28 March 2012 @ 12:38 pm
Travelers Chapter 7  
In which I still ship Tatiana and Alister forever. Get out Claus you don't hold a candle to the true lady love.

Speaking of Claus, he remains being a dumb boy. Nobody is surprised.

These two. ;3;

Here we get TATIANA BACKSTORY!! And meaningful hair-cutting.

Eeee Tati and Alis flashback in the academy together.

Meanwhile, Claus and Tatiana get near the Guild base to rescue Al and Lavie.


Claus makes the worst mistake ever. This is like legit a navi's equivalent of calling out the wrong name in bed. It sucks more for Tatiana because she can't read Claus so ends up slowing him down.

They end up getting shot down. Poor Alvis can't catch a break.


So all in all, not a long chapter, but still an eventful one for the most part! Claus and Tatiana have at least found the Guild base, and his vanship can still fly, so they're ready to go in for round two. But of course it seems that first we're going to have to deal with DERE and FEELINGS and I hope to God he gives her the straight answer she's asking for so we can move on to getting into the RESCUE ACTION and the overall story of this manga.

Of course the questions remain as to how the hell they are going to do it with just them. The first time they were saved when Anatoray forces came, and since then bigger groups than just them have been fucked up by the Guild and they ended up taking Alvis anyway (as well as Lavie). Maybe once they FEELINGS and get it out of their system they will work together better and get something done. We shall see!

Poor Tatiana has a stand in complex. I love seeing these flashbacks though with the series in mind-- mainly about Tatiana's family and the "abandoned nobles" thing. I especially love Alis in the flashbacks because it goes right back to the letter she writes her father, ie "But I will be fine, because my best friend Alister is with me." ;3;

Either way CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE. I do wonder how long they are making this story. We just had a pretty surprising Guild info dump, and aside from saving Al and Lavie and getting a couple of other dumps, I wonder what else they have in store if anything. It's assumed that we're going to get the answer as to why Claus is in a wheelchair in the second series through Travelers, so there is that as well. Right now Travelers seems primarily Tatiana based, so I wonder if they're planning on doing 'arcs' of sorts for the others along the way and shifting focus as it goes along. Like AUGH I wish we had an idea of how long this series was planning on beiiiiiing so I know whether or not to be HOPEFUL FOR MORE BETWEEN SERIES STUFF (coughDiocough) or expectant that it's only going to last for so long. Waiting a month for each chapter is bad enough. >D
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Csilla_Aria: Alex sketch[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on March 28th, 2012 07:03 pm (UTC)
I really hope this doesn't get abandoned, because I think they will probably try to fill in the entire story for the two years leading up to Fam.

I can't wait for the next chapter! Will Claus have an epiphany, and realize girls exist and like him? Will he choose Tatiana or Lavie, or will it turn out he's vanshipsexual? Will it continue to be all teen-soap opera like even amidst all the action!?

...*sigh* I hate waiting for these things...
Dio Eraclea: positional play[personal profile] unguilded on March 29th, 2012 03:49 am (UTC)
Gosh if they did that I. I would love it and sob at how long it's going to be especially since unless someone else steps up I am going to be their raw provider from now on. :'D

I bet Claus dates his vanship in the end, that's why he's sleeping in it at the end of 15.5.

MONTHLY RELEASES ARE PAINFUL. I thought weekly Fam waits were bad.
Mog: soylent green is p e o p l e[personal profile] ontheclock on March 28th, 2012 09:44 pm (UTC)
sob I am so bad at following currently running manga because the waiting ugh but yeah no I don't want them to ever stop :(. What happened to. . . EVERYONE?! 2 years! When does Dio get back what happened to Claus will Tatiana ever realize Alis is RIGHT THERE c'mon girl get on that

These are the important questions ALL THE BACKSTORY YES
Dio Eraclea: guide the lost child[personal profile] unguilded on March 29th, 2012 03:51 am (UTC)
Yeah I kind of still need my Dio recovery story. THE ONLY THING I WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING and it's something that, if I get it, it's going to make me cry a lot I am sure.

BUT YEAH I WOULD LOVE MORE STUFF TOO like. Silvius crew being put together, Dio bonding with Tatiana and Alis since they're bros in Fam. AND YES TATIANA LOOK. LOOK BESIDE YOU SHE IS RIGHT THERE WAITING for you to be my OTP.