28 February 2012 @ 07:13 pm
Last Exile Chronicle ... stuff.  
So my super cool LE anon friend (HI YOU ARE STILL THE COOLEST) reminded me that there were ... interesting and untranslated things in the Last Exile Chronicle book. Naturally, that meant I had a new adventure to embark on: to do ghetto ass translations to try and get the jist of some of the things it has in it. On my subjects of interest, of course.


- Dio, Lucciola and Cicada's profiles
- The two page feature of "What's Dio thinking?"
- The two page feature of "The relationship between Dio and Lucciola"

There is some cool shit in here. Also thanks to the awesome anons in this post for expanding on some of this stuff! The post has been edited with all of that extra info.


It would be an amazing thing if one day the stuff in this book could be properly translated, as there is a lot of texty stuff as as seen below, a lot of cool info. But Last Exile is ... Last Exile, so one never knows with its fandom, even though we have AWESOME FREAKING THINGS re: the timeline on the wiki thanks to translators and the like. So, yes. One day somebody with the amazing power of translate should really get in on this, you will be a hero to us all.

But okay, let us begin!

According to sources and the wiki-- Delphine killed her and Dio's father, Darius - something we know! Said sources and the wiki only mentioned Darius. The Chronicle books says that Delphine killed "their parents," which confirms the mother as well. And not only that, but a young Dio kind of saw it happen.

Obviously, after an ordeal like that, Dio was all kinds of emotionally fucked up -- and lonely. So Delphine decided to get him a servant, thinking that he was just lonely for his parents (but mainly really because he thought she was going to kill him too; she didn't know that he saw what she did). Lucciola was chosen specifically by Delphine for Dio, because he was Cicada's younger brother and thus had a strict upbringing. And Cicada to Delphine had shown a devout loyalty and possessed mad fighting skills and such. Lucciola was also chosen at an age one year lower than servants are usually chosen at-- probably because of the special case of Delphine needing someone to satiate Dio's loneliness as well as keep him safe from potential rebels as a result of the purge she made on the other Guild houses.

Dio gave Lucciola his name. Naming is apparently an Important Thing and a high honor for the servant class. I believe it mentions something about how "lower" people in the Guild don't really have names outside of what their jobs are? And a difference between being a "part" of the Guild and "a person" of the Guild with a name. And once named, they are required to pledge their absolute loyalty to whom they serve. And since Dio was more or less compliant to the Guild laws, Lucciola had no problems staying completely loyal to Dio because he wouldn't be going against anything Delphine didn't want Dio to do.

Of course, Delphine was possessive and cruel, so became jealous because Dio was instantly attached to Lucciola because he had been sad and lonely since his parents were killed and he liked him more than her. So she began to suspect Lucciola and wonder about his loyalty to her-- the Maestro. She didn't want to do anything to him like kill him because that would only make Dio worse, so she went about it in other ways. She'd make sure to take Lucciola aside to talk to interrogate him to ensure that he wasn't "straying". And did things to remind him of the power she had over them all -- one thing mentioned specifically was her not letting him eat as punishment (oh, hello series flashback scenes).

It goes on to say that the food plan ended up backfiring worse for Delphine, because the bond between Dio and Lucciola grew as a result of Dio doing things like sneaking him food.

In Lucciola's case, he made sure to be even more careful, keeping his personality, attitude and posture perfect to keep Delphine assured, since if he showed anything kind or familiar to Dio and she found out, she would kill him.

And in Dio's case, he was always interested in Lucciola's feelings, wanting to see how he really felt behind the very rigid posture he kept for himself. So he would always do crazy things to get reactions out of Lucciola, to see him look bothered, or sometimes angry, and sometimes maybe to even smile. For Dio doing things like that was easy because Dio was always the kind of selfish person to want to troll around and make things complicated.

Dio never had any interest in the politics of the Guild or anything like that, and preferred to just go and do whatever he felt like - ala how he did his own thing after the Horizon Cave race and went to the Silvana. When he disappeared, Delphine didn't really pay much mind, because she could always contact Lucciola wherever he was via his earring device to order him. (I'm not sure if it's contact him or track him -- it could be the latter, considering the things that came up in the latest Travelers chapter).

