26 March 2012 @ 01:51 pm
Episode 21...  
Welp, this is it. Emotions and tears everywhere basically.

I just. Ugh. Ugh I love this whole series I love this cast why is it overrrrrr this has been so much fun.

I also tried to cap as little as possible but LOL that didn't turn out well.

In Kartoffel, Gisey's siblings and the rest of the children wonder when everyone will come back.

Sadri's still not budging.

Sophia continues to make me swoon.

Millia worries about her soon to be wives.

Meanwhile in the heart of the Grand Exile.

Tatiana and Alis keep on truckin'. Also keep on making me swoon. I did a lot of swooning.

Dian with Alvis in tow also keep kicking ass despite FUCKING STARFISH.

Luscinia tells them about how the Grand Exile wasn't made to destroy.

Maestro looks apparently haven't changed over the years, since hair color aside you would assume this was Farahnaz.

Luscinia tells us of his dream.

Then hell yes the Silvius breaks free.

Sorush is still being Sorush like "well Luscinia's method still WOULD have been the faster way, but..."

And then oh. Oh Orang I have grown to love you so quickly.

More talk of dreams and ideals.

Oooh Mr. Vincent ooooh. So gallant~

Oh the Kartoffel children are so cute waiting for them all to return. (PS see they all remembered Dio best bro ever)

Then Luscinia... ;;

Cecily and Dio FIGURE SHITS OUT about the Grand Exile.

S-Sadri and Luscinia.

Then he gives his locket of Raha to Guzel.

T-then Fam tries to get Luscinia to come with them.

... Poor Silvius...

Then as the Grand Exile really starts to crumble ... o Sorush :3c

Millia makes the toughest choice ever.

Sadri sees Fam flying by to escape and smiles. :(

A-and then Luscinia bawww.

And the Grand Exile crumbles just as everyone gets out, while the Silvius finally gets contact from Fam that they're okay.

Orang hiding his MANLY TEARS.

And this part broke my heart because Sara ... and then Fam sobbing.

Sara and the Joint Forces seal the peace deal.

I love the way they look at Sara drink the Grand Lake water. Like "damn in a few years this girl is going to be taking shots like a PRO."

PREMIER ORANG OH MY GOD YES. This whole scene though was so aaaaahhhhh ;;

EPILOGUE ... which happens a couple of months later. Ades starts to deconstruct their ships and Claudia engines. Which have other good uses!

Guzel finds Fam.

Millia being perfect as usual as she reflects about Luscinia. Her hair is growing aaa also Liliana's headpiece.


Also ... ;; CLAUS.

A-and then Dio starts to tear up and he's like "Yeah! Sounds good!" and covers his eyes and sejkdfs oh god these characters.

Millia is too cute.


But of course Dio needs a final line.

"Let's go, Lucciola!"

..... oh. my babies


Kayvan is. There after disappearing completely after the first Grand Exile firing EVERYONE ASSUMED THAT MEANT HE WAS DEAD BUT...


Vincent fights his toughest battle ever. Not looking down.

And the Grand Race comes to a close and ... Dio....



WATCHING IT AGAIN IS JUST LEAVING ME WITH TOO MANY FEELINGS. Oh God everything was emotional and intense and amazing, EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER was saying or doing or screaming something badass at some point. I was basically sitting there holding my face like D8!!!!! the whole time.

Okay I guess Grand Exile/flashyback things first. Since with everything together now, we just need to wait for your obligatory AERIAL LOG FAM STYLE to give us a timeline/extra info (sob sob SOB I guess I should ... up my deputy service price limit to bid on things just in case, for future ref). But looking through the original timeline on top of the infodump Luscinia gave, I am mega curious about the entire Exile Plan backstory. Because with all of this talk of abandonment and being left on the dying planet and the yearning to also go beyond the skies, it's a lot more complicated than the simple "global-scale evac to Presters." Because there's this feeling of not being allowed go to, almost. Obviously you can glean from the plan that some people were going to stay behind while the nanomachines did their work, since in the future they were planning to signal the Presters to return. But the resentment they hold even in the present makes me like ... ahh give me a little more story for that.

