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On Birthdays.  
After deliberation, browsing the wiki and double-checking episodes, I'm pegging Dio's birthday/LOL GOOD TIMES IN THE GUILD WEEK NOT as being on/the week of January 15th. Or rather that is the weekframe camp is going to surpraise him.

The 15th is something you see in the series-- Dio freaking out and basically killing a calendar. Image here for reference.

January is gotten from the following:
- The calendars shown in Last Exile are reminiscent of our calendars. IE roughly 30 days to a month. So an assumption could be that it goes by the 12 month cycle as well. They also use the same days of the week we do, only the first day of the week is Monday rather than Sunday. Image here.

- According to the timeline, the year changes right before his birthday. Assuming that the calendars are 12 months to a year, the year change means it's the first month of the year. (usually when a series says 'years' without using another word for it or showing another time-measure for it, it means a year by viewer-understood standards)

- The wiki, as well as canon, also mention that it's the month of Tragos (which means goat in Greek). Capricorn, taking most of the month of January, has a goat as the symbol. Last Exile's texts are all Greek as well, and they go by that Zodiac.

- A full shot of the calendar for the month shows 31 days (which is how many days the month of January has). Image here.

Of course, if anything is revealed that changes this, I'll change this info appropriately and retcon. Really I just wanted to have a date for Dio's birthday so I could do stuff IC for him whether he's keeping track of time or not.
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A possible Timeline
Well, basically I came to the same conclusions: the month of Tragos is January, if you consider the Greek Zodiac (Tragos = month of the Goat = Capricorn). We know from the Aerial log that on Tragos 13th, the "Claudia Units Capture" operation starts (ep. 22). On that very day the Trial of Agoon takes place too. From the picture of the calendar you posted it is obvious to assume that Dio's birthday is on Tragos/January 15th.

So, on that day Dio turns 17... it is January 15th, 665 G.D.

Here are my speculations:

Now, to connect LE1 and LE2 with a possible timeline, we know that:
- LE2 takes place almost 2 years after LE1;
- it is 6 months since Dio has joined the Sky Pirates (LE2, ep.4 - that's what Fam tells Millia);
- about 2 years earlier the Silvius appeared in Western Lierre (LE2 ep. 4 - Fam (or Gisey?) to Millia during dinner)
According to the booklets for LE2, Dio is now 18 and Tatiana is 19.

Moreover, it can be assumed from the anime that Fam turns 16 on October 28th: if you look closely to the calendar that Gisey checks (ep. 09) you can read Dictionary Day and Sweetest day, and these point to October.

So... trying to set a timeline...

Jan. 665 - End of the War on Prester preparation of the Exile;
Feb. 665 - The first immigrants from Anatoray-Disith return to the blue planet with the Exile;
Spring 665 - first contact with the Earth guild (hourglass manga)
Summer 665 - The Silvius is ready thanks to Guild technology and Anatoray-Disith military. The Silvius is first seen in W. Lierre;
Jan. 666 - Dio turns 18
Feb. 666 - the second year on earth begins;
Apr. 666 - Dio joins the sky pirates of Kartoffel
Sept/Oct. 666 - Peace talks between Turan and Ades - Fall of Iglasia - it is 6 months since Dio joined the pirates, it is almost 2 years since the Silvius appeared (actually 1 year and 2-3 months...

Oct. 666 Fam captured/gone skyfishing for Tatiana
Oct. 28th, 666 - Fam's birthday
Nov. 666 - War on Glacies
Dec. 666 - Operation "Grand Exile"
Spring 667 - The 2nd Grand Race

As for the age of some characters:

G.D.664: Claus 15 - Alvis 11 - Dio 16 - Tatiana 17 - Fam 14
G.D.665: Claus 16 - Alvis 12 - Dio 17 - Tatiana 18 - Fam 15
G.D.666: Claus 17 - Alvis 13 - Dio 18 - Tatiana 19 - Fam 16

Well... it can be improved XD
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Re: A possible Timeline
Nice to know I wasn't the only one who caught the calendar in episode 9 and Fam's birthday. XD That's part of how I was going about looking up things (and because I was curious about the texts on the calendar to see if it said anything interesting and LO AND BEHOLD)

So Spring coming at the end of Fam means Dio at least had another birthday between Grand Exile and the Grand Race, since he actually has a more or less set birthday unlike ... pretty much everyone else aside from Fam.
(Anonymous) on July 19th, 2012 09:33 pm (UTC)
Re: A possible Timeline
Well, while reading page 133 of "Last Exile Chronicles" I discovered that we actually have set dates for Claus' and Lavie's birthday.

