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Last Exile Novel Stuff - Part 5  
Almost there!

- MY MOON IS NOT REALLY VERY GOOD AT ALL I just have an arsenal of tools to get a PRETTY OKAY jist of what is going on - enough to extrapolate things and turn it into something readable. Also ty to Alison who helped out with lines and parts I just went ??????? at.

- Since these are novels and not artbook things, there is a little more extrapolation because of the format a lot of novels like this is in. Aka I merge and reword some things so it looks more nicely weaved together in English.


This post covers:
- Dinner with Delphine!!
- Claus Clausing
- Poor Lucciola's boyfriend pain
- More Al key and Alex stuff
- The ... beginning of the Rite of the Covenant ... um.

In the midst of the storms of the Grand Stream, there was one area where the harsh winds didn't blow where the huge, floating fortress resided, slowly rotating. This was the home of the Guild. Delphine's 'guests' had been captured in the heavy cargo bay, and taken to the castle in the heart of their world. They were in a hall large, open enough to host some sort of huge ball, Delphine intending her guests to participate in joining her for dinner.

"Have I disturbed your fun?" Delphine asked with a smile. "Of your little poetry reading. We'll continue it after our meal."

Claus, Al, Tatiana and Alis were seated at a huge table, facing the Maestro, their expressions stiff. This was the cold-blooded ruler of their world. Being invited to dinner by such a person, anybody would look the same way they did. Lucciola stood behind the four of them, designated to be the one to serve them. Though he was Dio's best friend, upon returning to the castle he was forced to return to the role of a servant again.

"I've heard from Lucciola that you're all friends of Dio. I'm sorry he can't be here to join us, but Dio is preparing for the ceremony."

"What about Alex?" Claus asked hesitantly.

"Oh, you mean the poet? He's being prepared for our next recital."

"Why did you bring us here?"

For a moment, the eyes that stared at Claus were heinous, like a serpent's.

"Because I can do anything I please."

A delicious smell drifted into the room, and a luxurious cuisine was placed in front of the guests.

"These sauteed mushrooms can only be found growing near first water. Go ahead and eat." Delphine took a single bite from her own dish. But such a meal was completely foreign to Claus. He stared down at his food, letting it go cold in silence. Eventually, it was taken away and simply replaced with a new dish.

"This steak is from a yak that can be found on the glaciers of Disith."

Delphine opened her mouth wide, taking a bite of the meat, as it dripped blood, dyeing her mouth crimson.

"To capture even one of them, it's said that many people must freeze to death. Isn't that lovely?"

Al looked like she was about to cry. Even though Claus reached over to hold her hand, she didn't cease trembling with fear.

"I want to go home..."

"It's okay. I'm here with you, Al."

Tatiana and Alis' eyes scanned the hall they were in, trying to figure out a possible escape route. But it seemed useless. There were men effectively placed all around, staring at them sharply. In the meantime, the next cuisine was presented to them. This time, the white meat of some sort of fish was placed on a green plate.

"This is marinated catfish."

Lavished in sauce, a piece of it disappeared behind Delphine's red lips.

"It takes one-hundred gallons of first water to remove the mud from these catfish."

Claus froze, taking a moment to let a wave of anger seep into him. One-hundred gallons of first water? While every below has to live off of sipping dirty water...

Being ever-attentive, Delphine noticed his change in demeanor.

"Isn't it a wonderful dish? It was terribly time-consuming to make. I love delicious things as much as I love beautiful, cute and above all luxurious things. ... look, everyone."

She motioned to the statue that stood in front of the hall, standing on a pedestal, surrounded by three empty ones.

"Bassianus, Dagobert, Hamilton, Even the Eracleas, before I was born, all took a vow of abstinence and devoted their lives to Guild work. Controlling the weather, adjusting the population, inspecting the equipment of the water purifiers. Though we were proud of the sacred Control Room rituals, it was work not unlike that of the land-dweller servants'. Like that, you wouldn't be able to tell us apart from those servants, so I decided to stop that. The resources of this world are limited, so if we distributed things to everyone, we'd eventually die out. If everyone can endure it, why not keep that luxury for one person to divulge in? Without it, everyone would be forced to live that sort of plain, dull life."

Claus didn't move his lips to respond to Delphine's shallow reasoning.

"So it's me. On behalf of all of the people in the world, I sample these fine pleasures. That's why it's okay for all of you to have such unextravagant lives."

Cicada appeared, whispering something to Delphine.

"Thank you, Cicada." Delphine smiled cunningly.

"It appears that the poet is ready. That's it for dinner. Let's head out so we can continue with our recital..."

Again, Al looked absolutely terrified, and Claus instinctively moved toward her. But once more, he was detained by Lucciola.

"I beg you. Please do not attempt to oppose Delphine..."

Delphine turned to look at Al.

