25 February 2012 @ 09:23 pm
Episode 17.  
With tensions high between those in the newly formed anti-Luscinia alliance, Sadri's first fleet strikes. Also Dio continues to be both adorable and an ass and just needs to be around children forever because it is the cutest.

And Dian gurl u need to calm down.

Dio's so smooth he got bitches gathered all around him.

Orang meets Millia and is a gentleman. ♥ Orang.


MEANWHILE, as if they are naturally drawn to each other, Dio meets yet another loli to adopt. CUTENESS HAPPENS.

Dio is a really mature adult you guys.

Also he says to Sara "thanks for helping me carry this" Augusta of Ades doing favors for Dio yes I love this, Dio is too charming.

Millia is nervous and doubtful, but Vasant is spot on because MILLIA IS SO GREAT. ;; I love herrrr.

Fam becomes Rose from Titanic.

And then they spot Sadri's fleet heading their way.

Sadri wants to use that these new alliances are weak against them.

Fam continues to spread love to her harem.



Sadri then sends a message to Orang's defected fleet to try and get his new allies to turn on him. SADRI YOU SMARTASS.

And then the Glacies team waits to see if they've really just been betrayed, and some moron on Orang's side assumes they were coming to attack, so fires first, which makes them end up attacking Orang's fleet anyway.


Dian is MEGA PISSED NOW. Not just at Fam getting in the way, but that she was wrong.


Due to Sadri's plan, they start to get the upper hand.


This sequel has given me the biggest boner for Tatiana I can't even.



They go to Sara to try and do something. And then Dio once again is the cutest and gives the children strength.

The first fleet goes in for their next strike on Boreas.

While Sara finally takes her stand on her own.


Dian still makes bad choices when Fam and Giselle head through the battlefield to deliver Sara's message to Sadri. But they manage to shake her off.

Sadri complies, much to the joy of Fam and Giselle, but then Sadri looks at Fam and sees...


PREVIEW! Fam is either randomly sad or got the RELATIVE bomb dropped on her.


... oh no.


ANOTHER FUN EP especially because Dioooooo. Who I will start with.

I just. His character is so amazing. He is this hardcore badass who can counter assassins, outmaneuver pretty much everyone in the series, protects his friends, shares wisdom (be it outright like he did with Al, or subtly like he did with Sara in this episode), and just. God he is one more talent away from perfect pretty much. But then he's ... Dio, who shoves shit under his sheets so he can sneak away to look for food and grab girls to jump off of extremely high moving lifts and does all of the amazing stupid hilarious things. I know WE ALL KNOW ABOUT HOW AMAZING DIO IS but I just, God I can't get over how much I love this character. Because it is so much.

Sara! I'm so glad she's finally standing up and not just speaking her mind outright to Vasant, but she actually went ahead to demand YOU FUCKING STOP THIS RIGHT NOW. I was expecting it to happen so it wasn't surprising, but it was still really fun to watch (especially because of Dio's encouragement and aaaaa). So now with Sadri stopping his fleet, that just leaves Kayvan who has yet to decide what he is going to do, and the obvious Luscinia. And with Luscinia's BIG DISCOVERY CUE MAD LAUGHING it's obvious he probably won't just go "ok" to Sara. So I wonder what will happen there! Especially since this is SARA taking action now, rather than letting Vasant speak for her like Luscinia was doing - and of course according to Sara Luscinia promised her he'd create a world she'd be able to smile in. So I am mega curious how the rest is going to play out between them.

Dian. O-oh Dian was so screwed up in this episode. Since the Glacies attack, she's been extremely aggressive and reluctant to work together because "these are the people who just took down my land!!!" etc. Which is understandable and I feel really bad for Dian because she's dealing with things in such a bad way. It's just making more mistakes and bad things happen and ending up in her feeling WORSE about it. She smart-mouths her allies, reluctantly helps them, but DOES however have the mind to not charge in when Sadri tried to trick them into thinking Orang was secretly in cahoots with him so they'd go after their own allies. Of course, with the one commander firing at them first out of fear that they were falling for it, they ended up going in anyway and Dian let her emotions get the better of her. She lost everything, feels forced to help people she doesn't want to help, so is lashing out. To the point where she didn't even want a cease-fire to happen so went after Fam.

And if the preview is what it looks like - that looks like a Glacies uniform hiding that gun in the preview, so I hope she or any of her allies don't do anything that drastic. Of course it's a preview and they enjoy faking you out. But Diannnnn please don't try to shoot people like it seems like it might be! I hope she sorts herself out soon before something worse happens to her as a result. :( I REALLY LOVE DIAN she became one of my favorites fast and I love how they've had her reacting this way and everything but aaaa. I can't wait to see where it goes and I hope she clears her mind soon.