Claus was born on Krios 28th, 644 G.D.
Lavie was born on Karkinos 14th, 644 G.D.

Apparently the names of the months in LE are those of the signs of the greek zodiac:

Tragos (Capricorn, however this is an exception because in Greek the name of the month should have been Aegokeros)
Hydrochoos (Aquarius)
Ichthyes (Pisces)
Krios (Aries)
Tauros (Taurus)
Didymoi (Gemini)
Karkinos (Cancer)
Leon (Leo)
Parthenos (Virgo)
Zygos (Libra)
Scorpios (Scorpio)
Toxotes (Sagittarius)

Now, we have two possibilities:

either these names replace those we use in our calendar, i.e.
Tragos = January
Hydrochoos = February
Ichthyes = March

or these months correspond to the astrological signs i.e.
Tragos = 22 Dec. - 20 Jan.
Hydrochoos = 21. Jan. - 19 Feb.
Ichthyes ) 20 Feb. - 20 Mar.

... but then Tragos would have 30 days, and this does not match with the calendar shown in the anime.


This is the transcript of the page, which is full of info:

G.D.644年 ギルドにて気象制御装置の損傷が発見されるが、修理法が判らず

G.D.649年 クリーオス28日 クラウス誕生
カルキノス14日 ラヴィ生まれるが、直後母ラシェル死亡
冬 ハミルカル・ヴァルカ、手製のヴァンシップを飛ばす

G.D.650年春 ハミルカル・ヴァルカ、ノルキアに移住

G.D.651年 マリウス、帝都に秘密工廠を設立

G.D.652年晩秋 グランドストリーム突破用ヴァンシップ完成

G.D.653年タウロス1日 ヴァンシップ組合設立

G.D.654年スコルピオス9日 マリウスの秘密工廠にてシルヴァーナ浮行式
イクテュエス15日 シルヴァーナ完成

G.D.655年カルキノス14日 ラヴィ誕生日、6歳になる
パルテノス16日 クラウスとラヴィ、ヴァンシップの飛ばし方を教わる
ジュゴン1日 ラヴィ、アレックスよりぬいぐるみの山羊を貰う
ジュゴン2日 グランドストリーム突破に向かった二番機のみ帰還、ハミルカルとジョルジュが行方不明との報告帰還1名、行方不明3名

G.D.656年クリーオス11日 クラウスの誕生日間近にして、ユスティーナ死去

G.D.657年春 アレックス、シルヴァーナヘ

G.D.658年 アレックス大尉に昇進

G.D.659年春 モラン、銃兵に志願

G.D.661年春 クラウス、初めてヴァンシップを飛ばそうとする、当時12歳
初夏 クラウスとラヴィ、エンジンのかけ方とヴァンシップの飛行の特訓中
晩夏 クラウスとラヴィ初飛行
初秋 クラウス、借金を返済するために家を売却、直後、グランドストリームへと向かうが失敗
初秋 クラウスとラヴィ、ノルキア下層へ転居
秋 クラウスとラヴィ、初仕事に挑戦、失敗
晩秋 ラヴィ、依頼筒受け渡しの特訓
初冬 クラウスとラヴィ、初めて仕事を受けるのに成功

G.D.662年初旬 クラウスとラヴィ、自分逹の家を建てる
タウロス14日 デュシス艦隊オトラントヘ
同15日 オトラント会戦

G.D.664年 第三次ミナギス会戦(第一話へ)

And this is my translation:

