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Skyfish Captures  
FINALLY POSTING THIS thanks to the best scanon ever TK for this stuff. Basically the BD info about skyfish hunting and info on the capture photos where another one of my Dio headcanons came true.

About Skyfishing
The Sky Pirates have developed many different strategies for "skyfishing", a term used to identify the stealing of battleships. In fact, to prevent the Ades Federation - who is the main target of skyfishing - to put in place adequate countermeasures against a specific stealing method, the Sky Pirates continuously develop new strategies. To accomplish that, the gathering of information has become a key factor for effective skyfishing campaigns.

Information is even regarded as one of the most precious trade articles among the sky pirates since it is useful not only for the capture itself, but also to avoid any reactions from the country of the targeted ship, especially for those of the Ades Federation. Sky Pirates gather information not only from each other, but also from vanship pilots, mechanics, and trade merchants from around the world. Moreover, since many Sky Pirates are refugees who left countries that were conquered by the Ades Federation in the past, they have still connections with relatives and friends who remained in their homeland. However, the most precious source of information is represented by soldiers serving under the local fleets.

Incidentally, to steal information from people involved in the fleets is not such a dangerous thing: for example it is easy to know what naval base a particular ship is heading to or get data from the words of a crewmember who speaks ill of his superiors just by listening to the talks in a tavern. When enough information is obtained on a specific target it is possible to figure out its battle strategies, the skill of the crew, how the crew is organized, the relations among the crewmembers and the general status of a battleship. Hence the information collected in this way is analysed and summarized at a Sky Pirates' base, then the results are circulated among the Sky Pirates using the light signals of the observation posts.

Also, the observation posts can be a source of information since they can monitor the traffic (if a certain ship is leaving for a specific destination or if another one is called back to a naval base), moreover it is possible to use written documents from already captured ships, such as official letters or codes, to learn about basic structure, armaments, equipment, crew composition and strategy of battleships that are now at hand for capture, thus building quite a comprehensive database. Data is also updated with basic information coming from shipyards around the world, specifically on new battleships under construction or old ones under reparation.

Although people who are able to memorize everything, like Giselle, are rare, among the Sky Pirates the navi usually memorizes as much data as possible for a hunt but can ask support from the observation posts at any time if needed. So the Sky Pirates, thanks to this data, can constantly improve their skyfishing strategies. Their main strategies are the following:

1: Forgery of orders
2: Neutralization of crews
3: Simulation of accidents
4: Simulated surrender
5: Exploitation of weaknesses
6: Misinformation
7: Simulation of enemy fleets
8: Theft after simulating a fire
9: etc.


The first ship captured by Fam and Giselle, who had been taken captive on the Silvius, was caught with a combination of the first and the second strategy. Since on the Silvius a couple of uniforms of the Federation were available thanks to Elio's collection, it was decided to make several copies of them. Then, an official letter was forged with orders for a ship that was thought in the naval base, together with fake personal documents for crewmembers.

According to the plan, using these documents, Olaf was supposed to play the role of colonel Wakir, commander of a Federal fleet, asking for the immediate transfer of the battleship in the naval base under his command for a military intervention in his homeland. After having dismissed the captain of the battleship, the mechanics of the Silvius were tasked to put to sleep the rest of the crew by releasing soporific gas in the aeration system.

However Fam made a mistake in that she randomly led Giselle to another ship instead of the one for which the plan was specifically prepared. Thanks to Giselle's swiftness this situation was quickly recovered. In fact captain Cirrus was induced to leave his ship for "urgent personal matters" without him providing clear instruction to the base.

So, in accordance with the second part of the plan, as detailed in the forged letters all the battleships were ordered to sortie. However the targeted ship, simulating some mechanical failure, left the formation. Having taken full control of the ship during the sortie by putting the whole crew to sleep, Olaf and the others abandoned these soldiers in a small free area close to the base, and then they headed for the rendezvous with the Silvius.

CAPTURES #2 & #3

With a similar technique, two other battleships owned by some aristocrats were conquered. To steal these ships, the Silvius' group pretended to be a group of noblemen complaining that these battleships were kept in the naval base instead of being sent to a battle for some family feud. In this way they obtained the control of the ships. Even the naval base personnel did not pay to much attention to them, so the plan was a complete success, so much so that everybody congratulated with Giselle.


For the fourth ship, Fam acted as a decoy leading a ship of aristocrats out in the open in an area of rocky cliffs, thus trapping their ship. Suddenly the Silvius' crew appeared, preventing any further movement and in fact capturing the ship. This is also the strategy adopted [by the pirates] in the first episode. The mechanics who took part in the operation, given Fam's ability in acting as a decoy, decided to celebrate by throwing her in the air.


For the fifth ship, the Silvius simulated to be a cargo ship under attack by the pirates, asking the local aristocrats for an armed intervention with their ship. After being "rescued", the Silvius' crew, whose ship was disguised as a civil ship, released some soporific gas into the aristocrats' ship to take its control. However, even though it was a ship under the command of the aristocrats it was not a quick capture, since the operation started at midnight but was only completed at dawn.


