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Last Exile Novel Stuff - Part 4  
Here I go again!

- MY MOON IS NOT REALLY VERY GOOD AT ALL I just have an arsenal of tools to get a PRETTY OKAY jist of what is going on - enough to extrapolate things and turn it into something readable. Also ty to Alison who helped out with lines and parts I just went ??????? at.

- Since these are novels and not artbook things, there is a little more extrapolation because of the format a lot of novels like this is in. Aka I merge and reword some things so it looks more nicely weaved together in English.


This post covers:
- Claus learns about Dio's FEAR!!
- Sophia tries to coax Dio out from hiding in bed under his sheets.
- Delphine scene where she decides to go pick up Dio
- Al about to unlock Exile...!

Since the appearance of Delphine's ship, Dio shut himself up in a room, secluding himself from everyone. Lucciola brought him his meals, as all he did was remain in bed, trembling and barely speaking.

"Why don't you come and fly with the vanships in the cave?" Claus had even offered, but barely got a reaction out of him. Dio had only peered out from under his sheets, replying with a muttered "leave me alone," his voice cheerless. It almost sounded as if his great interest in flying had been a lie all this time.

"What on earth is wrong with Dio?"

Claus, being truly worried about him, had gone down to the engine room to seek advice from Recuise.

"He's too scared to do anything."

Recuise's lips twisted into a frown as he spoke.

"Dio is to participate in the Rite of the Covenant this year."

"Rite of the..."

"It was previously just a simple swearing-in ceremony. At the age of seventeen, they take on duties as a member of the Guild."

Recuise's fingers toyed with a black rook as he spoke.

"However, Delphine's Rite of the Covenant is different. Those who are also principals at the age of seventeen are subjected to an 'arcane of loyalty.' What means they take to perform this I do not know, but those who are put through it lose their freedom of will, and are converted into dolls that are completely loyal to Delphine."

"How terrible... The Maestro would even do such a thing to her own younger brother?"

"There is nobody to stop Delphine from doing as she pleases. The daughter of House Eraclea is devoid of morality. She probably sees herself as an almighty, powerful god. If Delphine desires to sacrifice even her own younger brother, there is nobody with the power to judge her."

Such a messed up story left Claus at a loss for words.

"Dio's become so scared that he's hiding in his bed. But, as long as he stays on the Silvana, won't he be safe?"

"You underestimate Delphine's power. She doesn't use her power at any old time. If she felt the need to, she would dig Dio up from beneath the grounds of the Earth if she had to."

Acting crazy and as if he had no worries, Dio knew this all along, and shouldered that heavy burden of loss. Claus was suddenly hit with a gloomy mood.

"Maestro Delphine..."

With the power over every human in the world, this woman who scattered unhappiness upon everyone even did so to her own brother. But not only that, did she drive his and Lavie's fathers to death on purpose? Claus thought to himself, as he felt that he understood Alex's feelings a little better.

Meanwhile, Sophia was in Dio's room. Military officers stood guard outside, as Sophia sat down on the edge of the bed Dio was lying in, and tried speaking to the boy with a soft tone in hopes to get him to come out from under the sheets.

"Dio, please, lend us your power."

"I can't do anything. It's impossible." He sounded like a child ready to burst into tears. Lucciola peered worriedly from the back, letting out a small, sad sigh.

"If all you do is run away, nothing will change."*

There was no answer.

"Where did the energy you had when you first boarded the Silvana disappear to? How can you compete with Claus if you stay like this?"

Dio peeked one eye from from behind the sheets.

"What do you want from me?"

"We need a guide through the Grand Stream."

"And then to my sister?"

"Yes. With your own eyes, you must go to and step foot in the place you fear most. Otherwise, your fear of Delphine will never leave your heart. That's more terrifying than being simply caught by her."

"You say that with such a positive tone..." Dio let out a slight laugh. It was on the verge of hysteric, but it was still progress. "So the Empress is going to use me."

Sophia rested a hand on top of the laughing pile of sheets, feeling Dio's warmth through them.

"Yes. I intend to 'use' anything I am capable of using. Even you're not an exception, Dio."

"I wonder why woman are all so selfish..."

Finally, Dio came out from beneath the sheets.

"Don't you feel the same, Lucciola?"

"Well, it is a difficult thing for me to understand," Lucciola replied, a faint smile on his face. No matter what awaited at their destination, for now, seeing Dio's heart brighten was a good thing. Lucciola was also raised, shackled by an overwhelming power, so had grown to become something of a fatalist*.

"We're counting on you," Sophia said. "Shall we start by taking a look at these charts of the Grand Stream?"

Additionally, they had a prepared and detailed chart of the Grand Stream that was given to them by Disith. Dio had worked through the night, fixing things and adding notes to it. The chart had been partitioned into a grid, detailing wind speeds, tendencies of vortexes, and where ships drifted lifelessy.

The woman was staring at an image projected into a giant screen. It showed a Disith ship that had crashed into the square, flames and black smoke engulfing it, people fleeing the area, running around like ants. She licked her red lips with the tip of her tongue, letting out a laugh from the back of the throat and smiling. She was blessed with a very fit physique, and dressed very elegantly. In the dim room, she had a strange glow to her.