When Delphine did board the Silvana, non-compliance or attempted counters to her could have resulted in massacring the entire crew, so Lucciola followed her orders. Due to the strength Delphine took with her, they had no choice but to go-- which was why Lucciola was doing things like stopping Claus from doing anything stupid (when they went to Guild as well). Because Claus was important for Lucciola's plan to possibly free Dio after he was brainwashed. Lucciola also didn't expect Dio's brainwashing to be as deep as it was-- apparently Dio's was different from the norm and his personality had been completely reprogrammed.

When they were taken back to the Guild, and Lucciola made his decision-- he chose Dio over his dedication to Delphine because his friendship with Dio was more important to him. Giving up his life in order to protect those bonds was something that he was okay with. Delphine of course, was deceived-- she had taken Claus to the Guild because he appeared to be "the first friend Dio's ever had" which was why she asked Lucciola what he was to Dio in the end.

Oh god the way they worded this part-- okay, so when Lucciola responds with "I am Lord Dio's friend" he says it with pride. He could have lied and responded saying he was a servant to save his own life. Because he didn't want to betray his relationship with Dio, he responded how he did, and it clearly shows that Lucciola was a person, an individual who made the choice he did himself.

Cicada's profile had a lot of interesting shit about the Guild. Here are some things I got from it:

- When they mention Cicada and Lucciola being brothers, the term/phrase of "same genetic source" comes up. And they do mention genetic manipulation in general in the next paragraph.

- It talks about two ways to become a "Guild member." One is, obviously, being born into it. The other talks about educational and military institutions, where only the best are chosen from, but still just for lower class/servants. They came from "the ground" are are known as "apprentices" as they learn/train. And when the best of the best are chosen ... they get a test at 17, which, if failed, resulted in a mind-wipe which is what those Guilders with the weird makeup and chanting all are.

- Guild uniforms and ranks.

Maestro: Wears whatever they please.
Chief Agent (called Lorica, aka what Cicada is): Wears black
Next Maestro (also, what Dio SHOULD have been wearing): Wears black
Subordinates to Delphine (called Scutum, aka Delphine's other servants): Wear grey
Subordinates to Dio, also Delphine's maids (called Aspis): Wear grey
Everything else below that: Wear white.

HOWEVER. Dio, because he is the master troll, decided he liked wearing the white servant uniforms. And so not to dress as though they outrank him, Dio's servants all wore white as well, with silver collars. Dio's collar is gold to separate their ranks. Awesome job, Dio.

And here are a couple of choice things from "What's Dio Thinking?" Since some of the stuff was ... obvious already.

"He's not good, but there's some sort of glimmer about him."
The way Claus was flying seemed to be reckless, not bound by any sort of rules. It also mentions Dio's birthday approaching -- and I think it says something along the lines of that he was looking for something to DO with himself to keep himself occupied, so Claus stood out.

"If I say your name is Immelmann, your name is Immelmann."
Something about how there are names in the Guild for people who are around on a regular basis (maybe referring to the earlier talk about how naming is important?). And how this was a fresh experience outside of the Guild-- maybe in that since it's not a Guild-regulated kind of naming/nicknaming it felt nicer to do?

"Lucciola get out, now!"
After being ignored by Claus, Dio was pissed off because nobody ever ignored him before, so reactionarily snaps because he's losing on top of that.

"It feels like I can touch the clouds!"
Dio has no sense of crisis-- there was an emergency happening and he ignored it to go up on deck. It also says that it might have felt like a feeling of freedom to Dio at the time.

"If it tastes good, you should let it show on your face, Lucciola!"
Dio's time spent on the Silvana meeting everyone helped him express his feelings better than he'd been able to before. He wants Lucciola to be able to have those feelings, too.

Now that he's interacting with more people he can call friends, and being ordered around in general is something he's never had done to him before in that manner. So it's a fresh new experience for him that he's having fun with.