Again, I did like how the Grand Exile itself was unfinished, shoddy and falling apart due to it's being incomplete as well as old as hale. That on top of its true design being something entirely different from what it was being used for-- but then again, all of the Exiles are like that. It was a very nice visual reflection of what it stood for: huge and powerful at first and like it can do anything, but really actually crumbling like the dreams of everyone who was left on Earth.

On that note, someone posted this fun image of the recovered Guild Relic and how the Grand Exile looked when it finally went down. So that means there was possibly a second Exile like it that either failed to launch for some reason, or something we don't know yet (it makes sense, considering when they're in the Guild Relic Liliana says crops from around the world were preserved in it)

I love our Anatoray brosisses being awesome. Considering they just had their big entrance, they did enough in this episode to not overshadow everything else because YES SILVANA SOPHIA VINCENT YESSS but they still did enough to make you go HNNGH. It was reminiscent of the first series ie Vincent breaking through for Sophia at the helm of the Silvana and her charging in to whoop some Grand Exile ass. I also loved that ending with them as well because you know Sophia is just like YEAH RACE TIME VINCE LET'S BRO OUT and poor Vincent is just like "... dem tittays right by my face!!" Completely different trains of thought.

Millia. Will I ever shut up about how amazing Millia is? NO I WON'T BECAUSE SHE IS THAT AMAZING. She turned into like the most amazing leader ever. PERFECT PRINCESS. IMPRESSIVE CAPTAIN. Her commanding the Silvius was so badass and she just. Turned into this brave woman with her head held high and ready to face the tough decisions that she knows comes along with the job. Even though you knew Fam and co. were going to make it out in the end Millia's choice to escape because of the danger posed on all of them instead of waiting for them was so hard for her to make but something she knew she needed to do. And in the end with the peace treaty and the Grand Race she's now taking on the responsibilities full force, but she's still so HER and so cute and happy and aaaahhh. I seriously love her so much, along with Dian she is my favorite character in the new series.

Fam getting the locket was so bittersweet. Because she finally knows who her family is but Sadri is gone now ... :'( Though hopefully like. Guzel and other people in Ades knew him enough to tell her some things about him AT LEAST. Because some of them have to have known him-- and maybe even Raha well enough so she can at least learn about them a little more. And it was so sad-- how she stood up and spoke to Luscinia like she did, but despite everything had to deal with Luscinia being set on his path, so being unable to save him, even for Sara's sake. That moment when she starts to sob was like stab in my heart levels of sad.

Luscinia. :( He went about shit in the worst way possible, and even when he died, he still had doubts and wondered if the world would really change. So when you look at it it's not just this feeling of oh Luscinia you dickbag, but this remorse and pity for him, even though he knew as well as the viewers did that he had to die there. But with Liliana and Alauda gone, it wasn't as bad for him if he had taken the alternative. His giving over Sara because he couldn't 'take her with him' was the most telling thing when it came to him being set on his choice. And like he tells Fam, he doesn't regret it.

All of my Orang and Sorush bromosexual feels. I love the contrast to their flashbacks again when Sorush calls for Orang to follow him out of the Exile, considering he said he was always the one watching him from behind. Their endings were perfect IMO. Orang as Premier of Ades is like ALL OF MY DREAMS because he is going to be the best. I love how it should technically be Sorush's job though and he was just like LOL NOPE. The idea of him learning how to fly though it adorable so I hope he goes for it after that reflection. The little word to Vasant was also ;;;;;;

Dian apparently got her pardon considering she was in the race at the end. They never did explain why she flew with Magnolia since it was Viola who was her navi. That said though, she was awesome in this episode. And fuck yes she is a bad enough chick to make 2nd/3rd place (LOLOL) in the Grand Race.

It seems that Claus really did take a vanship to the knee. But seeing him and Lavie and Al and Dio together was like. OMG I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT!! Poor Claus is so sad but so hopeful as is Lavie that he'll be able to fly again one day. ;; POOR BABY CAN'T FLY IN THE RACE. Augh I am assuming we're going to find out what happens to him in Travelers but I WANT TO KNOW NOW.