A silver-haired man with refined features came forward, reaching for the woman to hand her a glass of red liquid. Taking it, she met the man's gaze and took a sip.

"Is it to your liking, Maestro Delphine? However, that ship did not violate any agreements."

"Coccinella..." She turned her reproachful eyes to the man.

"Please forgive me..."

She splashed the contents of her glass in the face of the kneeling man, who made no move to wipe it away as he stood.

"If you aren't interested in losing your life in battle, you don't need a battleship," he said, his tone full of flattery as the woman's hand moved to his face, sharp nails dragging over his cheek, drawing a single line of blood that trickled down it.

In the back of the room stood four pedestals, a marble statue standing on one of them. The goddess' face was friendly as it stared below, holding a grim reaper's scythe in one hand. The other motioned down to the words engraved on the pedestal:

While we are pruners of the garden tree, we are the ones who bring about comfort and peace.

It was the maxim of House Eraclea. Though Delphine would claim to follow such a saying faithfully, her interpretation of such a statement was warped and distorted.


From a dark corner of the room, a tall, sharp-eyed man emerged.

"Bring me Dio."

"As you wish."

"The Rite of the Covenant is going to begin soon, and yet that child is off playing by himself."

"I will being him to you as soon as he is found."

"Tell me when you find him. It looks like I'll have to go and pick him up myself."

"Al..." Claus moved to take a step forward, but Dio stopped him.

"Alvis was born for this moment. If she's important to you, then you shouldn't intervene." Dio eyes were twinkling. "Amazing! That it's become like this..."

But by then, it was already over. Claus was pressed against the floor, by two people who had attacked from behind, his body being held there. A sharp, pricking pain ran down his neck, and for a moment he was stunned, his consciousness getting hazy. The others around him were in the same situation. Directly in front of him, he could see Dio's foot, and when he looked up at his face, Dio simply stood there, stunned.


Directly in Dio's sight stood a woman wearing a fitting, red body suit, who glanced around the ship, looking satisfied.

"Lucciola, help me with inviting everybody to the Guild."

"As you wish, Maestro Delphine..." Lucciola's voice spoke from behind Claus, as he tried his hardest to struggle against the grip.

"Let go, Lucciola!"

"It is useless to struggle. Please do as I say quietly." Lucciola spoke, face pale and tone weak.

"Cicada. Bring Alvis Hamilton."

"As you wish."

His appearance was similar to Lucciola's, though this man was a bit older than he was. He walked over to Al, who remained still, her body still surrounded by a dim energy, her eyes glossed over, looking almost camera-like.

"Stop, don't you dare touch Al!" Claus yelled, trying to forcibly stand.

"I beg you, please discontinue your struggling. Otherwise, I will have to force you..." Lucciola said quietly.

The woman known as Delphine stepped forward to face Alex and looked into his eyes.

"I thought the Mysterion was lost long ago. I didn't expect it to fall into the hands of a ground-dweller ... nevertheless, we'll have to have a gathering for a proper recital"*

She then turned to Dio.

"The Rite of the Covenant is upon us, and you never came home! You've made your Delphine so sad, Dio."

"Please forgive me, sister..."

Dio was trembling, his face was pale, his gaze fixed to the floor. He really was that scared of his own sister. For the first time in a long time, Claus remembered what real fear felt like.

- Obligatory POOR DIO'S WHOLE LIFE. I like how they changed up his on-ship reaction and involved Sophia in it still, but in a different way. Also Lucciola bringing him food. ;;

- Dagobert and the rook ... I see what you did there, novels.

- "If all you do is run away, nothing will change." - the second line is more something along the literal line of 'you will never become anything', but it read awkwardly.

- Haha Dio ... the all woman are selfish line...

- A fatalist is basically someone who believes that things are predetermined and unchangable. Lol Lucciola feeling that way because of his LIFE and Delphine and then how it turns out ... poor baby.


- That really short scene with Al is, I believe from the next scene, an actual attempt to activate the Exile (thus cutting the whole Sophia holding the final one to save time and still getting people to the Guild), but obviously it gets stopped.

- "Delphine..." - basically the text for when Dio addresses her is "Delphine onee-sama" but, as always, translating the full, honorific title is lol.

- "we'll have to have a gathering for a proper recital.* She basically means the Mysteria, as the novel goes on she basically refers to Alex as the poet from here on out. And saying the Mysteria is referred to a lot as recitals.

- Claus seriously you are SO DUMB do you not realize Lucciola is trying to make sure you don't get your ass killed from being CLAUS.

- it's maestro time no sis no
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*Hugs for everyone, but mostly Dio.*

Well at least in the novel Claus gets to understand what a horrible person Delphine is before meeting her.. He's still so brainless though.

Sophia I think understands Dio's fear better than anyone, they are both 'heirs' to people who are more than willing to do terrible things to them. She also understands having to put aside that fear to accomplish anything, it just really sucks that Delphine came and ruined it all. Go to Hell, Delphine >:(

;_; I'm so dreading the next post because Lucciola, and Alex... ;_; Why did you have to die?...
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And haha oh things are going to get weird soon as I am sifting through things. SUPER WEIRD.
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