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Dio and children, his own sister, family.  
So! When I apped Dio pretty early on in Fam, there had already been a couple of instances to back up what happened after I apped him in CFUD. IE, how intensely adorable he is with youngins. I love all of Dio's CR endlessly, but when it comes to anybody under the age of like ... 15, threads always ended up turning into things I sit there smiling goofily at as I tagged.

And then as Fam went on, Dio's interaction with other children just solidified how I'd been playing him with the kiddies in camp.

So now have some screencaps of all of the canon adorable and some rambles about those interactions.

And apparently after typing out the whole post this also turned into a DIO AND HIS SISTER AND HIS LIFE AND THOUGHTS ON FAMILY essay in how it relates to his interactions with kids. Whoops this got long and rambly!

First series. Dio flips a shit on Al because of circumstances with his own sister's appearance (she appears and drops rosepetals on everyone, Dio has a panic attack, Al collects the petals because they're pretty and doesn't know about what happened so when she shows Dio he slaps them out of her hand and storms away).

Dio's mainly upset about all this because of his approaching birthday, on which he's going to lose his freedom and himself basically through brainwashing (because of his sister). When they find out about his birthday and his feelings about it, Al decides to cheer him up by throwing him a surprise party (she even makes the cake for him herself ;3;). Dio has feelings and is so happy and learns how amazing and wonderful non-Guild birthdays are, and Al apologizes to him because she didn't know he hated flowers. But it's okay because Dio is the best and gives headpats.

... this explains itself. :'( Dio made Al a special piloting helmet as thanks abloobloobloo.

Giselle's siblings and the children of Kartoffel singing the birthday song from the first series. Dio's been with the Sky Pirates for 6 months when the series starts, so he's pretty bro with everyone.

The birthday song was something one of the mechanics made up for Dio, which means the children on Kartoffel know it because they were taught. Guys Dio sat there with them and taught them the song and probably sang with them a lot it was probably the cutest thing ever.

When the Sky Pirates do the okuribi for those who died, Dio comfortingly hangs out with the children.

I. Yes this panel from the manga.

Look everyone is doing serious shit trying to get an idea of what kind of ship the Silvius is and Dio gives the children a fun activity idea to do as they listen along. (AND THEN FAM/THE CHILDREN'S DRAWING IS ACTUALLY CLOSER TO HOW THE SHIP IS :'D)

More like BFFS 4 EVA

Yeah I will elaborate more on Alvis stuff after the imagespam, but Dio does not effing play when it comes to protecting her.

And when it comes to actual moral support and more serious things that a lot of children have to deal with, Dio is also very sympathetic, comforting and encouraging to them.

... kids apparently are also easily attracted to Dio due to his natural charm. This loli is basically empress of everything, Dio just met her, and she's helping him carry his food back to his bed because he's injured. LEADER OF THE ADES FEDERATION DOING FAVORS FOR DIO AFTER KNOWING HIM FOR LIKE 5 MINUTES Dio has the fucking power, man.

Also guys. this gentleman

Of course he also understands the stress Sara is going through, so when things start getting ugly and shit needs to get done, Dio helps encourage her to stand up and do something because she has the power to (something she's unsure about due to her age and everyone around her keeping her in the dark while using her name to do shit).

And then when she sends the messages out to stop the fighting, Dio hangs back to keep her company.

And yes have we mentioned that nobody hurts the childrens when Dio is around.

In the last episode, everyone is fighting while the kids wait for them back in their still-fucked up Sky Pirate base. So they draw this picture with sand for when they return-- and they don't forget Dio. :'D

So as I have mentioned a few times in my episode rambles post, Alvis is the best example of Dio's dynamic with children, though in her case, also with children in trouble/children with SAD LIVES. That's because Dio knows how it feels to have a sad life and the worst older sibling in the universe ruining it all. Now, from an outside perspective in the LE universe, Dio's life was not bad at all. Which is right depending on where you look at it from. The Guild ruled Prester, they were privileged as fuck and used the rarest most expensive water to clean fish for them to eat and things like that.

Dio himself in the first series comes out as disregarding to rules/personal space and very spoiled which stems from that. Boy didn't have to lift a finger for anything-- though it's implied that he preferred to and tried to really not just sit back and do jack shit because he never liked his life in the Guild (ala things like treating Lucciola as a friend instead of a servant, not letting him test foods for poison for him, wearing the white servant Guild robes just because he wanted to) Of course, that only reaches so far for Dio because despite the obviousnesses where he didn't like that life/the Guild, his exposure and upbringing in it of course left him very spoiled. That's also why when his freedom ending came closer and he discovered how life and the people below truly were, he realized quickly enough just how much he never wanted to go home again.

