12 March 2012 @ 04:24 pm
Episode 19.  
So as should be obvious from how the last episode ended, shit went the fuck down. And then ended with some oh my god what the ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

And of course there was obligatory something with Dio that breaks your heart. Seriously you guys my heart stop that Last Exile my OTP.

We open up with a flashback.

Basically blah blah if you kill me more shit will happen, chains of revenge happen that humans are too fail to stop, if you think you can save and rule this world...

Everyone stands in silence as the bells ring for things being RUINED FOREVER. Poor Sara is devastated.

Millia has an inner monologue about the burden Liliana had to carry with those visions as a key and such. Sadness. :( POOR MILLIA ugh her life.

Fam finally has reality hit her.

Magnolia tells Dian she did the right thing, and even though she aimed for Luscinia the "witch" was their enemy too, but Dian is obviously regretting her actions and wondering why, if she was a hero, is she not feeling happiness.


Basically he knew the peace was flimsy and was going to break. Fam asks him why he started a war if he wanted peace.

And then after that scene ... this happens..... and they split up to get shit done.


Luscinia's forces (Sadri and Kayvan) start to move, but Vasant is still playing it safe.

She tries once again to tell Sara hey don't worry but Sara IS NOT HAVING THAT.

Just as Vasant agrees, UH OH.

Then Luscinia Wesker-dodges fucking bullets and...

Dian and Magnolia hear the ruckus outside.

Alauda goes after the Silvius once again and FUCK YES TATIANA AND ALIS READY TO KICK SOME ASS.

Dio and Al prepare to go again because U IN DANGER GIRL when SUDDENLY.




Dio goes back to Al and thanks her for saving him because he thinks she's the one who yanked the hose loose.

Then Dio looks at the side of the Vanship and yes that JP text says "Lucciola's seat"

my face when guardian angel Lucciola. for real

Luscinia HAS THE LOLI.

Vasant... :(

Then Fam gets SAD, gives back the ring Millia's father gave her.

Then there is a hopeful OT3 moment.

Luscinia brings Sara to what he found in Glacies...

And speaks some Mysterion.

Oh hi dragonfly WMD.

If fires toward the battle from where it is

Orang's whole fleet and Kayvan's whole fleet (INCLUDING KAYVAN) are all obliterated.

Luscinia is done giving fucks.



Oh gosh.

WELP this episode was. Insane. And they're finally starting to kill more people off. OH LAWD WHERE DO I BEGIN THIS WEEK.

Okay with the deaths I guess. Vasant's was pretty shocking IMO, especially with how much they emphasized her being THE LAST CHAOSIAN after all of her allies were sent in to Glacies as meatshields. I didn't think they'd kill her off to make it NO MORE CHAOS LOL and was actually expecting her to live in the end. Not only because of the Chaosian thing, but because despite her actions not always being smart, she meant well by them and was not an inherently bad person. But I guess her death drives the point home that this shit is tragic and they are really doing the whole wipe out tons of people thing. I feel bad for her. :(

Kayvan dying didn't have too much emotional impact, and is just really there to show that Luscinia doesn't give a shit about sacrificing his own forces for his goal. Orang barely made it and it clearly MESSED HIM THE HELL UP because his ship was the only one out of those two fleets that made it. First he had to kill Sorush, make difficult decisions and try his best to keep up this awkward peace, then gets his entire freaking force wiped out in one blow. I feel so bad for him and his reaction at the end was so 8( Alauda's death was somewhat sad in that way that in the flashbacks he seemed like more of the emotionally stable one, but since then he'd become as focused on their goal as Luscinia, so had gone beyond doing shitty things for that cause. Also, going after the Silvius again man. After the first time it makes complete sense for Dio to be the one to take him out, especially since he was going after Al at that point as well.

