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Last Exile Novel Stuff - Part 2  
I'm gonna copy the disclaimer from the last post.

- MY MOON IS NOT REALLY VERY GOOD AT ALL I just have an arsenal of tools to get a PRETTY OKAY jist of what is going on - enough to extrapolate things and turn it into something readable. Also ty to Alison who helped out with lines and parts I just went ??????? at. Seriously Alison is the best ever go give her kisses. Also Christi and Kristie who helped me with one line we both wanted to stab in the FACE.

- Since these are novels and not artbook things, there is a little more extrapolation because of the format a lot of novels like this is in. Aka I merge and reword some things so it looks more nicely weaved together in English.


This post covers:

- Horizon Cave, though it's VASTLY DIFFERENT in the novel.
- Dio saving Alex after he obtains the Mysterion.
- Dio and Alex broing out chatting, with some small changes
- And with Dio and Alex hanging out, Lucciola gets to bro out with the mechanics.

A glass case about a yard wide in each direction and tall enough to come up to Claus' chest was placed on the stage. The case was full of red sand, made into little hills that curved upward and downward, presenting a small diorama view. An old man wearing a mask resembling a Disith rifleman's threw a shelled frog into the case.

"Take a look, young man. The mysteries of life. The cruelty of 'survival of the fittest'. This is the way of life of an animal in the seldom-seen desert. Watch carefully..."

The shelled frog landed in the red sand, looking around cautiously.

Maybe I shouldn't have come here, Claus thought. I guess I made a mistake when I said I wanted to be alone. He suddenly wanted to go find Lavie, so they could head out to watch the eight-hour endurance race together.

"This is going to be so exciting, don't you think?" a voice spoke from just over his shoulder, sounding overly-familiar with him.


He glanced behind him to see a boy with silky, silvery hair, laughing and leaning his face in close.

"Creatures struggling so desperately to survive, it's such a beautiful sight."

The boy leaned in closer, causing Claus to lean forward as well, his nose barely pressing up against the glass case. The sand around the frog began to rise up and take on a coiling shape.

"Who are you?"

The coiling shape started to spin, picking up speed. The frog tried to jump into the air to get away from it, but was quickly pulled back into the mini-tornado.


The frog was eventually tossed aside, covered in purple-red mucus as it convulsed in the sand.

"So this is your favorite place to come when you're here, too. I always come here first when I visit this cave."

No, Claus thought, this was his first time seeing such a thing. A lizard that had approached the frog drew its tongue back into its mouth slowly. Then it tore off its shell with its front teeth and indulged in the flavor of the thick meat underneath. Claus turned his eyes away.

"Have we met somewhere before?"

"Don't play dumb, Immelmann."


"That's your name! Did you forget? You've been shot down twice by me already."

"Shot down?"

The boy put his hands together, making the shape of a gun with his fingers.


Claus' expression froze. That means this boy was... "The pilot of that Guild machine..."

"I'm Dio Eraclea. I never would have guessed that we'd be reunited so quickly!"

"Reunited ... with me?"

Dio laughed outloud. Why ... why does he have to do things like that? Claus wondered.

"Are you here to see the eight-hour endurance race? Maybe you can come and sit with us! We'll have drinks, and..."

He grabbed Claus' hand suddenly and started to walk. Behind them, a handsome-looking boy with a neutral expression followed silently.

"Is this your first time at the race? I'm really interested in those primitive-looking machines you pilot! If for some reason, say..."

Dio kept on chattering away. Claus slowly kept up pace with him as he was led toward the seats reserved for the distinguished guests attending the race.

Vrooooom, the roar of the racing vanship engines sounded, echoing so loudly through the cave it was almost as if it was shaking.

"Lucciola and Immelmann, you should say something to one another."

Leaning back into a luxurious chair, Dio attempted to make Lucciola and Claus interact.

"This is Lucciola. He's been my friend since we were children."

Lucciola and Claus exchanged a glance silently, not speaking for the time being. However for Lucciola, that was usually the case regardless. Though the awkward silence continued on, Dio didn't seem particularly concerned by it.

"I'll begin, then, to start making things exciting! Hey, Lucciola. Next year we'll have to participate in the race, so we can compete with Immelmann! Yes, that sounds like a really great idea."