And that's all the stuff I personally wanted to get out of the book so tried my best to translate. Mainly because ha ha wow Dio and Lucciola's lives are depressing.
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(Anonymous) on February 29th, 2012 08:35 pm (UTC)
(NO U)

Couple of things about Cicada's part since it's the one I remember: you're right about the people being picked from the best institutions being only for servants. Like, all the weird Guildies with weird black makeup and lines over their faces (WHO'D WANT TO VOLUNTEER FOR THAT, HOW DOES THIS EVEN WORK). If you fail the testing at 17 you get a mindwipe and join the ranks of the Claudia Unit controllers, those who're handling the levers and chanting creepy monotone stuff.

In that same profile, I don't know how ghetto-TL handled it, but there's also the uniform codes. Like, Delphine can dress however she wants, black is for Cicada and Dio, and gray for their direct subordinates, with the other agents in the white cape-jumpsuit-things. But Dio being the troll to troll all trolls decided he liked the white servant uniform more and went with the servant dress code. Of course his own servants wouldn't dress as if they outranked him, so they (Lucciola, Coccinella, Apis and I think Ephemera until he got moved to Delphine's bunch) all downgraded themselves and took the white uniform as well, and it's now a tradition for Dio's guards to follow the leader and dress in white instead of gray. Dio gets the golden collar instead of silver to not get mistaken for a servant.

Dio, trolling even with his clothes!
Dio Eraclea: hey hey hey hi[personal profile] unguilded on February 29th, 2012 08:53 pm (UTC)
Oh my God.

Oh my God that is the most beautiful thing I have ever read. Is that what it says at the end of Cicada's profile, then? Because it was coming out as "WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS EVEN SAY" for everything I had tried so I just gave up but I know Dio's name was in it. Dio you are the most amazing thing in the universe. THANK YOU FOR THAT INFO oh gosh that made my day.

And oh wow, about the Guild stuff. That clears that part up a lot better. '-' THOSE CHANTING GUYS ALWAYS CREEP ME THE HELL OUT.
Dio Eraclea: trip the light[personal profile] unguilded on February 29th, 2012 08:58 pm (UTC)
Also omg now it makes sense. In our IRC chan we were talking about Guild ranks and uniform colors and trying to make sense of them but it was all confusing.

Now we know why.
(Anonymous) on February 29th, 2012 09:27 pm (UTC)
I don't remember where is which part, but yes, that's the part of Cicada's profile with Dio's name. I always wondered about Guild uniforms and couldn't make sense of who wore which color either. No wonder, Dio was trolling Guild uniform traditions, so there was no way of figuring it out before Chronicle. But the Dio weirdness aside, it's anything he/she wants for the Maestro, black for the chief agent (forgot the position name) and whoever's next in line to be Maestro, gray for the upper rank agents (Scutum), white for the lower rank agents (Aspis). Both Scutum and Aspis meaning shield. After that, each job has its own uniform, all mostly white. I don't remember what other Principals wear.

Gotta love Dio trolling uniforms and his entire team following along.
(Anonymous) on February 29th, 2012 10:31 pm (UTC)
Sudden late remembrance of no particular importance: the chief agent rank is Lorica (Armor in latin, to go with the other agent classes being named after shields). So you have Cicada as Lorica, Dorcus etc as Scutum, Dio's trio and Delphine's two maids as Aspis, and Ephemera who was Dio's fourth guardian and also an Aspis, but got jacked by Delphine and moved to Scutum rank (and was playing neutral messenger between Delphine and Dio's groups since then).

So that's it for Guild ranks and who was doing what for whom.
Dio Eraclea: every day's a birthday[personal profile] unguilded on February 29th, 2012 11:16 pm (UTC)
Oooh. I love that naming scheme for the ranks. THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW aaahh, yay. YOU ARE THE BEST.
Lucciola: Damn it Claus you forgot me.[personal profile] castling on February 29th, 2012 09:03 pm (UTC)
And things in my life make a LITTLE MORE SENSE NOW!

Thank you, anon!
(Anonymous) on February 29th, 2012 09:47 pm (UTC)
A wild Lucciola. Consider yourself stalked.