Oh speaking of Dio. Ooooh my God this episode did things to me. SO MANY THINGS. Well first off he is the most major badass in the world because that fight, that fight. YOU ARE SO FAST AND GRACEFUL AND STRONG AND THAT SMIRK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BATTLE HNNGH I CAN'T. You guys I love this character so much it hurts I'm so happy this series exists because it gave me all of this stuff with him. And he is perfect. I cannot even words these feelings.

And as if the scene wasn't, you know, totally fucking awesome as was, they also had to PUNCH YOUR EMOTIONS IN THE TEETH WITH THE LUCCIOLA STUFF. I just, oh god, the hose coming loose to end up saving Dio when he had that trip-up and he thought it was Al and when she was like WASN'T ME he just. Looks to the words at the side of his vanship and he knows and oh gosh Lucciola is truly is his guardian angel even beyond death it's so sad but so perfect and bojklghysdgkls these two kill me with every emotion. I love them so much and in Fam I love the way they are just. Doing what they are doing with them. ALL OF MY DREAMS.

Dian realized that she done goofed, and that revenge doesn't feel as good as it seems. Even though she disliked Liliana just as much, she was aiming for Luscinia in particular, and now everything's going right back to hell because of her. She feels guilty on top of the fact that she didn't get anything back after that form of 'revenge'. I feel bad for her. :( Because she was so anguished and let that take over her to the point where she thought her actions would help ease that anguish, but it ended up just making things, as well as her, worse. I really want to see what they do with her at the end of the series.

Fam, too. This episode was basically a giant whack in Fam's face about the reality of the situation and her endless optimism about the Grand Race, as well as her beliefs that it could come so easily. I'm glad she finally faced it to the point where she acknowledges her disregard of a lot of things, even though it was always her hope that gave Millia strength, so it ends up being a fairly balanced scene. In that Fam should keep being Fam because she is really good at giving hope to people who need it in such a bad time, but she seems to realize now that being a little more realistic about those beliefs doesn't make them any less important to those around her.

NOW THE END. Nothing really new about Sara, in that I loved her strength in this episode when she told Vasant she wanted to know things when she tried to shield her away from it again. She's not backing down from that determination to truly be Augusta and I still love her lots. Of course, she couldn't do much to Luscinia since he is STRONG, and before she could really get a word in re: WHERE IS VASANT, WHERE ARE WE, WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME MAESTRO he had spoken the Mysterion to her. I wonder what she's going to do when she snaps out of it and realizes what happened, especially since Luscinia seems to be beyond listening levels of not giving fucks. With all that he promised her a young child, though, I am sure that this is going to end sadly and with tears. ):

The Grand Exile itself was WOAH HOLY SHIT but at the same time nothing out of left field? Comparing it to space-traveling ships that can also double as weapons, at any rate. With the insect theme the Guild has I sort of love that it is shaped like a huge dragonfly of mass destruction (and we now see what Augusta's flag represents! Much like the hourglass shape thing in the first series). What the Grand Exile is FOR beyond "oh my god blowing everything the fuck up" we have yet to see, but oh man am I excited and nervous at what is going to happen.

THE PREVIEW hnngh Millia commanding the Silvius is amazing after all of the her and Tatiana stuff that happened earlier on. And even better is that because she's in charge Tatiana and Alis are going out to fight in the next episode. '-' NEXT WEEK IS GOING TO BE SEXY AND SCARY AND OH GOD YOU GUYS TWO EPISODES LEFT SCREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM.
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Csilla_Aria: Sophia[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on March 12th, 2012 11:55 pm (UTC)
I don't even know what to say about this episode other than me + Vasant dying= D: forever.

Luscinia telling Sara he wanted to make a world where she could always smile? HUGE FUCKING LIE. Dude, because of you she's now lost pretty much everything she loved, including the woman who's been the closest thing to a mother she known since infancy... Yeah, I'm ready for you to die now, and you better not take Sara with you, so get away from my favorite mini-empress!

I'm wondering if Sadri is going to have an oh shit moment, or if he'll continue blindly following "bishonen Hitler"...

