29 August 2012 @ 12:14 pm
So the new Linkage artbook has two awesome things in it.

One is an early design of Dio.

And the other is MY HEADCANON BECOMING REAL AGAIN since I had one about Lavie being the one fixing his hair for him guys it's like Yzak all over again with things coming true I love this. ALSO LUCCI GHOST WATCHING. YOU GUYS OH MY GOD MY BABIES.

I have to say while I'm glad they ended up cutting Dio's hair because wow he looks even more fem I didn't think that was possible, dat uniform is doing things to me. So with both images I think I'm going to go with that his hair did grow out a lot (since Lucci wasn't there to do it for him anymore and he was like eh effort. Seriously look at Lucci in that pic he is like "bitch doesn't know how to cut Lord Dio's hair properly like I did oh my God poor Lord Dio") and at some point Lavie was just like dude so he was like fine okay cut it for me. And it ended in disaster as pictured so he had to let his bangs regrow out. And since Dio knows how to make clothes in canon (like how he made Al's outfit for her) he has. His own special uniform that he made for himself that looks somewhat like that for real super important Anatoray things-- meaning he wears it once in a blue moon (read: not at all). Because I really just want an excuse to say that uniform exists somewhere. '-'

Like I even just quick shooped to see how he looks with his normal hair in it and oh that came out very nice looking oh. Oh.

Really though I'm just dead here at the hair picture because guys I was not expecting anything with Lucciola at all and aaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa babies.
Current Mood: enthralled
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