Claus and Lucciola looked skeptically at one another again, as Dio kept cheerfully on. Did this boy of higher status always act this way? Claus felt a little sympathetic for Lucciola.

"What's the meaning of this?" Claus locked eyes with Dio. "You're here because you're planning to take Al, aren't you?"

"Hahaha! You're pretty funny, Immelmann."

Dio sought agreement for that assessment from Lucciola.

"Now, why would I want to do something like that? I'm not Delphine."


"The person responsible for the administration of this entire world. Do you really not know of the Maestro of the Guild?" Lucciola asked, his description sounding much like something being recited or read aloud. Dio laughed.

"How amusing, that you don't know who Delphine is. Immelmann must only have an interest in flying."

"It's not..."

Claus looked discouraged, feeling somewhat foolish.

"Your precious doll is being targeted by those who wish to earn Delphine's love. I'm different from them, though."


"Because I'm already loved ... suffocatingly so."

Dio let out a dry laugh, his tone full of self-contemptuousness, though Claus didn't notice that.

"It is Lord Dio's right as the younger brother,"* Lucciola spoke, expressionlessly.

"What do you want from me?" Claus asked curtly, dropping the formalities. Dio looked hurt.

"How cold, Immelmann. I'm just so excited to finally get to meet you!"

"I told you, my name isn't Immelmann!"

Claus clearly didn't understand Dio's one-track mind. Even though he was now standing face to face with it.*

"Anyway, the race is about to begin."

Dio leaned his body over the front row to look down at a vanship being quick-fixed up.

"But to tell the truth, I don't have much of an interest in the race this year. Because..."

He turned and winked at Claus.

"... we're not going to be in it."

Won't somebody please help me? Claus thought as he tried to look for Lavie's figure in the crowd.

"Phalaena, put down the gun," Dio said, his voice cheerful and very out of place. He smiled, sitting on top of one of the tombstones. Lucciola stood between Alex and Phalaena, acting as a shield.

"It doesn't take even common sense to realize that what you're doing is absolutely pointless, Phalaena." Dio chuckled. "If the captain of the Silvana has the Hamilton Mysterion, it's pointless to shoot him. If you did that, the Mysterion would be lost. If you weren't able to get any information out of him, you're already falling behind. It was a bold move, but there's no point in this nonsense."

Phalaena bit his lip. He was right. He felt ashamed for letting a superior see his loss of composure, and bowed deeply.

"Don't worry. I won't say anything to my sister."

Dio then turned to Alex, giving him a mischievous smile.

"Good thing that's settled! Now I have a request to make of you. Will you take me with you when you return aboard the Silvana?"

"What are your intentions?"

Alex kept his eye on Phalaena.

"Well now, I'm not like the ones in that group, who would plan to spy on you to learn the Hamilton Mysterion."

Alex gave Dio a curious look.

"Don't worry. I'm not that sort of diligent type. So, is it okay?"

Dio slid down from the tombstone, and leaned in to peer at Alex's face.

"I'll be good. And if I ended up changing my attitude, you could just detain me."

"In that case, I don't care. Do as you wish."

The sky started to become lighter as the power transmission lines were restored. Dio looked excitedly up to the sky.

"Well then, the deal is made! Phalaena, you better keep yourself quiet for a while." His sharp eyes pierced through Phalaena. "You've been cutting loose a little too much."

The heavy cargo hatch opened, and a silver-haired boy in white robes came rushing out. Claus was at a loss for words, his mouth hanging open.

"Hey, Immelmann. I'm here!"

Dio approached with an innocent smile, Lucciola trailing behind him like a shadow. Things were suddenly getting more and more complicated ... what in the world was going to happen from this point on? Claus felt weary as he gazed at Dio's completely delighted expression.

Alex was interrogating Dio in his cabin. He threw a leg up onto his desk, cluttered with a various amount of different papers and other things, as he carefully regarded the lord of house Eraclea with keen eyes. However, Dio didn't seem the least bit bothered by the look. He walked freely around the room, glancing at a picture of the Silvana that hung on the wall, and leaning down to peek at a photograph placed on the table.

"I like this room! It's really unkempt and dirty."