All of the Dio feels everywhere. Well first off, he is the most badass XO stand-in for Millia and sdjghsk everything he said and did during that final battle was amazing. HIM AND IMMELMANN WAS THE CUTESTSADDEST AT THE END because you can tell he is so :((( but hopeful like them. A-And when Lavie was like THE THREE OF US ARE GONNA FLY TOGETHER WHEN THE TIME COMES RIGHT DIO and he almost cries oh my god. Dio loev his Silvana/iusfamily so much. God I wish there was more with them together. Clearly Travelers needs to make up for this at the end or whenever Claus gets hurt. Though those few moments with the four of them together were enough to make me go oh my god yes yes YES. App Claus Lavie and Al to camp guys APP EVERYONE IN THIS GD CAST TO CAMP.

A-and then yes that pre-race moment and ferhgfufr ;;. IT'S HILARIOUS because I was always like DIO HAS TO HAVE A HOMOMOMENT AT THE END and always expected something to make me sob like a little bitch, but it was of course nothing like I would have imagined it to be and made it this adorable bittersweet but so full of love and missing him BUT HE'S ALWAYS THERE WITH HIM YOU GUYS moment. All of my squee and weep. My Sqweep? These two, seriously.

And then the GRAAAAAAND RACE which was cute. And hilarious and confusing. DIO > TATIANA/ALIS > DIAN/MAGNOLIA > FAM/GISELLE pret much in terms of most badass best pilots in the series. But then Dio gets a NOPE.JPG yellow card. And I want to canon update him in camp like tonight or tomorrow with a bunch of yellow cards falling on him out of nowhere. But then I'm like WAIT THE END IS GOING TO COME UP. WHAT THE FUCK IS HE GOING TO SAY? Because seriously what was it? Was it because he was flying alone? (RUDE AS HELL IF IT'S THAT TBH how dare you not not know of the spirit boyfriend. Also you'd think they'd have caught that before ....... the race started????) Was it because his vanship is a Sky Pirate/Anatoray tech hybrid and they noticed it after checking it out after? WAS IT BECAUSE HE DIDN'T CROSS THE FINISH LINE IN THE CENTER LIKE TATIANA DID?! WERE THEIR BODIES JUST NOT READY FOR SUCH A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF FLYING?? Did Dio just like not sign up for the race officially. Like what the fuck is it I hate you guys tell me it could be anything stupid considering it's Dio. Though if that 2ch stuff I found with specs out of the BD extra booklet are true Dio wasn't even going full speed in the race because his unit is about 3x faster than Fam's at both flight and full speed and she was right behind them. God damn it I hate having to bullshit things in RP AND THEY'LL TELL US WHAT IT WAS IN AN ARTBOOK IN ABOUT 8 MONTHS AND I'LL HAVE BEEN WRONG.

But yes that whole end was heartwarming. And this series. This cast. Everything. WHY IS IT OVERRRRRR. Now the whole cast needs to be apped into camp guys.

After watching and typing this all out I am barfing feelings again. Hold me. I love you Last Exiiiiiile.
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Laguna Loire: wind in my hair[personal profile] lagunarok on March 26th, 2012 11:36 pm (UTC)
I HIGHLY SUSPECT that Dio got yellow carded because his vanship had some kind of unauthorized modification to it outside of the race specifications. Obviously not enough to totally disqualify him, but enough for a foul. Which I just. COULD SEE DIO DOING some dumb silly little thing like that because he felt like it at the time. XD

ALSO this episode answered like... all my questions about Luscinia and Liliana now, especially with the whole "wait, you KNEW this was going to happen?" thing with Luscinia. Because IN A WAY his plan actually succeeded. Maybe not his primary plan, but if he knew the Grand Exile was gonna fall apart, his REAL plan all along may have been to unify everyone by providing them with a COMMON ENEMY TO DEFEAT and then taking the fall as the villain for them. Which.... is horribly sneaking and his tactics utterly cold-blooded and generally so very Luscinia. And that also fits in with what Liliana said about choosing to become a witch, so if that really was the plan all along she was probably in on it too.

Also the ALL THE LAST BITS ahhh that was amazing. Especially Sophia and Vincent. And the mechanics making a cameo. And EVERYTHING EVER pretty much.
Dio Eraclea: children love the shit out of Dio[personal profile] unguilded on March 27th, 2012 12:58 am (UTC)
You know when they go back home to Anatoray Dio is going to "borrow" the cup from Tatiana.