I WISH I COULD REMEMBER MORE. Or read without spending an hour on a line. All I really recall about Lucciola is random stuff from OTHER profiles, like the Cicada's GENETIC brother thing and that the only other person he trusted with Dio's safety was Coccinella (because IIRC, even though Apis was part of the "Mission: Protect Dio" team, he was too blunt and spoke his mind too much, which could have landed them in trouble).
Lucciola[personal profile] castling on February 29th, 2012 09:49 pm (UTC)
Oh! This is also helpful. I knew the first part,but not the second bit.
(Anonymous) on February 29th, 2012 11:10 pm (UTC)
I don't know if you ever saw this pic of Dio and Lucciola.. I thought it would be a good thing sharing with you ;) http://pithy.altervista.org/IMG338.jpg
As for me, I know all these informations above 'cause here in Italy they made an amazing dvd collector's edition, with all this kind of stuff translated. I remember reading something about Lucciola and the awesome things he made for Dio's sake, if I have the time I'll try to go find them and translate 'em for you :)
Dio Eraclea: every pace[personal profile] unguilded on February 29th, 2012 11:25 pm (UTC)
OH GOODNESS I HAVE NOT where is it from? It is so cute. ;3; THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME!

And oh wow you are so lucky! I wouldn't have even made this post if I didn't find a semi-faster way to get jists of what was in the texts. So I hope there are more things in the artbooks that I'll end up finding. I've never heard of anything like that though, re: Lucciola. :o If you do ever get around to it I'd be the happiest person ever because I love info like that (I love tidbits in canon, so much) and that sounds sort of adorable. But since that sort of thing can be hairpully (AT LEAST FOR ME because I am the newbiest newb at it ever) don't feel like you have to. XD

But aaah thanks for commenting and for the picture so, so much!
(Anonymous) on February 29th, 2012 11:38 pm (UTC)
Oh you basically have almost all the infos I remember about Lucciola and Dio storyline, only I also remember something more about Lucciola, I'll try to find that bit for you this week. :) I rewatched LE last week after finding out about the sequel, and I felt in love again with this anime :') So many emotions, and I LOVE Dio and Lucciola <3.
The pic I posted is from Throwline, a tiny Murata's booklet with some misc stuff. It was a surprise for me too when I saw it :D! I adore Range Murata drawings and I'm collecting all the artbooks I can find, and obviously I have almost all the LE related ones :).
Dio Eraclea: HELLO LOLI[personal profile] unguilded on February 29th, 2012 11:43 pm (UTC)
Awww ANON you are the best. ;o;! YOU HAVE ALL OF MY THANKS.

But omg yes. I loved the first series so much-- especially Dio and Lucciola too. And when the sequel was announced I basically fell into this pit of love for the series all over again. And I never want to climb out of it.

And oooh! Man, Range Murata has so many things out and some of them are so hard to find! '-' I thought the Prismtone book released about last year was the end-all be-all for first series stuff all being together, but I guess not! I can't wait for his new stuff for Fam, either.
(Anonymous) on March 2nd, 2012 03:15 pm (UTC)
Okay, I did it. Sorry in advance for all the mistakes I made, my English is far from flawless ^^". This is the part related to the episode Castling Lucciola, in which it's explained why Lucciola behaved like he did. Tell me if some parts are translated so bad you could not understand 'em, LOL.

Unlike the other members of the guardhouse, Lucciola was choosen by Delphine as Dio's bodyguard, as a consequence of the purge Delphine did. Nine years before, Delphine has killed her parents and it happened that Dio saw everything. But Delphine didn't know this and she thought that Dio's attitude towards her was caused by the sudden lost of his mother and father.

