12 October 2013 @ 01:56 pm
Memory: Stifling. (Negative-Neutral)
Game: Day 287
Form: A candle in your team color. Light it to view your memory. 9 uses. (1/9 used: Dio)

Between series, Dio is appointed captain of the Silvius' vanship team. DIO IN COMMAND WATCH THE FUCK OUT WORLD. This is due to his genius both in strategy and flight and the trust that the captain, Tatiana has in him. Dio accepts the position for a couple of reasons. The main reason is because they have a feeling that the state of their world means they could potentially get into fights, so he truly does want to help and protect everyone. The other is because he feels he owes it to everyone. He owes it to everyone to do something with himself and protect them. There is some guilt in his decision, mainly due to what he did to Claus and ... everyone else back on Prester. He thinks about what Tatiana once told him about doing something with his power to protect the lives of people in return for the lives he himself took away.

He's MOSTLY cool with this arrangement, but he feels stifled with the position. The idea of not only another possibility of war, but taking orders from Tatiana despite being team captain as well as the feeling of a lack of freedom in accepting the position weighs on him. It's a triple-edged sword of truly wanting to do it and feeling HAPPY to do it because he is, he wants to do what he can / feeling like he owes it to people to do it / the price of the weight being back on him of less freedom/the possibility of war which he had to live with for his whole life as it is. SO IT'S A MIX OF EMOTIONS.

What it does:
- These actions as a whole point to the possibility of some sort of conflict. In Dio's mind, though, it would be "another" one. So he only guessed before, but now he knows there was fighting before in his life, and now there's a possibility it might be happening again. Which sucks because. War! Bad! No!

- He knows what those open flying machines are called now! VANSHIPS! That's what Immelmann was flying around in that impressed him and what he saw in that photo. And he was appointed captain of a team of them? SO HE MUST BE AWESOME AT THIS TOO! Fuck yeah. So there are more flying feelings there since he gets to lead a whole team of them.

- Knows the Silvius' name and that it is a battleship and it is the ship CAPTAIN TATIANA commands.

- Being trustworthy and dependable! He was chosen for the position because Tatiana trusts him and it set on doing it despite his other feelings. So he feels a little more self-confident with things, being a trustworthy person to other people, especially teammates.

- He is worried about the feelings he had with the appointment though. Mostly the guilty ones and the thoughts of "I owe this to people." What did he doooo that is making him feel this way? He's a little worried about that because those feelings were pretty prominent.

- Freedom. More freedom things. From other memories, Dio has gotten so many back-of-mind thoughts and feelings about his lack of freedom. Watching the rainbirds, being jealous of them. Almost getting a feel for how it might seem during his first time flying. Vaguely remembering having to be careful around Lucciola and hiding things. So this is another memory with really strong feelings about it. He'd been technically free before that, he knows. And in many ways he knows he's still 'free' even with his position. But the idea of military chains, taking orders, war, it's threatening to take it away from him again and he really doesn't like it. Dio knows he's in Aather for a reason; the Darkness, the restorations, his world. But The Personae and the games are starting to resemble that sort of lack of freedom. In the military as a captain he has to take orders, listen to instruction (even though his position means he can give orders too) and such. Some games are a lot like that, and after the trauma game there is a lot more "ehhhh" about it.

Memory: Happy birthday dear Dio. (Positive-Significant)
Game: Day 288
Form: A feather in your team color. Unlimited uses. (Used: Dio)

Video of the whole memory.

Dio is ULTRA SULKING in the engine room by himself, hating the fact that his birthday is coming soon and he doesn't want to go home (lots of scared sister thoughts). Lucciola's standing by him and Dagobert is also keeping him company while he does his usual thing with the engines. Alvis comes looking for him and drags him (followed by Lucciola) out and along to a room on the ship, where everyone (Claus, Lavie, the mechanics) is waiting for him for a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY!! With a CAKE that looked terrible but tasted delicious. He also got GIFTS. Some ... thing idk from Gale, a titty magazine from Kostabi, gloves from Ethan, pretty good grade water from Lavie, and ~goggles~ from Claus (that go right around his neck).

He tells Alvis he's a little jealous at how her people celebrate birth week. Al apologizes to him in turn and says she didn't know he didn't like flowers, but he pats her head and tells her it's not the flowers that he hates (but more his sister who made the rainfall of rose petals). There's an announcement that warns the ship is about to go into silent running for an acoustic search, so they need to celebrate quietly. And then they make up a birthday song just for Dio and he feels so happy and says this is so nice and he wishes all birth weeks could be like this. ;;

What it does:


- Dio now knows ... the birthday song... Apologizes to everyone.

- Dio fears his own birthday so thinks a bit about it before Alvis finds him, which is letting him get a better idea for things. He doesn't want to go home to his sister, his upcoming birthday is scary as hell because something terrible is going to happen for it (because of her) and he's going to lose his freedom. Something that has to do with the mark on his forehead and the way things are back home in the Guild. He's down in the engine room somewhat hiding and he never wants to leave the Silvana. He likes it there a lot and likes the people and feels safe there and :(.

- Now knows Alvis by face! And more than just "that child I talked about and wondered about with that weird poem my family has." But it was her who came looking for him and who dragged him and who made the cake and thought of the whole thing and. ;3; So some more children points for Dio now (on top of the ones he got from the sneaking out of bed memory with Sara). Al is a sweet little thing and clearly one of his friends and he cares about her a lot more. BASICALLY ALL OF THE ALVIS FEELINGS IN THIS MEMORY.