Sion Astal: cheerful[personal profile] dreamsofahero on March 27th, 2012 01:10 am (UTC)
Hahahahaha yes. XD

Also I have to say much as I would have LOVED to see more of the original series cast at the end there, I think they did a good job of including everyone without stealing the new cast's thunder, really.
Dio Eraclea: every day's a birthday[personal profile] unguilded on March 27th, 2012 01:20 am (UTC)
YES that. Sophia and Vincent kicked all of the ass in the new episode, but they definitely didn't overdo that or their entrances in the episode before. '-' and Claus and the mechanics were just perfect. Now I just wanna see more Claus build up in Travelers fffff.
Sion Astal: just talking[personal profile] dreamsofahero on March 27th, 2012 01:33 am (UTC)
Yeah Travelers is shaping up to be iiiiiinteresting so far and I'm still snickering over that one line so I guess WE JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE.

Man though I want everyone in camp. :<
Csilla_Aria: Queen & Captain[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on March 27th, 2012 12:10 am (UTC)
OMG this episode, I can't believe it's over ;_;

I just cried, and then laughed, and both at the same time... So many feeling!

Something I really love again is how there is no "Delphine" this time. What Luscinia did was horrible, and he knew it, but for him it was the only way to make a world where Sara could be safe. I just wish he hadn't killed Vasant along the way. ;_;

Sadri's death was all kinds of tragic, especially as far as Fam is concerned. I think for him though, he'd stood behind Luscinia no matter what throughout the entire thing. It makes sense that he would continue to do so even onto death.

I also liked the little Luscinia/Liliana thing. It was another one of those "he did terrible things, but was not a complete monster" moment.

I was pleasantly shocked Fam, and Giselle didn't win. I do think the Grand Race will probably become an annual thing now so someday Fam will take the trophy home for sure.

Also Magnolia still being clingy jealous girl over Dian. ♥ 8D

Sorush's Comment to Vasant ;_; I thought he was completely joking about the being attracted to her thing!

... Of course I don't want to Bawwww all over here about it, but I'm a whiny, shipper brat sooooo: I'm still ticked that the only mention Alex ever got was Ep. 15.5.. Ah well as bad as the manga is, maybe it will give me my shipper fix(why can't you get updated faster terrible LE manga?). *sigh* But I did love the grand race moment with Sophia, and Vincent because he's so obviously "OMG too close to the forbidden territory!" While Sophia's being all "crazy race fan", and doesn't even notice.
.... but why the orange dress again!? D: D: D: I also have A tumbler post of other little things that bugged me.

The very minor disappointments aside everything about the final episode was just so awesome, I can't even process it all right now. Personally It was one of the most perfect series finales I've ever seen. Now lets hope when the dub is made it's awesome, and will get shown where everyone will see it, love it, and we can keep getting LE stuff, both fandom, and official forever, and ever.

Dio Eraclea: facebook default!!!!!1![personal profile] unguilded on March 27th, 2012 01:19 am (UTC)
YES. Especially because Delphine was ... one special antagonist.

I felt bad for Sadri. But it made sense in a ton of ways-- that he was apparently always stubborn which is why he ended up losing Raha and Fam as well. And he had this goal set on stepping down soon either way to allow the youth to continue to pave the future. :( I still wish he and Fam could have gramp'd it up because they were so cute when they interacted a couple of eps back, baww sadness.

AND YES Luscinia. This ep was like ... oh gosh I was having feelings for him it was so out of left field for me. And then when Liliana came into it that just basically made me to aaa nooo. ;;


Sorush just makes me so happy with everything he says and does, IDEGAF if his living was dumb as hale. I miss Vasant. ;_;

I think part of lack of Alex was as a whole lack of Anatoray time in the series. I WAS HOPING THE CAST WOULD HAVE GONE THERE FOR AT LEAST A WHILE in which case there probably would have been more mention of him and how they've settled/set up in general. But yes, crossing fingers for those spin-offs!

(and I just saw that tumblr! I know in Holly's case in Travelers-- this page has a profile blurb on the left for her that explains she went ahead of them. No idea why exactly, though)

And yess. ;; I AM THAT PERSON WHO NEVER SHUTS UP EVEN WHEN FANDOM IS SLOW as long as there are things out there I will talk about them. And with more artbooks and hopefully more dramas and infodroppy things bound to come out, yesss.
Csilla_Aria: OT3[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on March 27th, 2012 01:57 am (UTC)
Fam, and Sadri getting to be family would have been the cutest thing ever. i do hope she gets to find out about her family somehow.