I wasn't shocked Sara turned out to be an Exile key, but I was kinda surprised to find out she's apparently unknowingly been a Maestro the entire time. I wonder if she's the Maestro of the guild sect that stayed on earth...
It makes me wonder if Augusta Farahnāz was also in the dark about it, or if she knew and one of the reasons she was trying for peace so hard was so that the guild wouldn't use her as a weapon of mass destruction.

I'm glad Fam was finally able to see the severity of the situation, and still not have to let go of her dream. Her hopes for a better future, and being willing to work for that future are one of my favorite things about her.

I can't wait for the next episode, but I'm dreading who's deaths are going to come up next. Maybe we'll finally get to see and exile to exile battle? And where the hell is Sophia?.... Though at this point maybe it's better if she doesn't show up until the fighting is over...
Dio Eraclea: playing pirate[personal profile] unguilded on March 13th, 2012 12:06 am (UTC)

And yes. It doesn't SEEM like Sara will have a terrible fate (I HOPE) but aaaugh. She is losing everyone-- and even in the end if Luscinia dies, she loved him too despite everything so she's going to end up losing him TOO.

And yeah Sadri is :|a He didn't seem as SHOCKED about the Grand Exile firing. Perhaps something will happen to Fam to cause him to be like "WELP" because of the whole Raha thing.

The Maestro thing make sense after Dio and Alauda's first fight where it implies that Farahnaz was a "Maestro" according to what Dio had heard. It's just odd that seemed to have dropped using the terms like that since then, and suddenly Luscinia uses it there -- especially after what he had told Millia about the Guild in the last episode. I hope we find that out. '-'

AND LMAO YES I. After this episode it's like oh god people are going to start dying are there going to be more, oh no. I am hoping for an epic Urbanus and Silvana entrance with Sophia in tow.
Csilla_Aria: Alex[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on March 13th, 2012 12:27 am (UTC)
Vasant's death was shocking to me because I really did not think after everything else that's happened, that they actually take her away from Sara(stop making my baby suffer dammit!). After this episode, I am honestly expecting her not to have anyone left after this is over ;_;
... Maybe Sophia will adopt her, and be the best adoptive mom ever?

I remembered Dio mentioning the Maestro thing, but I didn't think about it till Luscinia called Sara Maestro instead of Augusta, then I was all... oh...oh shit.

I am so worried about more deaths, at this point I'm not sure they won't start killing characters from the original. :(

Gloria Augusta: I am Maestro![personal profile] gloria_augusta on March 13th, 2012 12:15 am (UTC)
Maestro Sara is activating the Grand Exile in Glacies and her flag is a giant firefly starship of doom. Why are there so many words I like in that phrase. MY BBY SARA IS A GUILDIE THE WORLD IS PERFECTION. And now that speech about retaking their ancestral land of Glacies makes sense. It really was her ancestral land all along.

Also lightsaber duel round 2 with spirit Lucciola. And the Grand Exile. And Vasant my second bby went out in a blaze of knife, long hair and glory. This show keeps killing my favorite characters for some reason. Watch as Sara and Luscinia die next (I'll consider Dio, Alvis and Tatiana immune from death thanks to first season veteran status).

This is the first time this season I fangirled my way through an entire episode of Fam. *_*

Dio Eraclea: touch and move[personal profile] unguilded on March 13th, 2012 12:27 am (UTC)
... gosh I smile at that journal name and icons. ;3; SO CUTE.

And oh man yes. This series just got REAL ON EVERY LEVEL and I kind of love how Sara is tying into it. Especially since she's Guildie now I want to see her bff it up with Dio some more because they were already insane amounts of adorable. It would be the most horrible ever if she died so I DON'T THINK (AGAIN, HOPE) SHE WILL. Especially because I want to see her rule alongside people like Millia and Sophia (AND DIO) for a bittersweet Grand Race ending or something AFTER ALL OF THIS SHIT GETTING REAL I WANT SOME CUTE.