644 G.D. - Guild: a failure in the weather machine is discovered, however it is unknown how to fix it.
Guild: the search for the Exile begins
Marius Bassianus secretly transfer the vanship technology to Anatoray
Anatoray: the first vanship is under development
Disith, thanks to Guild technology, learn how to cross the Grand Stream
Disith starts the war with Anatoray

649 G.D. - Krios 28, Claus birth
Karkinos 14, Lavie was born, immediately after giving birth her mother Rachel dies
Winter, Hamilcar Valca flies the vanship he was building

650 G.D. - Spring, Hamilcar Valca moves to Nordkhia
In the following months he improves his piloting technique flying between Nordkhia and the Imperial Capital.

651 G.D. - Marius founds a secret shipyard near the Imperial Capital
Hamilcar, foreseeing a possible use of the vanship, founds an vanship factory in Nordkhia.
At the same time he renounces his noble title

652 G.D. - Late fall, Special vanship designed for the Grand Stream are under development

653 G.D. - Tauros 1, the Vanship Union is established
Guild: Maestro James announces the birth of Al.
Guild: Delphine stirs up quarrels in the "Democratic" system of the 4 houses and lead house Eraclea to prevail.
Marius and Reciuse flee to Anatoray.
Darius, head of house Eraclea is killed by Delphine.

654 G.D. - Scorpios 9, At Marius' secret shipyard the Silvana project starts
Marius officially becomes Anatoray's Prime Minister.
Icthyes 15, the Silvana is completed
Reciuse becomes the Silvana's Chief Engineer

655 G.D. - Karkinos 14, Lavie turns 6
Parthenos 16, Claus and Lavie start to learn [from their fathers] how to fly a vanship
Silvana: the crew recruiment begins
Zygos 1: Alex gives Lavie a stuffed goat
The same day Hamilcar [Valca] and George [Head] leave to attempt to cross the Grand Stream
Zygos 2:only one survivor returns from the failed attempt to cross the Grand Stream. He reports the death of Hamilcar and George (1 survivor, 3 people missing)
Alex goes back to the military academy to attend his high proficiency course
Sophia enters the academy to attend the junior course recently created.

656 G.D. - Krios 11, some days before Claus' birthday, his mother Justina dies
Silvana recruiment is completed

657 G.D. - Alex is assigned to the Silvana

658 G.D. - Alex is promoted to the military rank of Captain

659 G.D. - Spring: Mullin voluntarily joins the army as a musketeer
Alex is promoted to the military rank of Major and becomes the vice-captain of the Silvana, at the same time Sophia joins the Silvana's crew with the rank of First Lieutenant.

661 G.D. - Claus, now 12, begins the training to fly the vanship
Early summer, Claus and Lavie learn how to start the engine
Late summer, first flight for Claus and Lavie
Early fall, Claus decides to sell his house to pay some debts, then he tries to reach the grand stream with the vanship, but fails
Early fall, Claus and Lavie move to Nordkhia's downtown.
Fall, Claus and Lavie try to apply for a delivery as vanship couriers, but fail
Late fall, Lavie trains to catch the message tubes
Early winter, Claus and Lavie succeed to obtain their first delivery as couriers.

662 G.D. - Beginning of the year, Claus and Lavie have completed their new house.
At the secret shipyard the Urbanus project is launched.
Tauros 14, a fleet from Disith heads to Otranto.
The 15 of the same month: the battle of Otranto.

664 G.D. - Third battle of Minagith (1st episode)

I hope I didn't make mistakes either with the translation or with my English ^^

Dio Eraclea: every day's a birthday[personal profile] unguilded on July 20th, 2012 06:12 am (UTC)
Re: A possible Timeline

That stuff is on the wiki timeline but not with the months. I guess Chronicle basically took some of the Aerial Log timeline (since the wiki timeline was translated from AL) only added some extra small things as well as dates. (like the 661 stuff was just CLAUS AND LAVIE LERN 2 FLY AND SELL HOUSE)

You can at least make out 31 days on the October calendar in ep9, so it might be more corresponding with the months (and Dictionary Day is on the 16th still).

