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Last Exile Novel Stuff - Part 6  
You know how we roll.

- MY MOON IS NOT REALLY VERY GOOD AT ALL I just have an arsenal of tools to get a PRETTY OKAY jist of what is going on - enough to extrapolate things and turn it into something readable. Also ty to Alison who helped out with lines and parts I just went ??????? at.

- Since these are novels and not artbook things, there is a little more extrapolation because of the format a lot of novels like this is in. Aka I merge and reword some things so it looks more nicely weaved together in English.


This post covers:
- Lucciola being PERFECT AND AMAZING
- A brotherly STAND OFF!
- Dio getting made out with (AND NOT IN THE ... GOOD WAY...)
- More Trial ... 'stuff'...
- Lucciola's entire point getting ruined. GWAAAAAAARGH!!

The space was so huge they could hardly see the ceiling, Claus was overwhelmed by its size. As far as the eye could see, the skies were filled with starfish and vanships. When they returned back to the Guild castle, Lucciola had taken the four of them straight there via the lift.

"Please escape as quickly as possible."

Lucciola motioned toward the heavy cargo unit that was docked in the hangar. Claus stared at him, surprised.

"You're letting us escape?"

"You must go ahead and activate the Exile. Then, in order to free lord Dio from Delphine..."

The sound of approaching footsteps could be heard.


Tatiana slid into the cockpit, activating the engine. The cargo began to move slowly toward the launching port.

"Lucciola, let's go together--" Claus called from the still-opened hatch.

"I must go and help Lord Dio."

Lucciola removed the communication device around his own neck, tossing it to Claus.

"Lord Dio may eventually wish to speak to you. At that time, please use that to talk to him."

"Claus, we need to close the hatch!" Tatiana called.

The cargo began to gain speed, Lucciola's figure growing smaller behind them as they picked up speed. A blowing wind hit them from the front. Alis maximized the output and the next moment the heavy cargo was in the air. No wind blew around them, the air around the Guild castle eerily calm.


Lucciola turned around, facing Cicada who had appeared to approach him.

"You've betrayed the Maestro."

"My loyalty lies with Lord Dio..."

"Then it cannot be helped. Although I did not come here with the intent to slay my younger brother..."

Cicada moved into a fighting stance, Lucciola doing the same. Their forms were impeccable, as they faced each other like mirror images, unmoving.

The square was brimming with euphoria, the youngsters who were also robbed of their hearts simply staring up at Delphine, intoxicated. Delphine remained in her royal box with Dio, whose facial expression was distant, lost, and looked down to the square below.

"Now, begin the bloodshed!" she said, speaking whimsically. Then, the young men below attempted to take the sword with their own hands, attacking and killing each other along the way to reach it. Delphine leaned her head back to laugh, the white skin of her neck showing, and then impulsively indulged on Dio's lips.

"Maestro Delphine."

Cicada appeared unexpectedly, whispering to Delphine.

"Lucciola has allowed our four guests to escape."

"That stupid boy ... where is Lucciola now?"

Cicada did not answer, as Dio's hollow eyes wandered.

"The ground-dwellers have also launched attacks on all of our battleship units simultaneously, and appear to be overwhelming us."

Delphine's hand shot out, striking Cicada across the face.

"The Rite of the Covenant is something sacred and inviolable. How dare you pollute my ears with talk of the lower-bound."

Down in the square, the pointless slaughter continued.

"Cicada, it's time to strike down our hammer upon those ground-dwellers."

"As you wish."

As they spoke, a faint thumping sound from an explosion could be heard distantly.

"Dio, now it's your turn to join the fight."

Delphine pressed a hand against his back, urging him forward - he moved down the stairs, disoriented, to the arena.

"If you win, you'll have your Delphine as your bride."

Cicada stood silently, his gaze following Dio for a moment.

"From now on, the reign of the Guild will be held by descendants of pure Eraclea blood. We don't need to mix with anybody else's blood."

Cicada's eyes darkened somewhat.

"I'll leave the rest to you. I will go as an Eraclea."

"How shall I deal with Lord Dio?"

"Hmm. If he makes it to the end, cleanse him in the bath. I will come to greet him afterwards."

"I won't accompany you?"

"I like to have a little time to myself." Delphine let out a wicked laugh.

"As you wish..."