"I'm sorry, my cute little Alvis. We have to stop our recital for now because of our uncle*, here. But that's okay because it's time for Dio to become an adult, now. We'll play again with the Exile at a later time."

Delphine stared at Alex with sharp eyes.

"Cicada. We'll have to use the poet as a decoration for the time being. I think he'll go well behind my couch."

Lucciola was standing nearby, his head down, eyes to the floor. He seemed to be pained, thinking about Dio and the upcoming ritual. Delphine noticed his expression and spoke, smiling slyly.

"Lucciola. You are hereafter relieved of your duty as Dio's servant."

"As you command."

Keeping his eyes downcast and his head bowed, he remained obedient.

"When you return to the castle, keep our visitors in their guests rooms. And during the ritual, make sure you keep your eye on them."


The ship began to reverse, the Maestro gradually receding from them. The tentacles that had been alive and trying to get to Al were also, soon, out of sight. As Delphine haughtily walked away, Claus remained motionless, trying to keep his emotions controlled. He still possessed a small communication tube that was given to him by Sophia.


Almost as if he felt him try to call him, Claus turned to Alex.



He was definitely trying to convey something to him, vain as the attempt was.

It was 0357 hours. Delphine was greeted with cheers and yells of acclimation. She stood in the royal box of the square where the ceremony was being held. There was a line of younger people in the square as well, ready to receive Delphine's blessing. Dio's figure could also be seen, being forcibly held from both sides by Cicada, his expression contorted with fear.

"Prestigious youths of the Guild..." Delphine's voice echoed through the square, "you will take the pledge, given to you by this sacred sword."

Delphine picked up the sword of commitment. A wave of voices and cheers of jubilation erupted from crowd and drowned out Dio's scream.

"Dio Eraclea!"

Dio was forced toward the area where the royal guests were gathered to a sacred white unit in a rectangular shape that looked much like an operating table.

"The Maestro will now perform the consecration to make you a man of the Guild. With this, you shall eternally pledge your loyalty to the Maestro."

A small, pinging machine-like sound was heard resounding from the sword of commitment. By the point of the sword was a small hole, some sort of movement happening within it.

"Please stop, Delphine! I won't be a bad child anymore!"

Listening to Dio's cries, Delphine smiled joyfully.


She pushed the sword of commitment against his forehead, the machine sound enhancing more and more. There was a smell of burning flesh.


Dio screamed, his whole body convulsing. A scream that would send chills down the spine of anybody who heard it.

- Interesting how Tatiana and Alis are pastde in yey during the whole Guild thing.

- Delphine's big speech thing was sliiiightly different in some places, but hopefully the point of the new stuff gets across well enough.

- uncle* - Uncle is the literal word she uses here, but it's the same vein as the term one uses when referring an elderly type as "grandpa" etc.

- ... Lucciola's sad feels. :( Also oh my God oh my GOD Delphine noticing them and being like LOL SO ANYWAY YOU DON'T NEED TO BE HIS SERVANT ANYMORE :>

- "I won't be a bad child anymore" oh I. Oh. I had so many. Emotions at this. Dio. DIO. ;;

- Nobody can possibly imagine the faces I was making at my screen doing that Rite scene because it was so different and still extremely fucked up?! Seriously what the hell is this what even oh my God. Delphine using the sword? BURNING FLESH? Wat. Wattttttttttttt. Diooooo. So instead of like, brainwash machine mindfuck it's brainwash sword idek what mindfuck.

- Now novel things are getting weird with two more posts to go (and both will be up by the time I leave on vacation at the end of the week!), and we're about to enter into Tara buttmad (and confused and sobbing) territory...
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Csilla_Aria[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on August 7th, 2012 07:56 pm (UTC)
Delphine turned to look at Al.

"I'm sorry, my cute little Alvis. We have to stop our recital for now because of our uncle*, here. But that's okay because it's time for Dio to become an adult, now. We'll play again with the Exile at a later time."

That's about Alex right? I was just re-watching the episode where Delphine goes to "pick Dio up" from the Silvana to work on the last chapter of Wild Birds. She called Alex an old man there too. Damn lady, he's like four years older than you right? Now I'm imagining her having some kind of major melt down if she had lived to reach 30. (Speaking of Wild birds, I have finally gotten to the part where canon goes completely out the window, and everything is WTF, I have no idea what I'm doing. it's about to become a Dio fest though.)

I was WTFing when Tatiania and Alis were there. o.O...

The whole scene with Alex... and then what she did to Dio...ARG! I can't wait for her to die! Yeah.. completely in vain because Claus is a dolt.
Dio Eraclea: every pace[personal profile] unguilded on August 8th, 2012 01:07 am (UTC)
Yep, she means Alex! (and oooh. :Dc Dio fests)

And yeah I dunno I guess they just felt like cramming more characters into parts for some ... reason...