Although in her own way, Delphine has loved Dio as the only remaining member of her family. Her wish was to hand down the secret knowledges of the Eraclea family and the other Guild families together with Dio and not by herself.
Delphine thought that Dio's behavior change was caused by the loneliness he felt from the loss of his parents, so she decided to put a person at his side who could help him to fill the emptiness in his heart and, at the same time, who could watch him and keep him away from any rebels.
As Cicada was the most faithful of Delphine's men, the choice was Cicada's younger brother. As a matter of fact, the little boy already had a very strict upbringing thanks to Cicada so, even if he wasn't old enough to participate to the Swearing Ceremony, he sweared absolute loyalty to the Maestro and to the Guild. His fighting skills were excellent even as child.
The rigorous nature, the devotion and the unselfish loyalty of Cicada's brother were more than suitable for Delphine, so she gave him to Dio. Dio gave his servant the name of Lucciola.
To receive a name was considered a great honor for the Guild's common members, and they must be faithful and loyal to the person who gave them a name. Common people who lived in the Guild usually didn't have a name and they were identified depending on the work they were to do; to have a name meant that you were not an "object" anymore, but that you were recognized as "member of the Guild". Lucciola was educated to be submissive and devoted to the Guild and Delphine, but since it was Dio who gave him a name, he ended in to give priority to Dio's orders.

As long as Dio would behave according to the Guild's rules, Lucciola shouldn't have had any problems; to indulge Dio's odd requests wasn't cause of concern for Lucciola, since he'd always find a way not to go against the Guild and Delphine's will.

But the neverending madness of Dio's actions made Lucciola begin to think with his own head, acting on his own initiative and anticipating Dio's moves. At the same time, Lucciola started to surround himself with trustworthy allies.

Dio, being alone after the death of his parents and afraid to end up killed like them, immediately bonded with Lucciola. Dio attachment for him made Delphine jealous, who started to doubt about Lucciola's loyalty. Delphine thought that Lucciola was not more reliable as Dio's guard; however, if she had took Lucciola away from him, Dio would have started to be suspicious and afraid of her. So Delphine took the habit to often interrogate Lucciola to make him prove his faithfulness. Sometimes there were only simple conversations to make him confess, but sometimes there were harsh punishments like leave him without food.Delphine's behaviour made Lucciola acting even more cautious and careful. Sometimes, it was Dio himself who secretly gave food to Lucciola and that made them bond even more. So Delphine's jealousy and prudence did made her make a mistake.

Nevertheless, Lucciola kept his official role as member of Dio's cortege but manteining an attitude more rigid than necessary. This behaviour reassured Delphine and so her doubts towards him grew weak. Had Lucciola boasted the affection that Dio felt for him, probably Delphine would have him killed.

Dio always had an interest towards Lucciola's cold and detached attitude and he wanted to understand the real feelings that he could never actually see on his servant's face. That's why Dio has always acted in an unconventional and unexpected way: to see Lucciola afraid or angry expressions, hoping that someday maybe Lucciola would have showed him a smile. Obviously, that was a very easy behavior for someone selfish and rebel who liked to complicate things like Dio. Since Dio was certain to always have Lucciola to cover his back and ready to help him anytime, he ended up satisfying every own personal desire.

This kind of conduct from Dio made Delphine relax. The fact that he lived his everyday life in total freedom without showing any interest about the Guild's matters meant that Dio was not interested in partecipating to the political life and Delphine could not hope for a better situation. The Maestro always let his brother act freely; even when he disappeared to go at the Horizon Cave she did not care, 'cause she knew that whenever she would have wanted to see him all she had to do was to give the order to Lucciola through the transmitter in the boy's earring. Delphine's confidence was well placed because it was Lucciola himself who did get her on the Silvana.
Lucciola did not do it just to obey to Delphine's orders. It was because he knew that had he refused to do that, the Maestro would have not esitate to sink the ship with all the crew.
[The part below is about Lucciola's plan, and even if it's not very clear in the text I'm translating, I think Lucciola plan was supposed to start AFTER Dio's Swearing Ceremony]
Lucciola observed Dio's change during their permanence on the Silvana and after seeing the efficacy of the ship during battles, Lucciola thought that the Silvana might have been the instrument through which he finally could have give Dio his freedom.
Aware of his really low chances of killing Delphine with his own hands, Lucciola at the price of his life might have tried to take some time while Dio could have shooted down the Guild's starfishes.
The key for the success of Lucciola's plan was the person for whom Dio had interest: Claus. That's why Lucciola tried to keep him under control; he did not want Claus to make Delphine angry and he tried to make the boy aware of his plans with some glances. [Yeah, I too think that that would have been difficult to understand for Claus.. Poor Lucciola :(]

As for the plan about Dio's escape, everything went as Lucciola wanted. The only mistake the boy made was to understimate the reprogramming of Dio's mind, which it showed to be deeper than Lucciola thought it would have been.
Lucciola in fact used to think that Dio would have had his mind reprogrammed like they normally do to the Guild's members to assure their total loyalty, but in this case Dio's personality was completely erased.

