27 April 2012 @ 03:26 am
A thingy thing?  
Which isn't so much of a retcon since apparently I went with the right assumption when I canon updated in CFUD?

On the Fam JP wiki, they got an FAQ up for the final episode, and one of the things they talked about on it was the very end with Dio getting yellow card trolled (something I went OH MY GOD WHY ARE THEY SO VAGUE ABOUT THIS WHAT THE FUCK AM I GOING TO DO WHEN I CANON UPDATE). The answer for the question mentioned the Last Exile exhibit in Nakano going on right now, where there are things with info and storyboards and other things from what I gathered looking through twitter and blogs and stuff about it (apparently Dio had long hair in the early storyboards? Which invoked a few shoops and pieces of fanart...).

And I guess since the answer mentions it it's the closest thing to legit unless they make a note of it in another canon source? The wiki says "In the descripton of the exhibit in Nakano, Dio became disqualified from a fuselage/airframe check, not because nobody was riding in the backseat, suspect that it was disqualified because there was something in violation with the aircraft itself."

And his vanship was what I went with when I updated since ... Dio's vanship was made by him and its statistics are kind of insane compared to the norm of the series. IT'S STILL DUMB AS HELL because seriously no matter what the reason was you'd think they'd check the vanships before the race itself...

Unless Dio just decided to fly up and join without doing that. Which. He would do. SO YES for now I have that and hopefully it's legit because if it is then I went with the right thing. /o/

Now I want to go make a wikia account to correct all of the pages on the English wiki that have the wrong info about it, but if I make an account I know I'm going to go crazy and correct other things as well as add all of the information ever like from the Chronicles translations.