08 December 2011 @ 05:52 pm
So the newest chapter of Travelers From the Hourglass is out and I just ship Alister and Tatiana like nobody's business. Even though Tatiana has her crush on Claus still.

But I care not because these two lovely ladies are adorable.

Also stuff is revealed about the MYSTERIOUS GUILD PERSON and shit already starts going down.

Meet a new character and my new husband, Tatiana's uncle. As you can see, Tatiana is thrilled.

RUN FOR THE FUCKING HILLS AT THIS FACE. Alis basically tells uncle that Tatiana has the hots for Claus.

The greatest panel in the history of ever. Oh Tatiana.

And after all of the buildup of WHO IS THE MYSTERY GUILDY (with me going PLEASE DIO) it's somebody we've never met.

Who seems like a pretty cool dude for about 3 panels until. They also want Al.

This sure does happen to Claus a lot.

Now poor Al gets nightmares and 'nam flashbacks because she's being hunted AGAIN.

This chapter brings up a lot of cool things in relations to Fam though! Mainly that the Guild does exist, still. A lot of people were speculating about Ades and how it might be connected to what the Guild used to be in relation to the ones on Prester and other stuff. The whole "White Legacy" thing in Fam is 10x more interesting after this chapter. If where they are in the manga is the same area Anatoray is on the maps in Fam, that also means possible Guild stuff happening. The guy talked about "Guild control" in the manga rather than anything related to Ades. So I can't wait to see how this pans out. Especially since Ades is looking for that complete domination thing, too... aaah so many plot things and so little answers still!!

Also I hope we get Dio in the manga soon. Want to KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO HIM DIRECTLY FOLLOWING THE SERIES. We know about the being saved by a Guild ship in the Grand Stream thing, but nothing yet about the stuff with his brainwashing and memory fucking up. Dying to know so I don't have to dance around it if it ever comes up.
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Dio Eraclea: every day's a birthday[personal profile] unguilded on December 9th, 2011 05:31 pm (UTC)
ME TOO AAAAH whether it's in the manga or Fam I WANT TO KNOW MORE. RIGHT NOW!! WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT!!