Seeming more honest than sarcastic, he cheerfully observed some plaster stains on the wall.

"What does the scion of the Guild want on this ship?" Alex said, meeting Dio's gaze.

"I only really wanted to come so I could fly with Immelmann."

Alex ignored Dio's response.

"Are you here for the Exile key?"

"No way. I'm not Phalaena."

"I've heard that House Eraclea is made up of nothing but greed."

"You don't believe me?"

Dio approached Alex from behind, bringing his lips up close to his ear.

"What lies beyond the furthest reaches of the sky..."

He whispered what sounded like a piece of a solemn poem. For a moment, the air around them felt cold. Alex's eyes moved to silently look at Dio, who was smiling at him innocently.

"That's the Mysterion of House Eraclea that's been passed down for generations. Only Delphine and I know it."

"Why are you sharing such a thing with me?"

"I think you can put it to good use, captain."

Dio moved quickly away from Alex, bringing his face up to look out the window.

"Hamilton, Dagobert, Bassianus... each had their own Mysterion, passed down in the same way. But my sister purged the other families."

"Maestro Delphine's coup d'├ętat, you mean."

"She sees it as quelling a rebellion full of troublemakers."

Long ago, the Guild was operated by a council made up of four families. However, ten or so years ago, a still young Delphine assumed the position of maestro after many sudden and complex events came together. Through instigation and seduction that gained the favor of many young people and guards of the Guild, she orchestrated the purging of the other three houses, exiling them from the Guild. Although to many it was simply called a "coup", there were some who grasped the truth surrounding that matter.

"The tradition of passing down the Mysterion through each house was stopped by the Maestro. Is her intention to collect the others?"

"Phalaena is trying to do that willfully. He thinks it will curry favor with Delphine. Because my sister thinks everything in this world belongs to her, if she could free Exile I'm sure she would be delighted."

"Do you know what the Exile is?"

"No, and I'm not really interested in knowing. Have you seen the cocoon, captain?"

Alex fell silent, tensing up somewhat as a terrible memory stored in back of his mind surfaced. The seat behind him was empty, a terrible storm engulfed him. He could feel an overwhelming weight on his shoulders. The place where his heart was killed even though he had escaped death himself, he would have to return to that place one day soon. His life's goal, to accomplish this...

Dio suddenly turned around, his silver hair swaying.

"Hey, can I go and see Immelmann now?"

Wishing to be by himself as soon as possible, Alex nodded.

"Mister captain, once you've collected all of the Mysterion, you'd better get to Exile immediately. If you hesitate, you'll miss your chance..."*

When Alex turned to ask Dio what exactly he meant by that, the boy was already gone.

"Really, this kind of heat shouldn't be possible!"

Ethan complained as he and Kostabi pressed their faces against the side of the cool iron plates that made up the lift.

"The temperature lately has been higher than I've ever felt it being before."

"At this rate, Anatoray will become a giant oven."

They were within a dried up canyon, the Silvana anchored into rusty-red looking rocks. And it was very hot. It was easier to miss that fact when sailing through the skies, because the temperature at ground level was so much higher. Even Godwin, who was known as the iron man of the Silvana, was exhausted and sweating.

"What about the Guild? Does it feel more pleasant there?" Godwin turned and asked Lucciola, who was standing a small ways away from them.

"The temperature is always kept constant." Being a fully prepared member of the Guild, Lucciola's face lacked even a single bead of sweat.

"You came from such a paradise, yet still have no problem against such strong heat."

"Hot weather or cold weather, I have forgotten the feelings of those sensations..."* he said, sounding almost lonesome. Dio and Lucciola had come on board the Silvana, and the mechanics, including Godwin, had surrounded them to perform a "boarding ritual" that involved their fists. However, before they knew what hit them, they were all knocked unconscious by Lucciola in less than a minute. Since then, they'd been extremely wary and guarded around the Guild boy. But despite their embarrassing loss, there were oddly captivated by the event.

"They say that the Guild controls the world," Kostabi said, keeping his face pressed against the iron floor. "Not only do they not have to deal with this heat, but they greedily have an overabundance of clean water."

Lucciola muttered something, and turned to leave. His robes fluttering as he did so, sending a small breeze against the mechanic's face as he lie on the ground.

