19 June 2014 @ 05:05 pm
So in wake of heart games, Rook is going to be wandering around for the next couple of IC weeks with a bandage going from the very top of his neck to disappear under his uniform (though it only goes as low as just below his collar bone). The collar of his uniform is going to be open or just loose while his injury heals. I'll note this in tags as well (which already feels obnoxious like HAY GUYS LOOK IM INJURED LOL!!!!!!!!!!) but yes.

FROM THEN ON THOUGH and once he can wear his uniform normally, part of a scar from the injury is going to be visible poking out from under his collar. Look I even made an image ref of the injury.

But along with that is another permanent change, Rook will always be wearing a pair of goggles around his neck from now on. Since he got his precious birthday gift back ICly. ;3; ALWAYS.

I'll note both of these things in his stats page as well, but yes. I might also add that the bases of all of his fingers on his left hand have a faded scar ring around each of them from way back when the water tube game happened since I. Forgot to consider that in the past. Nothing from anything else though like cry wolf or anything since sob. I love how it's free reign to pick and choose what stays or doesn't though. :3c

Now I wanna commission something with SCARS AND GOGGLES fffffffff. /looks up cheaper head-shot commission prices..............
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