Nevertheless, Lucciola still kept considering the fact that Dio called him "friend" the most important thing so that he was willing to sacrifice his life to defend their friendship.
Delphine, knowing nothing about this friendship feeling between the two, brought upon the Guild who she thought to be Dio's only friend: Claus. So that's why she was curious to know why Lucciola wanted to save her brother and she asked him what he thought to be for Dio.
Lucciola knew that if he had answered "a servant" he might have saved himself, but to not betray his friendship with Dio he answered with pride to be "Dio's friend". This is the clear demonstration that Lucciola consider himself a person and not an object.
Dio Eraclea: Dio's driving[personal profile] unguilded on March 2nd, 2012 04:35 pm (UTC)
ooooh my goodness anon


The last couple of paragraphs I was wondering about the most because with the translations I attempted, I wasn't sure of exactly what it was saying so didn't want to guess (mainly about Lucciola's whole plan thing, and about the feelings/actions on board the Silvana when Delphine came aboard)

But this is so much clearer and so great! You seriously have no idea how happy this makes me aaa thank you so much!!! These two, oh man they are too cute but it's so sad.
(Anonymous) on March 2nd, 2012 05:13 pm (UTC)
Happy this was helpful :) There's another interesting chapter about Guild's history (the 4 families and their relationship) if someone is interested I may try to translate that too :).
Dio Eraclea: guide the lost child[personal profile] unguilded on March 3rd, 2012 01:05 am (UTC)
Ooh! Well--just in case, since I don't want you to go through any trouble. Is it any of the stuff mentioned in the timeline translations? Specifically the stuff from here on, since they go into some pretty info-y stuff about the houses, and some of it might overlap with what's in the Chronicle book.
(Anonymous) on March 3rd, 2012 10:21 am (UTC)
Oh well, no I think that's pretty much all I have too :) (I didn't know this site LOL). It's increbible how many things there are about LE story when they managed to show so little in the anime..!
Dio Eraclea: chess is the new broing out[personal profile] unguilded on March 3rd, 2012 11:44 pm (UTC)
Yeah, whoever translated that timeline is a freaking hero. The Wiki in general is pretty informative in many aspects (and then hardly at all, in others, I want to eventually get around to maybe typing out stuff for it to help out where stuff might need expanding) but haha. Yeah this series is insane with its info.

But one of my other favorite series is Xenosaga, which is the same in that it has books and all sorts of other information dumps that need to be translated as well. SO I AM USED TO THIS.
(Anonymous) on March 1st, 2012 12:35 am (UTC)
Dear fellow Last Exile anon, parlo Italiano e lei è diventata il mio nuovo dio. I never even thought of looking for Last Exile stuff in italian. THANK YOU.

I guess I'll be scouring the internet for copies to grab (or more likely auctions to stalk, limited edition and all), unless someone scanned the italian booklets somewhere. Being able to read without being swamped in kanji dictionaries would be wonderful.
(Anonymous) on March 1st, 2012 08:56 am (UTC)
Ah :D Per una volta gli italiani hanno fatto una cosa per bene con l'edizione da collezione, sono veramente stupendi e fatti benissimo, :). Alcuni numeri ora sono difficili da trovare, ma qualche cofanetto a buon prezzo si trova ancora. Sono 7 cofanetti, ricordo che il settimo non usciva perchè era fallita la casa di produzione, per cui abbiamo aspettato qualcosa come più di 2 anni per averlo, e quando l'abbiamo visto ad una fiera io e una mia amica ci siamo catapultate contro la teca di vetro quasi piangendo XD.
Io non ho lo scan, però se hai qualche domanda in particolare su qualcosa o qualcuno posso trascriverti quello che trovo :).
(Anonymous) on March 1st, 2012 02:25 pm (UTC)

Trascivere tutto chè vuolo leggere sarebbe troppo lungo. Sono supratutto una Guilda fangirl ma mi piacciono anche i velivoli, gli altri personaggi, e tutti quanti. E più rapido comprare la collezione! Se sa quale cofanetti contengono informazione sulla Guilda e i velivoli, mi piacerebbe comprare questi primo.

