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13 August 2013 @ 02:32 am
Memory: Rainbirds. (Neutral-Significant)
Game: N/A (starter)
Form: N/A (starter)

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Dio Eraclea
24 June 2013 @ 03:13 pm
Name: Neapolitan // Dio Eraclea
Age: 19
Team: Citrine

Height/Build: 5'7 / 174.1cm. Healthy build, has got some muscle.
Hair Color: White/silver.
Eye Color: Purple (pale).
Notable Traits: Permanent orange markings on the edges of his eyes. POINTY EARS! Has a 'sidetail' on his left that he keeps longer than the rest of his hair. (image for all)

Other: Has good senses? Hearing/seeing/etc. because genetics. But that's nothing big and more of a if he's being watched he'd probably notice.
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Dio Eraclea
Hi I did things with the goal to do more fandom related projects and also because fandom is so scattered all over different network/blog sites nowadays.


Is a domain/forum newly launched with the intent to serve as a network for fans and tons of info and other fun stuff. Participation is the key and I hope that building up a website and community will be fun and everyone pitches in! Please join in and say hi on the forum and let's do fun things.

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31 March 2013 @ 01:18 pm

First, before the novel which is under the cut, Aerial Log as a whole didn't have much in terms of new artwork. Just the anime stuff that was in the monthly magazines (which are all online IIRC since I have them all saved), and the novel illustrations (which are under the cut with the novel!). There's no timeline (boo), but there is a staff table talk as well as World Report-- which IS texty so hopefully serves as enough of a background description about the Earthside of things.

There is a sketchy thing of Tatiana and Alis though so here.

And here are a couple of Diocentric things before we get into the novel:
- The novel after talk calls Fam Dio "a big brother Dio who is bright and dependable." More after novel talk will be under the cut at the end of the novel, mainly concerning Lucciola and feels and things that make Tara cry a lot.

- Repeat of the whole Dio is the captain of the Silvius vanship team, but hates being bound by military rules so is off wandering on his own and calling it "reconnaissance" (since it ends up being).

- The blurb on the fight with Alauda toward the end-- mainly the text on the side of the vanship that they translate as "Lucciola's seat" in the episode says: "The rear seat of Dio's vanship was originally the constant position of his his closest friend and biggest partner, Lucciola. In the fourth episode, Dio stopped Millia from touching one of the levers, because Lucciola is still a precious existence to him. In this episode (19), even though Alvis didn't do anything, the hose naturally came off and saved Dio in his crisis. Perhaps it's the spirit of Lucciola, still by Dio's side." ABLOOBLOOBLOO MY BABIES.

- Profiles just make references to how he served as Al's escort/bodyguard (Dio and Al's profiles) and has a longstanding relationship with Dagobert (Dagobert's profile).

AND WITH THAT, here is the translation for the novel, "Friends". YOUR USUAL DISCLAIMERS APPLY. Moon is not great, worded things so it reads less choppy, Alison and TK are the wind beneath my wings for help with lines and other things. o/

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Dio Eraclea
30 March 2013 @ 05:50 pm
Mostly for Dio and what he's been around doing for any of his castmates and CR since I have been a ball-dropper as well as busy and really didn't get to play as much out as I'd hoped. BUT BASICALLY FOR HIS CR AND SUCH this is a small heads up for what's been going on Marchside for the homoelf since he is leaking SADS EVERYWHERE.

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Dio Eraclea
26 February 2013 @ 02:40 pm
And then I made a thing.
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Dio Eraclea
09 February 2013 @ 10:12 pm
AND THEN GETTING MY LOLI REMINDED ME I NEVER POSTED THIS!! In the BD booklets, they released an entire script for another .5 episode called Middle Game that was planned to air between episodes 11 and 12. It focuses on Vincent and Al playing chess (AND DIO HAS CLEARLY TAUGHT HER WELL!!! My grasshopper.) as Vincent infodumps all about Ades and its generals and Turan and warstuff.

It's really great and informative and should have been the .5 instead of 9.5 because 9.5 was boring. :(

Translation is by the super cool LE scanon and at most I just reworded a couple of things.

Also Vincent knows his shit complimenting Dio huehuehue.

