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First series done! I'm coming for you soon Fam novels.

- MY MOON IS NOT REALLY VERY GOOD AT ALL I just have an arsenal of tools to get a PRETTY OKAY jist of what is going on - enough to extrapolate things and turn it into something readable. Also ty to Alison who helped out with lines and parts I just went ??????? at.

- Since these are novels and not artbook things, there is a little more extrapolation because of the format a lot of novels like this is in. Aka I merge and reword some things so it looks more nicely weaved together in English.


This post covers:
- Dio being bloody and crackers
- Claus having the attention span of a rock
- The mechs keeping Lucciola in their kokoros
- ... Dio's ending which I cannot even explain

The smell of blood drifted in the air, and Dio was covered in it as well. His face, his body, even the sword that he held. He stared through the dim darkness in search of other potential targets, but he could no longer move.

"I killed people?" he muttered, the taste of iron in his mouth.*

"I hate it. I didn't want to kill anyone..."

The floor around him was slippery with blood, and Dio tried to walk, staggering. It was at that moment he heard a voice in his ear.

"Look for the rainbirds, Lavie. If you keep up with the rainbirds, we'll be able to get out of here!"

Dio looked around, startled. Who? Who's familiar voice is that in my ear?

"Raise output! Here we go!"


Dio suddenly dropped down where he was, grasping the sword with both of his hands like a control stick.

"Take a strong G to the right! We'll be okay, don't worry!"

Dio felt a familiar, pleasant feeling run through his body.

"Lucciola, raise the output!" Dio turned around. However, the only thing behind him was the dim light that spread down the hall.


Dio stood up again, unsteadily, trying to search for Lucciola. That's what he had to do-- and then get a vanship so he could challenge Immelmann. Dio called out the name of his friend once again.


Claus thought he heard Dio's voice, and looked around. But the only thing around him was the vortex of the storm.


He heard that faint voice again, and then Claus suddenly noticed the communication device hanging by his chest.


Reaching for the communication device, he brought it up to his ear, but he didn't hear Dio's voice again. Claus took a closer look at the communication device. It was small, and had a silver knob that could be turned, and there were small characters displayed in a tiny window. Dio, Cicada, Coccinella, Phalanea, Recuise...


Claus turned the knob to Recuise's name, and spoke.

"Chief engineer, can you hear me?"

Eventually, there was a reply.

"Claus Valca. You're alive!" The voice was unmistakably Recuise's.

Gale took a drink from his water bottle. A light melody could be heard from an accordion, putting the mechanics in a good, relaxing mood.


A tall but petite girl appeared before them.

"I made some lunch!"

"Thanks as always, Ms. Edipa."

The sound of bottles of ale clanking against each other was heard, as Kostabi got up from the grass.

"Let me help you carry that!"

In this land of Disith that had been covered by ice was now starting to grow green grass, they were preparing to build a new town. Overheard, three colorful vanships shot across the sky, past the place where the Grand Stream once was. Godwin looked up into the blue sky, seeing Anatoray upside down on the other side, as if it was some sort of heaven. He wondered how it would feel being a navi, flying higher and closer in the skies to it.

"Well, it's impossible for me."

He pulled the cork from the bottle of ale with his teeth, taking a drink and letting out a belch.

"I wonder how Lucciola is doing," he muttered thoughtfully.

The huge castle spun round and round in the sky by itself. Anatoray, Disith, everybody was now freed from the Guild-- the mystery of what went on in the control room was no longer behind closed doors. But in the lower part of the Guild castle near Delphine's room, a mysterious presence lingered, refusing the entry of ordinary humans.


In the cozy room surrounded by colonnades, Dio set up the pieces on a chess board. "Come on, let's have a match."

Eventually, a man with a stern, fearless expression appeared. This man who was not Lucciola looked at Dio calmly.

"Lord Dio, you are troubled because you cannot stop until you win."

"I know. Today we'll have five matches, regardless of wins or losses."

"You're going to play five times?"

"Lucciola's going to be my opponent, so let's hurry up and start the game!"

A slight wind blew, rustling the sheer curtains of the room. Standing in front of Dio, the man once known as Cicada picked up a white pawn.

"Today you will win," he said with a small smile, placing the piece onto the board. He found himself thinking of things like flying Anatoray's skies in Dio's backseat, when this was all over.

- the taste of iron in his mouth.* - this one should be obvious. :P Blood.

- Poor Dio is still crackers in the end. :( And bloody?! :(((((((((( And how they still kept the whole Lucciola thing and djkfskfks bloobloobloo.

- I don't ... know, re: the communication device. It's obviously different but it's still a. Thing I guess!

- Way to be like DIO'S VOICE? Anyway gonna try to contact Recuise now bye Dio, Claus. And then from the ending we never get ... follow up to that or anything? SO IT'S JUST LIKE THE SERIES!!!

- Lucciola still in the mechanics' minds jkdfhsdhfksdgjk cannot contain feelings.

- That last scene I still have no idea what the fucking fuck? DIO IS STILL CRAZY ... OBVIOUSLY ... but buh? Is his crazy just seeing Cicada as Lucciola? Why are they referring to him as "the man once known as" Cicada when it's Cicada? Was this some fail attempt to make him into a ~not bad guy~ by making him live? Is Lucciola's ghost there too re: the ~MYSTERIOUS PRESENCE THAT LINGERED~? IS LUCCIOLA'S GHOST POSSESSING CICADA'S BODY. What the shit about flying in his back seat BITCHES DON'T JUST SIT IN DIO'S BACK SEAT OKAY MOFOS. Is this some super deep and metaphorical scene that we're not getting the secret meaning to because of the language barrier? Is Cicada just like fuck it he thinks I'm his boyfriend and he looks like his sister let's do this? THIS IS LITERALLY THE LAST DIO SCENE IN THE NOVEL SO I DON'T. KNOW WHAT TO TELL ANYBODY!!!!! WHAT THE HELL NOVELS! What the hell!!

With that though, we've reached the end of our first adventure! Translating all of the Dio and Lucciola focused parts of the first series novels. It has been a fun ride and I am going to ramble about things and basically just note what I am keeping as canon or distorted canon from it soon (mostly just the extra things that don't completely contradict the series ... like bath scene yes last scene fuckin no?!).

But we're not done yet! \o/ We have 2 Fam novels to translate that cover the first 9 episodes, and however many more they release in the future. So look forward to that soon!
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