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- MY MOON IS NOT REALLY VERY GOOD AT ALL I just have an arsenal of tools to get a PRETTY OKAY jist of what is going on - enough to extrapolate things and turn it into something readable. Also ty to my piratewife Alison who helped out with lines and parts I just went ??????? at.

- Since these are novels and not artbook things, there is a little more extrapolation because of the format a lot of novels like this is in. Aka I merge and reword some things so it looks more nicely weaved together in English.


This post covers:
- Dio bothering Claus and Lavie in the hangar.
- Dio and Lucciola meeting Dagobert, with more sister feelings.
- Alis and Dio picking up Claus and Tatiana after the battle with the Urbanus (only they find them in the Galahad Ruins instead of the desert)
- Dio and Claus helping rescue Sophia (NOTE ABOUT THIS: I believe, since I am not going through the whole novel, to save room they ended up merging Sophia's capture and rescue with Delphine's rose petal entrance, so rescuing her turned into a Silvana-aided event. That's what I gather from the princess in the tower line from the really short scene before, anyway)
- Delphine's big entrance!!!!! :'D...

Someone suddenly grabbed Claus from behind and spoke, causing him to jump.

"I've got great news, Immelmann!"

It was Dio. Why does this Guild person enjoy physical contact with people so much?

"The captain appointed you to supervise me. So that means the two of us will have to always be together!" He seemed terribly happy about this.

"No way..."

"You're the reason I boarded this ship, so you have to take responsibility properly. Right, Lavie?"

"That reasoning is ridiculous..."

Lavie, too, was a very forward person, so to Dio this was unusual. For his time thus far on the Silvana, he had grown accustomed to wandering around the ship casually, and didn't have many people to talk to, though he smiled and laughed anyway. Nobody had really met anybody from the Guild before, though they seemed cold and very arrogant, just like the first time they had met Dio on the battlefield. Maybe they were just bred and raised like that, Claus thought.

"That aircraft, it has a pretty good design for being so primitive! And it's fast."

Such adoring praise didn't feel so bad at all to Lavie, who smiled happily.

"Okay, fine, you can borrow Claus."

Dio pulled Claus over to the 5th unit to check the aircraft over. Since the battle with the Guild, unit 5 had somehow become considered to be Claus' responsibility.

"From the experience of our dogfight, the aircraft's balance is pretty terrible, and the torque on the right..."

Why do I have to keep watch over this guy? I definitely don't remember agreeing to do anything like this... Claus moaned to himself as he caught up to pace with Dio.

"Heheh, Immelmann was operating this craft even though it was in this sort of condition..."

He slipped into the cockpit, loudly fiddling with the control stick as he leaned down to explore beneath it. He mumbled a few times about some things being set too tightly.

"It has such primitive mechanisms. Wow! This part is just stuck down with solder!"

"You're going to get into trouble with Godwin if you mess with it so much."

Claus hurriedly climbed up to the cockpit, and was met with Dio's face leaning in closer to him.

"Hey, can you take me down to the Silvana's power unit?"

The armed guards who were monitoring Dio from a small distance away tensed.

"Why do you want to see such a thing?" Claus asked, eyes suspicious. The Silvana's unit seemed to be quite a secret, something in violation of the provisions of the Guild. Did this boy with the easygoing face come aboard the Silvana to look into it?

"The Silvana is a mysterious ship, not even registered with the Guild. So it's common to want to know more about it, right?" Dio smiled innocently. The face of someone who looked like they had simply come to play. "You don't have to be so mean, Immelmann. Lucciola and I will just have to go down there ourselves."

The interior of the power unit and the rest of of the ship had completely different atmospheres. They took one step in through the secure hatch, entering what felt like Guild territory, only this wasn't part of their world. Inside was a delicate, but functionally designed unit, shining and dazzling against the rustic design of the rest of the battleship.

"Maybe it was stolen from a destroyed ship?"

"Please be careful. There may be remnants of the rebellion here." Lucciola reached to capture Dio's arm as the other boy moved to curiously look around. The sound of the unit echoed on the walls around them.

"What are you doing here?"

A thin, elderly man appeared, stepping in from outside to the challenge the two. His hair, seemingly the same silver as Dio's, was fading to white, and was grown out long enough to cover his forehead.

"Are you two with the Guild?"

"I'm Dio. Are you the chief engineer?"

He didn't answer, and let out a disgusted sound through his nose.

"The young boy of bloody House Eraclea, you've gotten bigger."

"So you know who I am? Who are you?"

"I've forgotten that."

