10 December 2011 @ 11:41 am
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Um so the newest episode of Fam.

This was more of a character-driven episode with a lot of stuff going on and leading up to the next tier of the series. And it being character driven means all of my feelings.

DIO YOU MAKE ME GO FROM DYING OF CUTE TO SOBBING WHY. Seriously Dio in this episode is the greatest if you couldn't tell from this post's images. But oh gosh when then bring up his emo point they really enjoy ripping your heart out and setting your happy feelings on fire.


Vasant is still the general they are focusing on when it comes to FEELINGS about Ades. As we know her and her people were overtaken by Ades and now serve them. When they began purging Vasant's colleagues were worried. At the start of this episode Kayvan basically says they are the sword and do as their wielder wishes and they have to be a strong sword. I cannot wait to see something happen with Vasant down the line!

Meanwhile Dio is trying to find Fam because BIRTHDAY AND DIO IS GOOD AT BIRTHDAYS.

Fam and Gisey finally fight, though it didn't blow up like a lot of people feared it would.

Dio finds out about their shift into Glacies territory.


Millia hides from Fam.

And then Fam, upset, just hops into the back of Dio's vanship to go and recover the Anshar. Dio leads another vanship by a cable and. Well.

The Glacies girls fly over the area where the Anshar went down, where Fam and Dio are going to recover it. But they do not attack, yay!

I love love love this thing from the first series. '-' DIO LEARNED SO MUCH FROM DAGOBERT. "ASCENDING!"

Gisey prepares to leave and thank the captain. Alis reminds her of the talk they had before.

A-and then this scene between Dio and Fam happened and I just lost my shit. I AM CAPPING THIS WHOLE THING NO FUCKS GIVEN. you guys this is why I need a Lucciola so much

... ._. Dio.

Meanwhile Millia fails at life.

Gisey comes to help, and Millia apologizes for the trouble she's given them in general. Gisey realizes that Fam just really wanted to not leave her alone and REALIZES THINGS. Then her and Gisey start getting emotional because they both hate seeing Fam sad. They remember it's her birthday! PLANS.

So Millia and Gisey go to a nearby shopping hub. When Fam goes looking for Gisey, Tatiana basically says "She's left the ship." And then "I was just being honest." when Alis is like... oh Tatiana you wonderful person.

Then the crew and Fam start cleaning and it turns into a hockey game.

A beautiful Hitomi song starts playing (SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS THIS OST IS FUCKING AMAZING HNNNGH) as there are FLASHBACKS TO FAM AND GISEY AS KIDS as Gisey and Millia return to the Silvius.

A-and then as they continue playing hockey and need more players Alis tops Tatiana with nothing more than her voice.

Music and emotional scenes and HAPPINESS and oh God this scene. ;;


And then they celebrate Fam's birthday. And Dio leads the singing.

BUT THEN. "Is this a welcome party for me?"

yes now it is Vincent, Fam's birthday is cancelled this is now the Vincent party

I have so many thoughts and feelings on this episode so I will just start where I want.

It is. Kind of SADMAKING watching this episode as someone who not just RPs but loves the fuck out of Dio. You feel so heartwarmed at the end for Fam and Gisey and you get child flashbacks. B-but those flashbacks remind you of the Dio and Lucci flashbacks and Fam and Gisey have each other again and the whole Fam and Dio scene was just DEPRESSING because 8(. The parallels were all sorts of perfect from that angle. And sad. So so so sad for Dio because HE HAS THOSE FEELINGS! NO DIO DON'T THINK THINGS LIKE THAT AND BE SAD I'M SURE LUCCIOLA DID UNDERSTAND YOUR FEELINGS!! God this makes me pine for a Lucciola in camp because TOO MANY FEELINGS.

App Lucciola someone so I can deal with my feelings.

The tension about Gisey and Fam being resolved was a little underwhelming IMO. A few people are ragetarding about it so I will not do that since I don't think it sucked. But it was a little anticlimactic to have the build up over the last few episodes of Gisey not just missing her family and being torn between that and wanting to stay with Fam, but the issues when Millia sortied with Fam and did a great job. I think they focused too little on Fam's reaction about it and them dealing things out with EACHOTHER outright. Basically there wasn't any huge drama as a result of the buildup and it was resolved very quickly and cleanly and a little unfair on Gisey's end. Which like I said isn't bad! Just a little underwhelming from what it seemed like they were setting it up to be. That and with Gisey's choice I just wonder about her family and their friends on Kartoffel since Fam and Gisey are officially part of the Silvius now. I still loved the whole ending and felt all of the emotions so all in all I don't care so much because yay Gisey and Fam are back to normal and now I ship the main 3 girls even harder. '-'

I am so oddly crazy for Tatiana and Alis in this series. They are just PERFECT and I love how Tatiana is still TATIANA but she shows these other adorable signs of not being a hardass despite her demeanor as CAPTAIN HARDASS. Her going along with the plans by tricking Fam and saying Gisey was off the ship and doing it with NO TWITCH OF EMOTION was so great. And her playing hockey with the crew at the end was adorable in showing the camaraderie between the Silvius' crew as a whole and showing that Tatiana is a big ol softie inside.

And finally OMG VINCENT.

With this badass coffee-drinking motherfucker in the picture YOU KNOW SHIT'S ABOUT TO GET REAL!! And that means the only character in the OP we have yet to meet is Al. So with Vincent and Dio in the area and the Silvius in dire need for repairs, I am hoping again this week that next week's episode will be the RETURN TO ANATORAY! After all, repairs aside, the crew who was all in Glacies are all together, and with Fam and Gisey officially joining them, we really do need to see how Anatoray is coming along and actually LOOKS in this series.
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You shouldn't post things like this on tumblr

where poor unsuspecting Luciola players can see

And then get really tempted.
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MY FRIEND PLAYS JUN and i have been very tempted, even though this is a very intimidating game but I am definitely considering it with my semester being done in a week.

So I will see if I can work up the gall to do it. ;;
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OH! I have played with (read: BOTHERED \o/) Jun.

But yes it's not as bad it looks! SAYS ME WHO STILL FLAILS ABOUT APPS but afterwards it's like HAHA LAUGHING AT HOW SCARED I WAS (since when I apped Dio again I was like OH GOD OH GOD). We have apps basically once a month so there's no rush and plenty of time to consider/gain the strength! :3(\ I can also offer to beta and such as well. BUT IN THE MEANTIME if you are watching the new series and happen to have a plurk and like friends mine is here and all I am doing lately is spamming the hell out of it with LE spasming. And always need more people to do so with.
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I love LE spamming and friends ok I will definitely add you.
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YAY \o\