"Is he angry?" Godwin asked Ethan, who followed Lucciola's retreating figure with his eyes.

"Did he just say sorry?"

"You don't say. What does he even have to apologize for?"

"Maybe he's apologizing to make up for that eccentric principal?"

"Well, it's a matter of each individual Guild person. Aren't there many different circumstances?"

Kostabi turned his head, letting his other cheek press against the iron plates with a groan.

"Maybe that noble son doesn't have such a carefree social status, either."

- That frog thing what the fuck. No seriously what the fuck. This happens in Horizon Cave for the record, prior to the race.

- Dio just wants his boyfriends to get along you guys. Seriously though that part. THAT PART that part was beautiful. SO MUCH AWKWARD Lucciola and Claus like "WELP" and Dio just like KANYE SHRUG. Best three-day date.

- Haha Dio saying they'll ... join the race next year. NEXT YEAR. H-hahaha.

- Dio having sick gross sister feelings uuuuuu. ;;

- "It is Lord Dio's right as the younger brother," This line was the stupidest, failest line in the history of lines and I hope there are no other lines like this in the rest of the novel. But! We managed to get this out of it (due to the way it's worded by Lucciola who used a heavy archaic/respectful tone when saying it). And it's easy enough to understand in context worded this way, so yay!

- "Even though he was now standing face to face with it." I think this line is understandable enough, but it was still awkward to word right into something that was like DIO IS DIO AND YET CLAUS ISN'T GRASPING DIO ENTIRELY DESPITE INTERACTING DIRECTLY WITH HIS MAGICAL SELF.

- Dio saving Alex from Phalaena happens just after Alex obtains the Mysterion, so it replaces the scene with Knowles and his men pulling guns on Alex after the auction.

- Omg Dio and Lucciola saving Alex tho omg. WHY IS THAT LIKE THE COOLEST THING EVER?!

- "If you hesitate, you'll miss your chance..." Pretty sure this is what the line says. It's supposed to be a vague line considering Alex's reaction to it, but yes. Us as the readers understand it's more of a reference to Delphine's power and ability to act fast (as she does in the series when it comes to getting the Mysteria)

- "I have forgotten the feelings of those sensations..." I worded it that way since I'm not 100% sure if it's supposed to be a literal CANNOT FEEL IT or more of a ... well you know Lucciola and feeling feelings and reacting to them in general. IT COULD BE EITHER and given Dio is also from the Guild and doesn't give fucks flying around in cold as balls weather in Fam it might be a Guild thing? EITHER WAY. \o/

- Lucciola and the mechanics oh gosh I just want them to hang out forever and be biffles.
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Csilla_Aria[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on August 1st, 2012 03:18 am (UTC)
Oh, Dio, Lucciola, Alex all of you need all the hugs. Why are you all so tragic? Why are the LE characters so tragic?

And Claus is just so Claus.
Dio Eraclea: motherfucking pancakes[personal profile] unguilded on August 1st, 2012 03:40 am (UTC)
Yeah I just. OH POOR BABIES.

And lmao yeah. Claus ... why does anyone like you Claus you're so dumb half the time. Or maybe half is being too generous.
Csilla_Aria: Alex sketch[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on August 1st, 2012 04:39 pm (UTC)
Maybe obtuseness is some kind of weirdly endearing/attractive trait in the LE universe? People were also really drawn to Fam.
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Wait, they don't even feel warm or cold? Poor Guildies.
Dio Eraclea: analysis[personal profile] unguilded on August 2nd, 2012 06:17 pm (UTC)
It was worded non-specifically and since it's Lucciola saying it it could be either. It can be chalked up to either genetics or Lucciola being Lucciola on top of the tech in their uniforms.
Clouds of Amethyst (Dio Eraclea): hello teammates[personal profile] icarussurvived on August 2nd, 2012 06:41 pm (UTC)
Right, I can't imagine Lucciola complaining about temperature anyway. Still, now I'm really very curious. And I liked that expanded conversation of Lucciola with mechanics, since that anime scene (which is really so much shorter, huh) was always one of my favourites. Just because, watching it for the first time, I've felt suddenly how alien Guild must be, whatever it is like. Like a premonition.

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