For the sixth ship, although the information provided by Giselle was correct, it was not easy to attract the prey into the trap, therefore Fam, acting again as a decoy, had to sustain a heavy enemy fire. In the end the capture was a success, but it required more time than expected therefore Fam was so hungry that she pretended she was "eating" the captured ship - as the picture shows - just for fun. However this visual perspective was not so apparent to Millia and Teddy: that's way they seem a bit puzzled.


As for the seventh ship, a group of aristocrats was having a party in a remote area where no immediate support from other ships was possible; hence the capture was incredibly quick. The ship itself was left unattended, therefore sneaking on board was so easy to the point that Fam said "we caught the prey by moving only one finger": that also the meaning of this photo.


The eighth ship was captured while it was at berth, by sneaking into it through the air pipes and releasing soporific gas. However some unexpected difficulties occurred when entering the air pipes because they were so narrow it was almost impossible to ease through them. In the end everybody had to cover himself with oil. After the capture the shower rooms of the Silvius became incredibly busy for quite a bit. Even if this capture had been a success, only Fam seemed to have still some energy. By the way, so far Dio had taken all the pictures, but this time he was so eager to shoot the photo of the eighth capture that he ended up in it accidentally.


The ninth ship was won in a gamble during a race in Eldorada. Millia, who had been put at stake, was given the trophy as a sign of appreciation for her availability to cross-dress as a boy. Since Dio was busy with the transfer of the previously captured ships to Anatoray, the mechanics took the picture this time.


The tenth ship was captured taking advantage of the requisition of ships that the Federal Fleets of Ades had begun. So Fam reached one of the ships to be transferred from the aristocrats to the Federal fleet and using a forged letter, pretending to be the crew in charge of the requisition. This time Millia also took part in the operation, disguising herself as a waitress. She also wanted to pose for the picture. The picture shows the lower and upper structures of the bow of an old-type battleship.


The eleventh ship was chosen from the list of ships under requisition from the aristocrats. This ship was abandoned near the border. The capture of the ship was easy but due to the insufficient maintenance done by the old owner, it was actually a wreck. A lot of work was necessary to repair it before the arrival of the Federal Fleet, so the mechanics worked overtime. Luckily, thanks to Dio's expertise, the Claudia Unit was fixed in time, thus accomplishing the capture.

Remembering the incredible effort this ship required, it was decided to take a picture with all those who took part in the repair, so Dio – until now, only accidentally in the photos, decided to be in the picture as well.


The twelfth ship was captured in an advanced base in the northern region that recently had joined the Ades Federation. This base constituted a military post of this former independent country that got annexed and became a tributary province: the information on this base and how to reach it was provided to the sky pirates by some refugees that abandoned their homeland. Due to a snowstorm the naval base was almost deserted. After the capture, during the transfer of the ship to a safe place, Dio was planning to take a picture during a break to have all the mechanics who took part in the operation in it. However, was impossible to make everyone out in the snow, especially those far behind, so he decided to portray them as if they were many snowmen instead.

(the mechanic all the way in the back has a small snowman on his head, wrt the snowman thing)


The thirteenth ship was captured in a similar manner during its handover from the northern region, while it was heavily snowing. At that time they could not be spotted by the other ships because of the storm, so they succeeded in boarding the ship, which was towed, and take control of it from the inside. Then some balloons were connected to the towing cable to simulate the drag of the ship and bring it away. This part of the plan was very difficult to implement because the cable was continuously shaken by the winds so the mechanics had to be very careful to do it unnoticed. That's the reason why they were so exhausted after releasing all the tension they had built inside.


The fourteenth ship was captured in the same way the fourth was. Fam acted as a decoy to attract and trap a ship in an area of rocky cliffs where it is hard to sail. As for the commemorative picture, it was taken by Dio furtively, to portray Fam and Giselle enchanted by the wonderful sunset while thinking about the next and final capture. It is reported that as soon as Fam realized what happened, she got really mad at Dio about that picture.


The fifteenth captured ship was the flagship of the First Fleet of the Federation, the Anshar. Millia hit the Claudia circulation valve, causing the sinking. The crew abandoned the ship, which was later recovered and repaired. In the picture Dio looks happy while Fam looks sad, because her relationship with Giselle is going through a hard time. Also Elio and Ignace, who were in the towed vanship, were portrayed in the picture: they were yelling at Dio "we are not here to play".
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8th capture: So he says. Look how he's posed there is no way he didn't do that on purpose. XD

lol The whole info gathering thing reminds me of a bit of head canon I had concerning Alex siccing Dio on Claus. Dio is already a chatterbox of course, and immediately gave Alex the most valuable information he had telling him the Eraclea Mysterion. Alex however figured Dio might have a lot more valuable information, even Dio didn't realize. Alex decided the best way to get someone to talk was to give them someone they wanted to talk to, As Dio was so interest in "Immelmann" poor Claus unwittingly won himself not only a job as Dio's guard, but his interrogator as well. And while he never let it show, Alex thought the whole thing was pretty damn hilarious too.
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