01 September 2013 @ 01:55 am
Memory: Awkwaaaaaaard. (Negative-Neutral)
Game: Day 279
Form: A dog's tooth on a thong. Prick yourself with the tip to view the memory. (1/3 used: Dio)

Video of the whole memory.

Summary: Dio is at a party! With Tatiana, the captain of the Silvius. She asks him what he thinks, and he quips at her saying she looks nice instead because he's a troll. Then she's just like "I mean about this peace :S" And Dio basically goes yeah this shit has the air of being about to fall apart and have everyone start killing each other. Then he and Tatiana look over surprised to see Fam all dressed up and dancing with General Sadri.

What it does:
- The air of this party is insanely uncomfortable and forced. Dio is very hyper-aware of everything around him and ready to move if something goes wrong. Along with his skill of martial arts, this makes a little more sense to him in that he's prepared to fight if he needs to.

- Confirmation that there was some kind of war/fighting going on, though as of that moment there is a "peace." It's a very flimsy/awkward/forced peace though, ready to break apart at the smallest jolt, so there's not a good feeling about it lasting.

- Also more or less confirmation that he fights too? Not just from his own feeling of being ready to whoop some ass, but also the fact that the person he's standing there with is his captain.

- Despite being this way, however, he makes a small joke to Tatiana (he knew what she meant, but just wanted to :> a little at making a comment about the big bad captain in a big poofy purple dress) and his voice and tone are very light and joking, despite basically saying "wow this a volatile situation." So Dio might be a liiiiittle better at hiding any notes of fear or concern by putting on a tone like that in a bad situation. Not just for his own sake, but also so he doesn't set that forebodingness over anyone else.

- Knows Tatiana is "the captain" since he probably thought something to himself like "heheh gonna comment on the captain's dress" but doesn't know her name yet. Figures he's on good terms with her? She asked him for her opinion, and he joked at her.

- Knows that girl dancing with that old guy. He's a little surprised because she cleans up well from her usual tomboyish look and is also like wow she's actually (trying to do) fancy dancing? Doesn't know her name, but knows he's her friend. Also knows the old guy she's dancing with is on the other side (he probably had some feeling of huh I wonder why those two are dancing together).

- Probably mingled a bit with the others (Millia and Giselle) but doesn't know their names, just their faces.
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