Dio stared at the man with amusement, as Lucciola whispered, "the head of House Dagobert. One of the rebels."

"Oh, you're a survivor of the rebellion!"

"You're getting the way of my work." Recuise waved a hand harshly at them, trying to drive the two away, but Dio paid it no mind.

"What happened to the others who left the Guild with you? It seems as though the head of House Hamilton died."

"Is anything being done about the abnormalities in the weather control device? If it's left alone, the world is going to be finished."

"What are you talking about?" Dio asked, confused.

"Did you not hear anything from the Maestro? All of the heat is in Anatoray, while Disith freezes."

"I haven't become an adult, yet, so I can't participate in the control ritual."*

"Your age?"

"Sixteen years old ... I'm almost seventeen."

"Is the Rite of the Covenant this year? I hear the ceremony has changed drastically with Delphine as the Maestro."

"Please discontinue this line of conversation," Lucciola interjected, giving Recuise a pointed look.

Recuise shrugged, going silent as Dio moved to pick up a portable chess board, its surface made out of thick leather.

"You play chess, too? Would you like to have a match? I'm really good."

Recuise observed Dio closely as he started to sort the pieces.

"Your sister is a fearful, terrible monster."

"I guess so."

"Even her own parents..."

"There are no parents or children in the Guild. Delphine is the head and 'parent' to all."

Recuise's expression fell as Dio's shoulders trembled.

"What are you afraid of? You're the Maestro's younger brother." Recuise said, placing a hand on the boy's shoulder as he stared down to the elaborately designed chess board. Dio spoke as he moved his hand to make the first move.

"Delphine's love."

After running all night, the two reached the the Winter Palace of Galahad. A red vanship had been abandoned in the same area.

"Thank goodness."

They walked over to the machine after jumping from the tractor*, their backs and hips aching.

"Wait." Tatiana's voice stopped Claus, her eyes sharp as she made out footprints all around the aircraft.

"Someone's here..."

Since their gun was confiscated by the Disith soldiers, they only had their bare hands to fight with if they were attacked. Suddenly, Claus turned around, feeling a presence behind him. There stood a slim silhouette with silver hair...


"We were looking for you, Immelmann!"

Dio jumped up and cheered, and for once, Claus didn't refuse a hug from him.

"So the Silvana is safe. Thank goodness."

"Of course! All of your friends are fine, too."

"I'm glad that you're back, Tatiana..." a second voice spoke, as a slender woman followed Dio from out of the ruins. "I was worried that I'd have to spend the night alone with this Guild scion."


Claus and Tatiana's somber mood that had weighed on their hearts suddenly seemed to disappear. The Silvana was safe, Al and Lavie and Alis and Godwin and everyone were okay.

"Hey, although this isn't the best place for it, it's a happy occasion!" Dio said. "So why don't we eat? I told this woman that I was hungry and asked her to cook for me earlier, but she got really mad when I did."

That night, the four of them, including Claus, sat around a campfire made from some of the fuel left over in the tractor, and had a small feast for their reunion. The light from the fire lit up the old ruins, and after several hundred years, the palace of Galahad seemed alive again. Through the flames, Claus could see Tatiana smiling faintly, and felt at ease.

"But Claus is..."

"I'll be his navi." Dio said. He whispered something to Lucciola, and then laughed innocently.

"It'll be fun, rescuing the princess from the tower!"

"Fine." Alex nodded.

Avoiding heavy gunfire from the castle, the vanship team scattered. Claus and his 5th unit were closely followed by unit 4, aiming for the imperial guard division headquarters.

"Dio, I'm heading in from below."

Claus moved to avoid shots from the long range rifles, dropping the vanship low enough to skim the ground of the courtyard. Shrubbery went flying as they sped by, the walls of the historic building approaching right before their eyes.

"Woohoo~ this is fun!" Dio cheered.

"Dio, pick a route!"

"Mm, roger!"

They flew between buildings as if weaving through a maze. Claus was used to such maneuvers thanks to his experience in the Norkia cup race. A woman screamed, backing away from her window with her courtiers as the vanship flew by with a resounding roar. A nearby guard aimed to shoot, but missed them completely.

"Make a right at the white building in front of the Legal Affairs Bureau... next, right angle at the left corner!" Dio spoke pleasantly, calling out their course with the same feeling.

"Now, when you pass the public prosecutor's station, right angle at the right corner. Rise up at the dead end!"

As soon as they turned the corner, tall, stone buildings stood in front of them. Claus moved the aircraft to an almost vertical position, the bottom of it rubbing against the walls of the building. The crunch of glass could be heard from the shockwave, followed by frightened screams.