I also love how that gives us specific dates for things like the Grand Stream cross attempt. '-'

THIS IS AWESOME though I wonder why Tragos is the odd one out. EITHER WAY SWEET you kick ass for checking that out (since I wouldn't have, I'm so JP'd out on doing novel stuff I'm like SCREW EVERYTHING THAT DOESN'T HAVE DIO'S NAME IN IT) These are fun little things I love bringing up in RP as well so ahhh so happy.
(Anonymous) on July 20th, 2012 02:36 pm (UTC)
Re: A possible Timeline
Concerning Tragos...

...maybe the writers were into Gundam Wing, because there is a Tragos mobile suit (OZ-07MS, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Mobile_Suit_Gundam_Wing_mobile_weapons and the corresponding Japanese topic http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/アフターコロニーの機動兵器) among the ones named after the Zodiac constellations. That mobile suit is not named after an actual constellation, although it is considered to represent Capricorn.

Moreover the name "Tragos" is waaaay easier than "Aigokeros" ^^"

So far the confirmed names are Tragos (from the anime), Ichthyes, Krios, Tauros, Karkinos, Parthenos, Zygos and Scorpios (from page 133 of "Chronicles"). I have yet to check if other names are used in Chronicles. For the moment Ydrochoos, Didymoi, Leon and Toxotes are the best guess based on the Greek Zodiac.

However, if I am not mistaken the booklet of the Italian edition of LE1 contained the names of the 12 months in its glossary section. I'll check that too.

BTW: correct spelling:

Τράγος = Tragos = Goat (Αιγόκερως = Aigokeros = Capricorn)
Υδροχόος = Ydrochoos = Aquarius
Ιχθύες = Ichthyes = Pisces
Κριός = Krios = Aries
Ταύρος = Tauros = Taurus
Δίδυμοι = Didymoi = Gemini
Καρκίνος = Karkinos = Cancer
Λέων = Leon = Leo
Παρθένος = Partheos = Virgo
Ζυγός = Zygos = Libra
Σκορπιός = Skorpios = Scorpio
Csilla_Aria: Queen & Captain[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on July 20th, 2012 04:09 pm (UTC)
Re: A possible Timeline
♥ Wow, this is all so interesting, particularly the Alex and Sophia bits for me... So Sophia was about 10 when she entered the academy? I wonder who was captain of the Silvana before Alex and what happened to them.

....Kinda makes me want to go back and completely re-write Wild Birds, but it would confuse people, and I'm way too lazy to do it.
(Anonymous) on July 21st, 2012 02:43 pm (UTC)
Re: A possible Timeline
How old is Sophia?
That's a mystery...

Alex turns 28 in G.D.665. Sophia should be 19 (or 20) years old. (I say "19 or 20" because it is not said whether her stated age (i.e. 19) refers to G.D.664 or 665).

So it seems she entered the military academy when she was 9 or 10.

But her actual age is not so clear! Well, according to the Aerial Log (page 113) she is the "Silvana vice-captain, 19 years old". But that's just a quick note in the "setting data" section.
According to the "Spheres Character Filegraphy" she is "19(?)". Yes, with a question mark in brackets!
According to Chronicles (page 57) "she says she is 19 years old". It is the only character whose age is expressed in this way: 自称19歳. Alex is just 28歳.

So maybe she is older than she says...

There's something in the "Staff Table Talk" of the Aerial Log about her age, maybe I'll do that later...

Back to the months. Everithing is confirmed, but... with a twist!

From the "large Encyclopedia" section of the Aerial Log (page 66).

山羊月 (トラゴス)

Month of the Goat (Tragos)
One of the months in the calendar system of Anatoray. Starting from the beginning of the year, the names of the months are Tragos, Ydrochoos, Ichthyes, Krios, Tauros, Didymoi, Karkinos, Leon, Parthenos, Zygos, Scorpios and Toxotes.
As for the seasons in Anatoray, Tragos serves as midsummer.