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DESPITE THE FACT THAT I HAD THIS DONE FOR A WHILE just never put it up on the journal properly.

So Last Exile Night 3 happened! And once again we were treated to a live drama from their seiyuu. This drama was written by the author of the novels, and takes place sometime before the series proper; I have no idea if this drama has a title like the old one did! If it has one, nobody mentioned it or I somehow missed it completely.

One whole day of the event was dedicated to Dio and Lucciola and they had other fun things and tidbits which can be read here! Including a ... thing that I actually submitted thinking it would be ignored, but I was the one who requested for Noda to ICly sing the birthday song to Lucciola. :x AND SHE DID IT BUT ALSO GOT THE WHOLE ROOM TO SING ALONG and then they said that Lucciola's birthday would be on the day Dio named him and guys I can't believe my request turned into that I still start blushing and grinning like an idiot knowing I bonded with LE nerds on the other side of the world somehow. .///. Sempais noticed me.

Anyway yes. THIS DRAMA IS CUTE JUST LIKE THE FIRST and features Dio being weird, jumping out of vanships, playing in mud and Lucciola drinking water from his hands.

BIG DISCLAIMER this "script" is not 100% complete though it covers the main points of everything that happens pretty well! So keep that in mind. o7

Also this takes place sometime before the series.

The rain, Dio and Lucciola. When all overlap, what drama will be born?

Dio is eating a pomegranate.

Dio: I've heard pomegranates have the taste of people. Red and beautiful. Like blood.
Lucciola: The taste ... of people?

Dio: Hey, Lucciola. Can you bring me a pomegranate?
Lucciola: Yes.
Lucciola washes a(nother) pomegranate.
Lucciola: Shall I make it into juice this time?
Dio: Yes, it may be good like blood.
Lucciola was shocked at Dio's inability to separate it from the flavor of humans.

Dio: Lucciola, did you know? More than half of the human body is made of water.
Lucciola: I have heard of that.
Dio: And these pomegranates are cultivated with First Water. It's strange, don't you think? Maybe the pomegranate has the taste of humans because it's made with the same kind of water that makes up humans. Hey, Lucciola. How do you make First Water?
Lucciola: The Guild makes it by using filtration of rainwater.
Dio: Then it's not First Water, but Second Water.
Lucciola: Please forgive me, but I don't understand what you are saying.
Dio: If it's made from rainwater, rainwater would be First Water. --Lucciola, let's go for a drink of First Water!

On Dio's whim, the two go out in a Guild vanship on a rainy day. Of course, it's a secret from Delphine. Lucciola is piloting while Dio is in the navigator's seat. With open arms and his face tilted up, Dio drinks the rainwater.
Dio: Do you want to try too, Lucciola?
Lucciola: It would be dangerous.

Dio spots a flock of rainbirds.
Dio: Rainbirds. I want to fly, too!
Lucciola: ?!
Dio suddenly leaps from the vanship. Panicking, Lucciola flies the vanship into a dive to catch Dio.
Lucciola: Lord Dio! Calm down! Keep your eyes on me! This way!
Lucciola desperately catches Dio.
Lucciola: What were you planning on doing if I couldn't have caught you!?
Dio: Why would you think that? It's you and I, isn't it?*
Dio spoke casually.

Dio soon brings up the suggestion of "let's go down to the city."
Lucciola: We don't know what is down there. Please reconsider.
Dio didn't hear/listen.
Lucciola: Understood. I will protect Lord Dio at any cost.

The two go down to the town.
Dio: It's gray. Even the peoples' skin dulls brownish. Maybe the Guild's people are colored white because they drink first water, and that's why the people on the ground aren't white?

Dio comes across some mud that got wet from the rain.
Dio: Wow! What's that? It looks like chocolate.
Lucciola: Lord Dio, that is mud! (Maestro Delphine hates the mud/dirty things. If she knew that Lord Dio touched such a thing...)
Without heeding Lucciola's hesitant tone, Dio drops into the mud.
Dio: It's cold, but it feels good.
Despite becoming muddy, Dio is still in high spirits.
Dio: Lucciola, you come in too!
Lucciola also drops into the mud.
Dio: I'll be scolded if Delphine finds out.
Lucciola: ... yes.
Dio: But you know, I want to try feeling everything myself. I want to feel it, and understand.
Dio was still happy, despite being covered in mud. Lucciola stares at Dio.
Lucciola: (Even soaked by rain and covered in mud, Lord Dio seems to be enjoying himself. Why... But, that's just how Lord Dio is.)

Once out of the mud, Dio finds a place where there's water. After washing his hands, he cups his hands together to gather more of the water to drink.
Lucciola: Lord Dio! That is dirty water. Please do not drink it.
Dio: I already drank some. But, isn't this the water that the people who live on the ground drink? So I can drink it just fine, too.
Lucciola: The people who live on the ground are different. You are accustomed to drinking First Water, Lord Dio. It will ruin your stomach.
Dio: You drink some too, Lucciola.
Dio holds out his hands, after scopping up more water into them.
Lucciola: I humbly accept.
Lucciola drinks the water directly from Dio's hands.
Dio: Well?
Lucciola: It is ... most delicious.
Dio: Isn't it unexpectedly tasty? Oh! Lucciola, you're smiling!
Dio looked delighted.
Dio: At least if we end up getting stomachaches, we'll get them together now. Wouldn't it be nice to roll around together?*

Dio: From now on, we'll experience all kinds of things together. And you'll be be there, too, Lucciola.
Lucciola: Yes. I am Lord Dio's...
Dio: What?
Lucciola had started to say something, but abrubtly stopped.
The words that would have followed did not have to be said.
But, Dio didn't notice it.

And such is the story of Dio and Lucciola making a memory in the rain.

* Translation notes:
Why would you think that? It's you and I, isn't it? I think this line might have been intended to emphasize "of course you caught me it's US" referencing his trust in him but idk.

At least if we end up getting stomachaches, we'll get them together now. Wouldn't it be nice to roll around together? These are literally the lines and they make no sense unless you look at them as Dio. Which is to say he sees being sick together with Lucciola as a ... fun thing. Ok Dio.

This drama got TWO different comic/drawing adaptations. Like the last one, I post them in order to help everyone visualize it better. o7 This one is from the same fanartist who did the last one; pixiv here and site here!

And this is the second comic from another amazing artist. Pixiv here and site here! Also this one has text but lol me ever EVER being able to TL written shit.

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