"Yahoo~! That was crazy, Immelmann!"

Dio looked into the rear view mirror.

"Ah~ I don't see unit #4 anymore. But we're not out of the game, yet. ... If they lost sight of us, well, it's only natural, right?"

"We should be seeing the regiment headquarters any minute."

The vanship broke out of the alleyways, rushing out into a big, open space.

"Inspection square. Target is a brick building in front of us." Dio navigated as he inspected a map he held in his hand. Claus tried to increase the ship's speed by pulling on the control stick.

"No, no. The rooftop is going to be packed with soldiers! Besides, the regiment headquarters is sturdy, even if we dropped a torpedo from above, it wouldn't do much. We need to do it from the inside."

At the front of the square, the glum, dumpy looking brick building came into sight. A sheen metallic colonnade was connected to the left and right sides of the building.

"There's the colonnade, we need to penetrate it from the right to the left. If we drop an array to cut through, I bet they'll be surprised..."

Claus measured the opportunity silently.

"Can you do it, Immelmann?"

Claus pulled the control stick to the left, then immediately to the right. The 5th unit cleared the narrow space between the pillars, and dove into the colonnades. Several guards posted nearby spotted them. They let out a spray of bullets, but in spite of that, the vanship rushed through the corridor. The power and force of the approaching aircraft cause the guards in front of them to jump into the shadows to avoid them.

"Ah, this is giving me goosebumps!"

They left the colonnade behind them, as the 5th unit rushed into the passageway from east to west through the regiment headquarters. Guards dressed in brilliant outfits looked positively started when they rushed by. Kidnapping, interrogation, torture, conspiracy, things all people feared. Now the imperial guard division headquarters was full of fear in turn, as a shockwave hit one of their claudia storages, causing it to explode like powder.*

"Fire the torpedo!" Dio put his finger on the trigger, not waiting for instructions. "Dropping~!"

Thunk. It dropped from beneath them as they disappeared behind a wall and through the back. The door slammed behind them, the windows around them were fitted with iron bars, the stairs down the basement looked dismal. They went to the left, then to the right at breakneck speed.

The 5th unit was soon outside in the square again, as smoke spewed violently from the torpedo. The regiment headquarters was in a panic. They glanced back to the guards who were scrambling outside as the 5th machine flew up into the sky.

"Mission complete."

"So what do we do now?"

"We head toward the tower, of course."

They could barely see through the falling petals, as Claus tried to press forward toward the large ship. He wanted to see the face of this woman Alex had once encountered, known as Maestro Delphine. Be it accidentally or intentionally, Delphine was deeply involved in the deaths of his and Lavie's fathers. He pulled the control stick back, to bring the nose of the ship up.

"Dio, output at full throttle!"

He pressed down on the footbar, but the ships angle didn't rise.

"Maximum output! Hurry, the throttle--"

"Stop, Immelmann," a weak voice was heard through the headset.


He could see Dio's reflection in the back mirror; his eyes were closed, trembling hands up by his ears.

"Delphine is here-- we have to run away quickly, please, please..." he muttered, voice sounding almost delirious.

"Dio, what's wrong? Pull yourself together!" Claus tried to plead, seeing Dio's terrified expression.

With the lack of appropriate output, the 5th unit started to lose its altitude, dropping slowly. The gigantic ship continued to scatter rose petals as it slowly rose, disappearing into the clouds above. Claus watched it, biting his lip.

- "I haven't become an adult, yet, so I can't participate in the control ritual."* They definitely don't mean the Rite of the Covenant here since they mention that specifically after. I'm guessing this is just Another Guild Thing.

- Lucciola jumping in when they bring up the Rite omg. ;; OMG. Protective boyfriend.

- That whole end scene with Dio and Dagobert o. m. g. I love how much more they show Dio's fear of Delphine before she appears. And the whole 'love' thing is just uuugh ugh Dio. And just the way he explains things like 'there are no parents or children' after growing up with her and what happened and their parents and dfhsfjkshfjks. Kiss me novels.

- tractor. THERE IS SERIOUSLY A TRACTOR SOMEWHERE IN THE SCENE I am not sure if they found and rode one to the ruins or what but there is one there. Idfk.

- That powder line idk. BUT THANKFULLY IT'S JUST PART OF AN OMG ACTION narrative so really who cares.

- Despite the changes with the merging Sophia's rescue and Delphine's entrance, we still got amazing Dio trauma. :'D P-POOR BABY...
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