Dio's birthday/LOL GOOD TIMES IN THE GUILD WEEK NOT as being on/the week of January 15th. Or rather that is the weekframe camp is going to surpraise him.

The 15th is something you see in the series-- Dio freaking out and basically killing a calendar. Image here for reference.

January is gotten from the following:
- The calendars shown in Last Exile are reminiscent of our calendars. IE roughly 30 days to a month. So an assumption could be that it goes by the 12 month cycle as well. They also use the same days of the week we do, only the first day of the week is Monday rather than Sunday. Image here.

- According to the timeline, the year changes right before his birthday. Assuming that the calendars are 12 months to a year, the year change means it's the first month of the year. (usually when a series says 'years' without using another word for it or showing another time-measure for it, it means a year by viewer-understood standards)

- The wiki, as well as canon, also mention that it's the month of Tragos (which means goat in Greek). Capricorn, taking most of the month of January, has a goat as the symbol. Last Exile's texts are all Greek as well, and they go by that Zodiac.

- A full shot of the calendar for the month shows 31 days (which is how many days the month of January has). Image here.

Of course, if anything is revealed that changes this, I'll change this info appropriately and retcon. Really I just wanted to have a date for Dio's birthday so I could do stuff IC for him whether he's keeping track of time or not.
Dio Eraclea
Age: 19 (as of end-canon)
Height: 5'7 / 174.1cm
Eyes: Purple (Iris)
Hair: Whitesilver

Physical Appearance & Voice:
Dio's default outfit is this - white robes with some black and gold trim, flowy and fabulous. If he's flying or fighting, he's going to always be in this - which isn't an under-bodysuit or a different outfit. Guild outfits like that 'transform' from one to the other. Always has the goggles around his neck, but never wears them. Also always has the red tie in his hair, the orange ~eyeshadow stuff~ on his eyes. His ears are also pointy.

- Weapons-wise, Dio has this keychainy thing that turns into this (also here). They're like lightsaber hax things.

- Dio is voiced by Noda Junko, and is usually on the higher/happier/flightier pitch by default. Sample here. His voice drops that and gets a little deeper when he's being serious or le'sad. Sample here. I don't go by any of the dub voicing.

Medical Info:
Healthy! Guilders are genetically superior/enhanced, so probably don't fall to normal diseases in their world. Of course in camp things can be different.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him:
Pretty much anything is game! If something crops up, I'll mention it but I can't think of anything, so! \o\

Guildies are a lot faster/stronger/etc than normal humans due to genetic enhancements (they all also might be clones HA HA not sure about the Prester Guild though). Dio doesn't really show those abilities at face value unless it comes up, but he basically counters and kills three of these guys to give an example of what he's capable of, speed and skill-wise. In Travelers, a Guildie throws a person one-handed and then ... crushes a gun with his hand. Idk my BFF Guildmagic.

He's also a really good pilot! If not possibly the best one in the series. Which he does show off a lot. Strategy is a strong point, too. He was called a prodigy in the first series by his people so he's really smart at mechanical and tactical stuff, too. Also lightsaber fighting. Draping on people and being endearingly annoying, too, of course. ♥

Bodyswitching, kissing, injuring, killing:
All good with a tentative no on killing but if something comes up just give me a poke about it! But why would anybody want to hurt poor Dio...

Psychics/mind reading:
Dio really does think a lot about the stuff he lets on initially! Aka derping, flying, being annoying and curious and ... Dio. But there's a lot that doesn't come out as much that's floating around in there, not to mention that he's really smart so he might be thinking something completely different from what's going on at face-value. Memories of Prester and the Guild are in there (and his sister, which is locked up in a section of his mind labeled DO TO THINK ABOUT NO SIS NO), random friends. And a whoooole lot of Lucciola because, other half and lots of guilt and FEELINGS and SADFACE and that is pretty much a huge button for him.

If Dio likes you, your character is more than welcome to ask him for or hitch a ride in the back seat of his vanship. But if your character is the type who would start touching controls and stuff back there please let me know because Dio has like. ABOUT TO TOUCH THOSE CONTROLS-DAR and will not let that fly no matter how much he likes someone. Vanship info is here.
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