And aaaah yes. I am no longer very scared of Dio dying because after this episode where he would have been screwed after tripping they kind of say yeah no he has boyfriendo spirit protecting him. And they totally can't hurt my Tatiana when she's hardly been out fighting. End of series' are always fun in this way because it's like BRING OUT THE DOOM BINGO.

and sdfhak I hope there are all of the artbooks. But at the same time they are so hard to get sometimes... come on guys just release one big one instead of a million like the first series.
Gloria Augusta: Loliempress forgives your sins[personal profile] gloria_augusta on March 13th, 2012 12:52 am (UTC)
Sara is perfect and you know it. My only regret will be that once LE is completely done I'll have nothing else to do with this account.

I WANT A MAESTRO TALK TO HAPPEN. We have two onscreen, and Dio had t have known Sara was one (which all things considered might've been why he went snooping for her to begin with...). Infodump already, Gonzo. Also, Dio + lolis. A match made in heaven.

If the doom bingo really wants to hurt, it has to hit Millia or Giselle, but two episodes wouldn't be enough to handle Giselle (she has a family), so I'll say, if a main dies, it'll be Millia.

Well, we could always do the Hourglass thing on the future Fam artbooks too, except cutting it 50/50 because expensive stuff is expensive? As long as I get shiny scans in the end, I'm in. It'd save us both money, and by pooling we could probably buy more stuff.

BTW, how's it going on the Hourglass front? If we ever get written up as providers, I'll need to know how much the magazine costs and where to send the money at (Preferably a Paypal account, so much simpler XD).
Dio Eraclea: PLAYIN' HOOKEY[personal profile] unguilded on March 13th, 2012 01:18 am (UTC)
See you can't say that to me because my automatic response is APP HER INTO MY RP huehuehue.

Yeah Dio. Dio does everything, it is hilarious. HE KNOWS EVERYTHING. They can be like the Maestro bffs ruling the world. It will be the cutest reign the universe has ever known. races and birthday parties all day, every day.

I would legit cry if Millia ended up dying. Of the main three she's my favorite and she's been through so much already. :( Though at the same time, if she DID die ... she's the last Turanian key and if Dio's explanation can be read word for word it does only pass to family members, of which there are no more of aside from her. So I am also morbidly wondering if the Exile would simply be unusable after that or if it passes in another way.

AND HAHA ooh goodness. Well I know there is def. going to be more Character Filegraphys because 01 was ... small. :( RM make 02 huge please.

AND OH AS FOR THAT! They got back to me yesterday since I shot them a IF YOU GUYS NEED e-mail. They said so far they do not have a provider, but they will contact me back sooooon probably closer to when next month's issue is out (which'll be Apr 10th) in the event that someone else pops up. '-' But I will probably swing by Kino sometime soon to check out this month's issue (and fight the horrible temptations) to get a price for them.
Lucciola: Gosh I am just going to adopt this child[personal profile] castling on March 13th, 2012 04:22 am (UTC)

That's all.

That's all I have to say.
Dio Eraclea: lolihugs[personal profile] unguilded on March 13th, 2012 04:34 am (UTC)
(I match you lolihug for lolihug.)

Lucciola: Leave Lord Dio gooo![personal profile] castling on March 13th, 2012 04:37 am (UTC)
Last Exile, why do you always do this to me?

Edited 2012-03-13 04:38 am (UTC)
(Anonymous) on March 19th, 2012 09:17 am (UTC)
Just saw this episode.. What can I say, just GUILD'S BOYS ALWAYS MAKE ME CRY!!! DIO AND LUCCIOLA ;____; and LUSCINIA AND ALAUDA (noooo I will not believe Alauda is really really dead, come on ;_____; He has to stay beside his Lukia ;___;).. Daaamn...
Dio Eraclea: amuse myself[personal profile] unguilded on March 19th, 2012 08:14 pm (UTC)
The Guild is just the saddest most terrible place to be. :(