But Dio's childhood was pretty balls even within the Guild because of his sister, and that sibling dynamic is what drives him to be cute with childrens in the series. He grew up scared she would possibly kill him because he saw her kill their parents when he was a young child. Delphine was pretty much insane and controlling and creepy as fuck. She never really treated Dio much like a brother as much as something that was hers, like a pet. In the childhood flashbacks you see both sides of how controlling she is. First is the scratch you see on Dio's face that-- when she does the same thing to Lucciola, you realize oh she enjoys throwing thorny roses at their faces when she's pissed off/wants to discipline them (also, yes, roses, that is why Dio flipped out in those episodes there about that). But then after that when Dio is sad and crying and she comes to give him Lucciola, the things she says to him are very indicative of how she views/treats him/prefers for him to act. "Have you gotten the bad behavior out of your system?" And then "I love my docile Dio" is. Yeah. PRETTY SELF EXPLANATORY. She calls him cute and darling and "her" Dio and wants him to basically be what she prefers everything to be, pretty and cute and under her control. So when he doesn't act the way she prefers him to act, he gets punished much like he had been in that flashback.

As he got older, as he says before the Horizon Cave race, he's figured out ways to step around that. "What will your sister say when she learns of this?" "To handle her, we just need to lay it on thick with the gratitude. My sister Delphine is a woman who loves to be told how wonderful she is." Delphine's controlled his life since she killed their parents, and it shows in ways that Dio probably doesn't even realize (or does and hates it) as especially in the first series, he mirrors some of her behaviors and actions because she was the biggest influence on him. Including doing things to defy her (feeding Lucciola, going to the Horizon Cave and doing what he felt like, etc.) because he feared her more than anything. But since he was put in that position so young, there was never really anything he could do about it, and he's been instilled with the fear that she could kill him just like their parents since he saw it happen. Her power to kill was also why he had no choice but to submit meekly and go home with her when she boarded the Silvana, because she could have easily wiped the crew out. It showcased just how controlling she was that Dio, despite the desperate wants not to go home, not to have his freedom taken away, didn't fight it.

And then the cherry on top of the entire "Delphine wanting him to act as she prefers him to be" sundae was the entire brainwashing memoryfuck. In which she literally turned him into that by breaking his mind. That's why Dio hated his upcoming birthday, and that's why he ended up doing what he felt like in the series, because he knew it would be over soon. "I suppose I'll get scolded. But I don't have much time. Let me have my fun, Lucciola." And when you first watch the series it's hard to tell, but going back to watch that scene, Dio's voice is pretty :| when he says that.

But yes. tl;dr, Dio's life was pretty shitty because of his sister, and as a child he had to watch shit like her killing their parents and deal with her controlling him from an early age. He spent life since his childhood in fear of her, which was also why he attached to Lucciola so instantly because he had nothing and nobody else to actually love (which is a whole other essay but I have a version of Dio and that stuff HERE if anyone is interested in a short version).

The children Dio deals with in the series all have ~problems~ as well, but there is just this general air of wanting to cheer the children up and do fun things with the children so they're happy. Dio likes seeing children be children because he was extremely sheltered and, again, controlled, so doesn't want them to be scared or sad like he was. It's a mix of relief that they're able to be happy and do FUN THINGS and a little bit of remorse that he couldn't have that. But the pros outweigh the cons so it's not like he is always actively thinking that when he plays with them and teaches them songs and has all of the cute times with them. He does it because it's fun, too. DIO JUST LIKES KIDS.

- The Kartoffel children. A good example of children of war in that Sky Pirates are people who came together when Ades ran down their original homes. Though Giselle's siblings were all born into the Sky Pirate life after they had settled in the mountaintop bases. So that lifestyle is the only one they ever knew. And it's really not a bad one at all considering the state of everything else. The Sky Pirates are free roamers and have a good town life and work together and there is a very high sense of family and love within them. The Collette family is ... pretty much the best family ever. Four kids, and Atamora is GRAND RACE CHAMP and Tereza is just the BEST MOM EVER.