I shipped L/L from the start even when I wasn't sure about weather I would like Luscinia or not. I really wonder what they could have had if Farahnaz had lived. My brain tells me it would be a kind of "Lets get married, but be all awkward about it, and pretend is solely political, even though we really do like each other because we're goobers." Luscinia would get teased by everybody giving him "romantic advice"(because with Farahnaz still around they would actually be some big dysfunctional family with her as team mom.) like:
"You're engaged, try acting like it at least once."- Alauda,
"Carefully observe Sorush, never do what Sorush does."- Vasant, and possibly Orang, "
"I have written these great pickup lines for you."(which turn out, upon being read to be something completely mortifying to Luscinia who immediately burns them.)- Sorush.
Sadri, and Kayvan would probably stay out of it, but enjoy the show, and Farhanaz would probably be the only one with any actually helpful advice, Sara would try to help too, and be super adorable while doing so.

...But then my brain also tells me Dio getting a pet platypus would somehow be the best thing ever.

Yeah, the lack of Alex makes sense as Fam was not about the previous cast, but the new cast and those who weren't particularly close to Alex.(When you think about it only Sophia, Vincent, and Reciuse really seemed to know him.) It's still disappointing though. But, YES i am so keeping my fingers crossed for other spin-offs, and maybe future LE stuffs.

...That...is a really weird thing for her parents to be OK with.... I mean, she's going to another planet.... Maybe we don't see them in Fam because the Mad-Thanes stayed on the prester to take over the new government since Sophia is apparently staying on earth?

Me too! You are like my Last Exile buddy because I have pretty much no one else to talk to about it. Chichirono was kinda my OPT, OT3 shipper buddy, but she's vanished...
Dio Eraclea: first move[personal profile] unguilded on March 27th, 2012 05:36 am (UTC)
Oh god that would be the best AU ever. NEVER TAKE SORUSH'S ADVICE. NEVER. And oh Farahnaz :(a She seemed to sweet despite the big weight on her shoulders she obviously carried, gah.

And gosh Dio and any animal would be like. CUTE CENTRAL.

Man all the spinoff stuff is making me fidget because once I'm able to I want to go get the original and the Fam novels because those always have more info and introspective and stuff and gahhh.

Yeah the Holly thing is like :? in Travelers. It makes sense for the Mad-Thanes to stay on Prester if they all didn't return to Earth, which is seems like is the case (especially judging by the timeline)
Csilla_Aria: Alex[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on March 27th, 2012 04:54 pm (UTC)
8D Yes! I love AUs so freaking much. I'm seriously considering making the idea a sequel to one of my current AUs, where instead of just abandoning them After Justina died Alex went back, and kind of adopted Claus and Lavie.
Farahnaz ♥ ;_;. She must have had a spine carved from pure diamond... unfortunately the rest of her was only flesh,and blood like the rest of us..

OMG yes. Dio+ animal= 8D ♥

I wish they would translate the novels, I'd love to be able to read them.

Yeah, I wonder what happened to the other presters, as the previous returnees seemed to have mostly forgotten about them, and the exiles by the time of the series. I can see Anatoray-Disith wanting to stay on their prester though, especially if going to earth would just mean walking onto another war.
(Anonymous) on March 27th, 2012 09:41 am (UTC)
Ep is not available yet for me so I still have to watch it but everything looks perfect, except... No Luscinia/Alauda moment? ;___; SOB..
Dio Eraclea: the chainsaws and tits are here![personal profile] unguilded on March 28th, 2012 06:31 am (UTC)
I HOPE YOU'VE SEEN IT BY NOW ANON because aaaa sogood.

But he does say at the end that he and Alauda felt the same way that Liliana did, IE not resenting their fates. :( which was sad.
[personal profile] artificial_castling on March 28th, 2012 09:01 pm (UTC)
This episode...

Just all my tears were taken. Claus! Lavi, Al...and then Dio crying with his goggles NGH

Also Sophia in her hideous monster dress...
Dio Eraclea: this will end well[personal profile] unguilded on March 29th, 2012 03:52 am (UTC)
THAT DRESS YES ajksefkahfjkas.