Cicada watched as Delphine walked away, swaying her hips, and then looked down at his hands, stained red with the blood of his younger brother.

"Lucciola, I..." he involuntarily muttered as Cicada moved his eyes to the arena. Dio stood, holding the sword in his hands, his form looking desperately and painfully alone as he did so.

- ... ಠ_ಠ
- ಠ_ಠ
- ಠ_ಠ
- LITERALLY THIS IS HOW I TRANSLATED THESE SCENES IN ORDER: Omg yay Lucciola still being awesome and badass! Omg Cicada SQUARE OFF TIME YES THIS IS GOING TO BE EPIC? Shit why did they cut it off nooo! OH MY GOD SIBLING MAKING OUT NO WHY JESUS AHJSDFJKHS. Wait what the fucking fuckedy fuck did they seriously kill Lucciola that way. WHY DID THESE NOVELS JUST DIVE INTO NO I DON'T LIKE THIS TERRITORY.

And then, well the implications from the series itself about that thing were there, but still the novels basically ... just outright state that PURE BLOOD BRIDE INCEST TIME shit. Not even gonna lie what came into my head was this line from this song from my favorite movie. I just. Yeah. Eraclea Targaryen inbreeding silver hair purple eyed party @ my Guild fortress.

- And now I am going to talk about something here, because of the way the novels is really diverging from things. And that something is how the novels completely ruined the entire point of Lucciola. Now, I know the novels are never considered actual canon against the series so much as just small extra things you can get from it (which I'm gonna post about when I finish all of these) when it comes to one being based on a series. So I know the novels in this regard are not the canon to be followed.

But I'm still pretty ass devastated how they handled Lucciola as a whole, here. Especially when it comes to how they had Cicada be the one to kill him. I'm gonna say exactly what I said on Plurk when I did that scene. Which is about the entire point of why Lucciola was able to fuck everyone's shit up to get to Delphine, and in the end even take out his own older brother, considered to obviously be the most skilled fighter in the Guild due to his position as the leader's servant/bodyguard. It's because they were all fighting on order and obligation with no heart, while Lucciola was acting of his own feelings, his own heart, and of his own choice for the sake of someone else who was important to him-- not someone who he just felt obligated to protect, but someone who he WANTED to protect. That is the biggest difference between Lucciola and the rest of the Guild, and that strength of self and the heart was what helped him overpower the rest of them. That they just let Cicada kill him off in the novels ... kills that point entirely. I loved you novels! I loved you until this moment!
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Csilla_Aria[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on August 10th, 2012 04:17 am (UTC)
..No no no no. That can not be it. Lucciola can't die that way. If Lucciola is killed by Cicada how does Cicada die? Just no everything is wrong with that.

Why am I not surprised Delphine is going Pharaoh? She fails biology forever. Even with genetic engineering that's pretty much the doomiest doom of the dooms in the long run. I'd still think that even if Travelers hadn't shown us how the Earth guild trying to keep their "genetic superiority" through cloning was also failing.

Also I'm wondering if Cicada is jealous, trying to hold back his disgust, or both.
Dio Eraclea: wanged in the yee?![personal profile] unguilded on August 10th, 2012 04:27 am (UTC)
He doesn't. :'D Wait til you see Dio's last scene it makes no sense oh my God.

And haha y-yeah. Oh Eraclea family. Dio how did you end up so ... not insanely fucked up (mostly).
Csilla_Aria[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on August 10th, 2012 04:35 am (UTC)
Lucciola or Cicada? If Cicada lives... WTF they let Cicada live and they still killed off Alex and Lucciola!?

lol, The thing I noticed and, something I liked about LE was that Dio and Delphine are actually kind of similar, they're both quirky, and don't seem to have a sense of personal space. With Dio it's just... I'm not sure what word I want to use adorable? endearing? With Delphine it's just horrible and wrong, she's Queen Bad Touch.
Dio Eraclea: children love the shit out of Dio[personal profile] unguilded on August 10th, 2012 04:37 am (UTC)
Cicada. u.u

And yeahhh being that person who likes NOTICING LITTLE THINGS Delphine rubbed off on Dio in some ways because of how much she controlled his life (and I can only imagine the self djkfhsdjk when he realizes this himself). The real difference in their hearts since Delphine is just. CRAZY while Dio just wants to be free and have friends and fly around and uuuuuuuuu.