Dio is close to Fam, Giselle and her family, and like shown when Millia joins them, he hangs out with them a lot. A loving family atmosphere is probably something nice for Dio to see considering he never had one. Loving parents! Siblings who love each other and aren't crazy and don't kill said parents! It's headcanon for me that Tereza probably topped Dio and his lazy slacker ass into helping her do things, and Dio probably saluted a lot like ROGER~ and enjoyed helping her out greatly because then he'd be able to stick around for dinner and stuff with everyone. He probably also helped her with the kids every now and then when Atamora and Giselle were out on hunts and Dio stayed behind because he just didn't feel like going out (ala "Dio if you're not going out to help them you're going to help me deal with the kids instead ok stop being a lazy fuck.")

- Sara! Aside from Al, Dio gets Sara and the shit she's dealing with. After meeting her, he goes "the Augusta must be having a rough time." She's a poor little 10 year old girl being, despite the good intentions of some of them, manipulated by the adults around her and kept in the dark about a lot of shit. Which to some extents are things that happened to Dio, too (see: his first conversation with Dagobert about the weather control device and Dio not knowing about what was up with that) She's a little girl thrust into a life because of what she was born into, who is trying her best but is still a child. Dio probably does appreciate that despite this she's still a very sweet girl and caring to everyone and nice enough to help him out after just meeting her.

She gives off the vibes of a child which he finds to be a very good thing because that's what she should be, but she also gives off the vibes of wanting to be a good leader who brings peace to the world. That's why he speaks to and deals with her in a way where he acknowledges her power ("I'm sure you'll be able to, Augusta Sara.") but encourages her to use that power in ways that a child should be encouraged, since other ways kind of go over her head or just continue to keep her in the dark about things, as it had been before she finally stood up. So it's a delicate balance. It's also total headcanon that after the war, sometimes Dio would be sent or stand in to do official Anatoray business with the Adesfolk as they worked on keeping a stabilized peace, and he and Sara probably bro the fuck out when they meet up.

- And now Alvis. Let me preface this that Al's life-- as granddaughter of the Maestro before Delphine came into power and key to the Exile-- was royally fucked by Delphine as well. She imprisoned her grandfather and forced Al to flee the Guild, and then took over the Guild when he died in imprisonment. As key to Exile, Al was also part of Delphine's grand plans. So poor Al's life ended up sucking a lot of balls due to Dio's sister as well. Even though she escaped with good people who took care of and protected her, so she was sheltered, but she still at least had those people and that love from them. Dio met Al knowing who she was, but despite messing with her with the Eraclea Mysteria just to satiate his own curiosity, as he tells Alex himself, he doesn't really care about what his sister is doing or any of that. (Alex was like "WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH AL" and Dio was like "lol implying I'm here for Al and not to play grab ass with Immelmann")

Al was the one who came up with the birthday party idea for Dio, so Dio already back then kind of really liked her and probably hoped that she would end up being safe from Delphine's clutches as well. But as we know, Dio then was still powerless and trumped by his fear of her when she came for them, so couldn't do anything to help himself, her or Claus. Which ties into whatever happened between series/is possibly (HOPEFULLY) going to happen in the Travelers manga when it comes to Dio's promise to protect her. Not only as a promise to Claus who is now unable to fight due to his injuries, but to make up for being too weak to do anything back then. Al who lost so much and even now has Claus who is like her family unable to walk anymore is something that Dio can relate to in a lot of ways, especially since it all stems from his sister.

Dio also just wants to protect her because she deserves to live and be happy and she's still young and has gone through so much shit already. For Dio, the Silvana crew was the first group that really felt like friends/family - so I don't totally joke when I talk about Claus and Lavie being Al's parental figures and Dio being the gay uncle. They are his closest people since Lucciola is not there anymore and one thing Dio does not want to see happen again ever are the people he cares the most about dying. So Al is like a younger sister to him, which puts him into the older sibling position. Aka the 'Delphine' position to his little brother. So there's also this drive to be everything his sister wasn't to him. Like he asks Al when he first sees her again in Fam about the clouds, to let her be free to touch the clouds and protect her and risk his life for her. To support her and when she doubts herself, to encourage her (ala 15.5's ending). In those dark times she's still facing as a child because WAR and EXILES, be her firefly in the darkness in a way like Lucciola was for him. Their lives are similar in a lot of ways, and Dio really wants her to end up happier than he was in the long run. Especially because he views her along with the others like a family. And once the fighting is over and she's safe, they can all go home and be happy with the lives they all fought hard enough to get already.

Dio just wants kids to be happy and free and smile and be able to be children ok the end.
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