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Dio Eraclea
30 January 2013 @ 10:02 am

Why does it cost so much I never had or wanted a watch before and now I do.
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Dio Eraclea
25 January 2013 @ 02:40 pm

>see this
>squawk uncontrollably
>make Dio default icon everywhere
>translate novel blurb
>A glimpse into the two years of mystery, the short novel "Friends - the blank Principal"
>oh god
>oh no

March 4th it comes out that means soon after that I am going to just. Disappear from the world because I will be scanning and translating everything. My emotions will never be prepared for this book fuck.

(also lol RM putting the Guild symbol under Dio's collar OOPS...)
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Dio Eraclea
24 December 2012 @ 01:06 am
Okay so! THERE ARE THREE THINGS HERE! One is DIO'S IC GIFTS FOR HIS CR! The other is a list of things he gets/is getting from others.

The last is just a few notes since Dio is apparently going to a lot of people in the post I made last night like LET'S DO THIS AND THIS TOMORROW AND ON CHRISTMAS! And I'd like to sort out what he is doing/did, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY if anybody wants to either do late or backdated posting when I am home! Or even backthreading/backdated journal posts for certain things, you can even use this post for that. Since I'm probably not the only person popping out over the next two days, I'm willing to do whatever!

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Dio Eraclea
16 November 2012 @ 06:03 pm
FOR THE NETWORK TO SEE discussion post is here and locked hence the bump for the network. o>
Dio Eraclea
19 October 2012 @ 03:49 pm
FINALLY POSTING THIS thanks to the best scanon ever TK for this stuff. Basically the BD info about skyfish hunting and info on the capture photos where another one of my Dio headcanons came true.

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Dio Eraclea
18 September 2012 @ 08:32 pm
So I figure since I have a lot of off-screeny things and stuff that Dio does for/with his cabinmates as well as his general area/stuff he has in it, I'll make one catch-all post that will be edited to add any changes. This includes routine type stuff and so on.

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Dio Eraclea
14 September 2012 @ 03:49 am


Pokemon: Butterfree ♂
Ability: Tinted Lens
- Aerial Ace
- Acrobatics
- Silver Wind
- Psybeam
Nature: Jolly

And I actually, geekishly, put a lot of thought into the Pokemon/moves/etc. I pick for my character(s) for these events. So here are the others I've chosen for the last time we had this event in-game before I start rambling about things under the cut, also because I wanted to show off the character sprites I made for them, too. '-'!!

Yzak and Pidgeot ♂

Jr. and Flareon ♂

Iolaous and Abra ♂

REASONINGS FOR ABILITIES/MOVES/NATURES AND POKEMON CHOSEN. I take my Pokemons seriously guys (I'm so embarrassing oh my GOD). )
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Dio Eraclea
30 August 2012 @ 04:57 am
So re: my last post with those amazing perfect Dio images.

I finished scanning the whole artbook if anyone's interested.
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29 August 2012 @ 12:14 pm
So the new Linkage artbook has two awesome things in it.

One is an early design of Dio.

And the other is MY HEADCANON BECOMING REAL AGAIN since I had one about Lavie being the one fixing his hair for him guys it's like Yzak all over again with things coming true I love this. ALSO LUCCI GHOST WATCHING. YOU GUYS OH MY GOD MY BABIES.

I have to say while I'm glad they ended up cutting Dio's hair because wow he looks even more fem I didn't think that was possible, dat uniform is doing things to me. So with both images I think I'm going to go with that his hair did grow out a lot (since Lucci wasn't there to do it for him anymore and he was like eh effort. Seriously look at Lucci in that pic he is like "bitch doesn't know how to cut Lord Dio's hair properly like I did oh my God poor Lord Dio") and at some point Lavie was just like dude so he was like fine okay cut it for me. And it ended in disaster as pictured so he had to let his bangs regrow out. And since Dio knows how to make clothes in canon (like how he made Al's outfit for her) he has. His own special uniform that he made for himself that looks somewhat like that for real super important Anatoray things-- meaning he wears it once in a blue moon (read: not at all). Because I really just want an excuse to say that uniform exists somewhere. '-'

Like I even just quick shooped to see how he looks with his normal hair in it and oh that came out very nice looking oh. Oh.

