12 August 2012 @ 10:01 am
Because this is the perfect opportunity.

So with the vague mention in the last BD about Dio's direct connection to Claus' situation in Fam (CLICK), last night along with a new Linkage Character File going on sale at Comiket, a Fam Aerial Log was announced to be released soon. Also announced (whether or not it will be its own novel or a story in the Aerial Log itself I'm not 100% sure on yet, BUT STILL!!!) was an additional story about the untold story of Dio and Claus and their relationship between series. So we might actually get answers not only about what happens with Claus but hopefully shedding some more light on Dio's recovery?! GUYS I'M SO FUCKING ECSTATIC AT THIS POSSIBILITY.

On one hand I'm like, well it's Last Exile and after Travelers who knows what this will be. But on the other it's like oh my god still MORE CANON and the original Aerial Log had the timeline and so much world info and we're getting it for Fam after all of my screaming of WE NEED YOU ARTBOOK INFO SUPPLEMENT. I can't wait and in the meantime I have Fam novels to do and eventually Linkage 02 to scan and and. Once this/possibly these if the story is something else comes out it's translation time again!

SO IN CELEBRATION OF THIS I wanna link my (MY BIG OL CANON POST) so you can watch this series. (I am also willing to burn and send people the series if that's preferable for them) As well as (MY MONSTER APP THESE CHARACTERS POST). Because once this story comes out omg omg I'm gonna want a Claus so much more than I already do. '-' CLAUS AND AL AND MILLIA AND GISEY AND DYAN AND TATIANA GUYS. App them. And Vincent and Mullin and Sara and Lavie and everyone aaaaaaaaa.

I'm also excited because I wonder how much more terrible they are going to make Dio's life with this.
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