- Also lots more points to sweet things. The cake was SO GOOD and sweet and yum and Dio is all over that. He already naturally goes for sweeter things in Aather if they're offered, but now it feels a lot MORE natural after that. It's a small thing, but the fact that he remembers liking something sweet so much lining up with that he already did naturally makes him feel less worried and wondersome about remembering something AWFUL. In an oh no I did this horrible thing even though I haven't had any horrible thing doing tendencies in Aather so far way.

- Claus IMMELMANN! Dio also now knows Claus by face! WHICH IS GREAT SO GREAT ALL OF THE GREAT. Since he remembered letting himself be bound and detained on a ship just so he could see him because he was a sexy pilot. Now he knows him by face and like Al, all of those feelings from this memory because they are also clearly friends. ;; ALSO THE GOGGLES Dio was probably most excited in that moment because they were a ~present from Immelmann~. And went right around his neck.

- More Lucciola stuff! Lucciola was standing with him down in the engine room before the party, so now Dio is getting the idea that Lucciola is probably more or a personal butler/servant for him, though he still doesn't know the extremities of that divide between them. Though either way he still considers them friends, and though he was sad and eh down there, he still felt somewhat comforted that Lucciola was there keeping him silent company. Headcanony now, even though it wasn't shown in the scene explicitly, Dio would probably have tried to get Lucciola to join instead of stand there awkwardly too (forcing cake on him like DO YOU LIKE IT SHOW IT ON YOUR FACE possibly shoving a forkful into his mouth himself), and he also probably flipped through the titty magazine at some point and laughed at it because lol titties????? Ew. Either way, yes, trying to include Lucciola in things as well.

- The mechanics are all pretty cool bros. ;_; We can go with that he knows all of their names now (Godwin, Gale, Kostabi, Ethan).

- FEELINGS OF INCLUSION. Gale tells him he doesn't like Guilders, but Dio was "one of them" now. Dio knows from that, as well as his other memories, that a lot of people don't like the Guild because of his sister. And he knows WHY because she's terrible. This whole memory was basically "these are the people I want to be with" and that they also see it like he does, that he's part of them, it makes him so happy. This will work well with team dynamics in Aather, since Dio already loves his team and wants them to all feel included and get along (esp certain grumpy new people COUGH NEKU). But this strengthens that a lot more so he'll a little more feelingsy about team. :x

- Dio knows he got angry at Alvis about something having to do with rose(s)/petals (not stated in the memory, but bringing it up would have had Dio think about it, so). He snapped at her because she showed him some, and she thought it was because he just didn't like the flowers, when in reality it what what they represented/that they were sent by his sister. So his sister must really like those flowers and because of that he's grown to hate them because they remind him of her. So woo hoo if Dio sees a red rose in Aather he'll just be like (u n s u r e?)

- He's still obviously on the battleship he stalked Claus onto, and they're looking for something, hence the silent running and acoustic search. He doesn't know what yet! But he knows it's important since they all do their best to be as quiet as possible.

- No seriously when they were singing to him and making a song FOR HIM and SO MANY HAPPY FEELINGS Dio's heart just like exploded with love in that moment. It felt so good to him to be included, accepted and to have something so special done just for him. The feeling in this memory is so strong and so relieving considering how awful he felt at the start of it, it was one of those moments where all of those thoughts always hanging around in the back of his mind (since he knows how they feel from some of the other memories he's gotten) were swept away and he just felt so happy and free and at peace. It was a rare feeling and he absolutely loved it and the people who made it happen for him.

Memory: Some interesting news. (Positive-Trivial)
Game: Day 289
Form: A small bone disk. Scratch one side with your fingernail to view. 2 uses. (1/2 used: Dio)

Video of the whole memory.

Dio hears from some sky pirate lookouts that "the reaper ship" Silvius was spotted near the Milan Checkpoint. Excited with this news for his own reasons, he rushes to tell Fam, who in turn rushes to tell Millia and Giselle that she's going to capture it, a move fully anticipated by Dio. (spoilers everything Dio does is for a reason, so the whole getting Fam to go after them and inevitably joining them and eventually getting the rest of the sky pirates on their side was Dio's farsightedness and putting that plan in action. Also, Dio is just playing the messenger here and nobody has any idea that Dio is actually from the ship himself. :'))

What it does:
- When Dio heard that the Silvius was nearby, he got excited! And thought something along the lines of "so I guess I'll be going back there/going back home soon." Though from the stifling memory, he already knows he's part of the ship's crew so none of this is very surprising. Since a lot of his mindset and thoughts in this memory was "now I can get Fam to go after them. :>" he figures he left the Silvius to get some allies for them. Of course, he's hiding that he's part of that ship's crew from the people he's tipping off.

- Lots of points to STRATEGY/FARSIGHTEDNESS/SCHEMING!! Because oh Dio. He knew Fam would want to go after the Silvius to capture it, and feels very smug in a "she totally reacted exactly how I wanted" way. And he's also pleased because he knows this will help the Silvius itself as well as his home country. So he's not expecting Fam to actually capture the ship, but vice versa. This could come into play during a game or during something where Dio will try to play to other people's easily open spots in a very subtle manner. :T He wouldn't do anything bad, but if he was trying to win a light-hearted game or something, then yes.

- Also inwardly laughed off Fam's "YOUR NEWS IS ALWAYS STUPID" comment because. Yes keep thinking that. :> Dio is amused by peoples' jabs at him because they're kind of what he expects and in some cases wants. Nobody suspects the Dio because god it's Dio, etc. WHEN IN REALITY YOU ARE BEING RUSED!!!

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