Anyway, since I'll end up grabbing everything no matter what, look for what Unguilded needs first. She's the one in need of info. :)

Man, for all that we all like to joke or complain about Fam, we owe her thanks for resurrecting the fandom.
[personal profile] swordandbells on March 1st, 2012 10:56 pm (UTC)
That's fascinating stuff about the uniforms. Which makes me wonder about Dio's outfit in the new series; who made it for him? It's clearly Guild, but since it's white, does that make it a servant outfit? Or did he just make something with his own flourishes on it? It really made me wonder when I first saw it, because I was like, "Well, isn't he supposed to be ex-Guild now? Why's he wearing Guild clothes?" This goes for Al too. Her clothes are Guild influenced somewhat, which also made me go WTF? Why would she wear Guild clothes after all the terrible stuff she saw them do and clearly she doesn't like them? CONTINUITY OMG!
I'm stalking this post. So interesting. Also increased my love for Dio by about 10000%
Dio Eraclea: good tailwinds[personal profile] unguilded on March 1st, 2012 11:13 pm (UTC)
I hope that kind of thing will be explained too. '-' Maybe it's because of the Guild tech in general seemingly also applying to their uniforms (the way they can transform-- and from the part when they go to recover the Anshar in Fam everyone is bundled up but Dio so the uniforms might also have weather protective type tech in it? Of course that's a guess because Dio is ... Dio and who knows if that was why he wasn't bundled up like the rest of them). So it might be a case of the uniforms are useful in more than just showy ways rather than specific connections to "the Guild" itself.

But I would love to know more about the stuff after/between series (I made a whole post just about everything I wanted to know about in this journal too, this is my life sob) regarding the Guild as well. And I'm sure things will be in hard to get artbooks which there are tons of so it will be as much of an adventure getting all of the info together just like all of this stuff from the first series, lmao. Last Exiiiiile!! o9
(Anonymous) on March 1st, 2012 11:52 pm (UTC)
The cloaks *do* seem to have functions other than to be pretty, like you said. I suppose it wouldn't be too far-fetched to think they have some sort of weather protection, this being Guild tech and all. Hell, the cloaks can disappear into the collar, so I guess anything's possible. I'm just wondering why Dio and Al would choose to wear the clothes of an organization they have no desire of being affiliated with. Meh...
Yes, I too want to know what happened between series. Hourglass isn't updated enough to satisfy my curiosity, especially where Dio is concerned. Like, how did he get to Earth, how did he overcome his mind-fuckery, how did he end up working with Tatiana, etc? Also, who the hell was it that picked him up in the Grand Stream?
Last Exile you torment me with unanswered questions! O_O
Dio Eraclea: amuse myself[personal profile] unguilded on March 2nd, 2012 01:58 am (UTC)
HAHA YES I basically mentioned all of that stuff. (the post is here fwiw with all of my mindbarf) The interviews from Aerial Log I haven't been able to find online (the scanner didn't scan them in) but according to people who have the book/have seen the text says it was a Guild ship that picked him up, so my guess would be Apis and Coccinella, which would be a cute tie-in to everything (especially with what the anon above mentioned about how Coccinella was easier for Lucciola to trust when it came to Dio, and with no more Delphine-- augh I hope they give this a sidestory or something)
(Anonymous) on July 24th, 2012 05:08 pm (UTC)
not sure if u know, but there's a manga series (official from Gonzo) that detail event's before Last Exile - Fam, Sliver Wings -

Dio Eraclea: every pace[personal profile] unguilded on August 13th, 2012 12:21 am (UTC)
Hi! Sorry this comment is so late. I got it at a time where it got easily lost in a sea of other emails I was taking care of. ^^ But yes aaaah I did scans for them for the last few chapters so I've been all over Travelers like white on rice. Isn't it a great read? :D