Really though I'm just dead here at the hair picture because guys I was not expecting anything with Lucciola at all and aaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa babies.
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Dio Eraclea
12 August 2012 @ 10:01 am
Because this is the perfect opportunity.

So with the vague mention in the last BD about Dio's direct connection to Claus' situation in Fam (CLICK), last night along with a new Linkage Character File going on sale at Comiket, a Fam Aerial Log was announced to be released soon. Also announced (whether or not it will be its own novel or a story in the Aerial Log itself I'm not 100% sure on yet, BUT STILL!!!) was an additional story about the untold story of Dio and Claus and their relationship between series. So we might actually get answers not only about what happens with Claus but hopefully shedding some more light on Dio's recovery?! GUYS I'M SO FUCKING ECSTATIC AT THIS POSSIBILITY.

On one hand I'm like, well it's Last Exile and after Travelers who knows what this will be. But on the other it's like oh my god still MORE CANON and the original Aerial Log had the timeline and so much world info and we're getting it for Fam after all of my screaming of WE NEED YOU ARTBOOK INFO SUPPLEMENT. I can't wait and in the meantime I have Fam novels to do and eventually Linkage 02 to scan and and. Once this/possibly these if the story is something else comes out it's translation time again!

SO IN CELEBRATION OF THIS I wanna link my (MY BIG OL CANON POST) so you can watch this series. (I am also willing to burn and send people the series if that's preferable for them) As well as (MY MONSTER APP THESE CHARACTERS POST). Because once this story comes out omg omg I'm gonna want a Claus so much more than I already do. '-' CLAUS AND AL AND MILLIA AND GISEY AND DYAN AND TATIANA GUYS. App them. And Vincent and Mullin and Sara and Lavie and everyone aaaaaaaaa.

I'm also excited because I wonder how much more terrible they are going to make Dio's life with this.
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Dio Eraclea
11 August 2012 @ 03:24 pm
Since it's for a span of time (read: two weeks!)

I am going out west to OR to visit Fam/Loki and Star-Lord/Sky-High/Nova/MM, DIO AND FAM ARE GONNA GO BE SKY PIRATES IRL OH SHIT. There was also talk and jokes about going to the rose gardens and also Voodoo donuts so I can actually get Triple Chocolate Penetrated irl and not just ICly. So that on top of beach times means I will be a busy homoelf!

I will be on the internets! So I am either going to be madame slow tagger if I decide to play a little, or if I don't, just assume Dio is still around doing his thing. You know how Dio rolls.
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Dio Eraclea
10 August 2012 @ 11:47 am
First series done! I'm coming for you soon Fam novels.

- MY MOON IS NOT REALLY VERY GOOD AT ALL I just have an arsenal of tools to get a PRETTY OKAY jist of what is going on - enough to extrapolate things and turn it into something readable. Also ty to Alison who helped out with lines and parts I just went ??????? at.

- Since these are novels and not artbook things, there is a little more extrapolation because of the format a lot of novels like this is in. Aka I merge and reword some things so it looks more nicely weaved together in English.


This post covers:
- Dio being bloody and crackers
- Claus having the attention span of a rock
- The mechs keeping Lucciola in their kokoros
- ... Dio's ending which I cannot even explain

LUCKY SEVEN!! Or not so with this ending what? )
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Dio Eraclea
09 August 2012 @ 10:34 pm
You know how we roll.

- MY MOON IS NOT REALLY VERY GOOD AT ALL I just have an arsenal of tools to get a PRETTY OKAY jist of what is going on - enough to extrapolate things and turn it into something readable. Also ty to Alison who helped out with lines and parts I just went ??????? at.

- Since these are novels and not artbook things, there is a little more extrapolation because of the format a lot of novels like this is in. Aka I merge and reword some things so it looks more nicely weaved together in English.


This post covers:
- Lucciola being PERFECT AND AMAZING
- A brotherly STAND OFF!
- Dio getting made out with (AND NOT IN THE ... GOOD WAY...)
- More Trial ... 'stuff'...
- Lucciola's entire point getting ruined. GWAAAAAAARGH!!

Sexy six six. )
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