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unguilded: (on the horizon)

what lies beyond the furthest reaches of the sky?

in the darkest place, there's the faintest light

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Name:Dio Eraclea
Birthdate:Jan 15

Contact Details:

Dio Eraclea played by [personal profile] gaignun @ [community profile] empatheias

Interests (59):

all of the cute boys, ankh/kane 5eva, ankh/kane/shingo otp, ankh/kane/shingo/rei hottest foursome, barrel rolls, being a jedi, being annoying, being everyone's gay uncle, being fabulous, being prettier than everyone, being suck buddies with ankh, birthdays, blow-jobs in mid-air, butterflies, buttsex, chess, children, claus, crashing battleships into lakes, dio & ryuusei bffs for life, emoing over navi seats, extremely close encounters, feeling up immelmann, feeling up lucciola, fireflies, flying!!1!, having sad gay feelings, homoelving, immelmann, interrupting sexy times with a hose, it's maestro time no sis no, laughing at titty magazines, leaping through the air gracefully, lightsabers, lucciola, lucciola's ass, my parents are deaaaaaaaad, never delphine, not delphine, not exiles, not rose petals, not roses, not that guy alauda or whatever, pancakes, prancing, pretending to work, racing!!!, saving lolis, saying mysteria to exile keys, senri being a jealous girlfriend, seriously fuck exiles, sexy austin powers chess, singing, skipping, spooning, taking photos, touching clouds, trolling everyone, vanships
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