13 August 2013 @ 02:32 am
Memory: Rainbirds. (Neutral-Significant)
Game: N/A (starter)
Form: N/A (starter)

From an insignificant point in time, though definitely after a point where Dio already knows how to fly so would be able to leave the Guild Fortress on his own. The Guild Fortress resides in the Grand Stream, and rainbirds (pretty standard-looking birds, all white though and pretty!), though known to be able to pass back and forth in the Grand Stream via gentler currents inside of it, still have a very difficult time doing so and many flocks lose great amount of numbers on the trips. This is how the very shitty novel describes it:

The flock of rainbirds that flew out of Anatoray seven days ago had attempted to pass through the thick wall of near-impenetrable, turbulent currents three times since then. Half of them had been lost along the way. They were on the verge of giving up attempting to cross the Grand Stream, their beautiful wings breaking, feathers losing their luster. A single, final stretch remained as their greatest obstacle, and one after the other, the birds and their companions were swallowed by the torrents of the Grand Stream. Their nesting grounds in Disith were so close, just beyond that final hurdle...

The memory is basically Dio watching them fly in Anatoray's skies. Simple in theory since I wanted his first memory to both be as blank as possible, but still have some weight to it and be related to the sky. So with this, he doesn't really know anything about himself or his life. What he will remember is a sense of the following:

- The sky is beautiful, and the birds are just cute and cool. Slight skyboner.
- The rainbirds go though some sort of obstacle to get into those clear, open skies, so there's a feeling of 'will I ever do that', thus a sort of longing or jealousy to be like them.
- So there's also a sense of Something from that longing. It's something very There, though Dio can't tell what it is yet.
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