Millia. Once again, her development in this series, AMAZING. And now she's out on the battlefield taking command and it's SCARY and they almost got taken out, but despite that she stayed strong and didn't back down kept her cool. She's still unsure about things, but hopefully Vasant's words of encouragement to her stuck. I love that she's unsure though, because she's still trying her best without getting in over her head about things. If Luscinia and Liliana are back next week and they meet, uugh I can't wait to see what Millia does.

I love how Orang, despite knowing that the Glacies pilots HATE HIM A LOT, stayed firm to his order not to fire on them when they got tricked and attacked them. And how, as Sorush put it, he going down his own path and it sticking to his beliefs. It was a difficult choice, but he knew he had to defect. And now that he has, he's being as much as a loyal ally as he was before Ades started to break into two.

Oh my Silvius is back and PACKING THE FUCKOWNEDNESS. What an awesome return after so long without it, and Tatiana's entrance, hnnngh. So after they had dived back when they were attacked, they were repairing in secret all that time while Dio had flown off to find Al. Teddy reuniting with Millia was the more adorable thing ever. I WANNA SEE TATIANA AND ALIS BRO OUT WITH DIO SOME MORE.

And finally, the not so shocking REVELATION at the end of the episode. Since people have been speculating since EPISODE ONE, and especially so after the Grand Race flashback, so lol fandom's detective skills figured it out. I kind of like that it's Sadri Fam is related to. The much worse way to have gone about it would have been if she was related to like MILLIA or DIO or like LUSCINIA. Sadri was never a very main character even though he'd had moments to establish him as not just a background character. It's an odd connection -- a huge obvious trope, but that it's such a "huh" relation when you really step back and look at it in the sea of this whole cast, I think it's pretty cool.

Basically, in the flashback ep, Sadri is looking at a locket of a young, pretty girl, who is more than likely his daughter (hence the huge age gap between him and Fam so she can't really be his wife) When he sees Fam, he basically sees HER (Raha/Laha). When we see the flashback to when Fam was found by the Sky Pirates, the woman who had Fam in her arms kind of had the same look as the girl in Sadri's locket, looking back at it now. Why they had to run, what they were running from, what that whole story is we'll probably find out next week, but from connecting the dots around Fam is most likely Sadri's granddaughter. I can't wait to see the fallout to this, especially Fam's reaction. When she was young, she would look for her family in crowds, wondering if they were out there somewhere. All these years later, is she going to feel the same way? How is she going to react when she realizes it's Sadri, general of Ades' first fleet that was her technical enemy up until now?

SO IN SHORT GOOD EP and I can't wait til next week. As usual.
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Csilla_Aria: Queen & Captain[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on February 26th, 2012 04:14 pm (UTC)
Had to watch fan-subs this time around, I couldn't wait till Monday.

Everything about this episode was awesome, but it makes me worry something extra unbelievably horrible is going to happen in the next one.
I expect Sara to get her heart broken again. There is no way Luscinia is going to change the path he's on no matter what Sara says.

Dio said Exile will come back soon! Does that mean Sophia, and maybe the Silvana? please, please, please let that be a yes!

I'm excited we're finally going to find out about Fam's family. I'm just wondering what other kind of big reveal is going to come with it. I'm kinda wondering if Fam will also turn out to be an Exile key. It's highly unlikely, but there are still exiles in the sky, she had that crest with the guild symbol on it. Maybe her family was on the run because someone wanted to use her mother/her to activate an Exile far earlier?

I can't wait for the next episode either!
Dio Eraclea: hay gurl[personal profile] unguilded on February 26th, 2012 05:46 pm (UTC)
Yeah I. WE STILL HAVE THE BIG THING WITH WHATEVER LUSCINIA WENT AFTER so I'm sure all of the joy at the end of this episode is going to be shattered soon. Possibly next week, even, since we don't have much time left. I am so nervous but excited to see what happens with Sara and Luscinia aaahhhh.

AND GOSH I HOPE SO Sophiaaaaaa. We haven't seen their Exile in any sort of action yet, so I hope we get the OOMPH soon.

But yesss I cannot wait to find out about the circumstances with Fam. It was before the Grand Race so I wonder how Farahnaz might have played into it, if at all.

Every week until the end is basically going to be insane now I am going to die of anticipation.
Csilla_Aria: alex sophia[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on February 26th, 2012 06:55 pm (UTC)
But yesss I cannot wait to find out about the circumstances with Fam. It was before the Grand Race so I wonder how Farahnaz might have played into it, if at all.
Me too! I want more back story!

Every week until the end is basically going to be insane now I am going to die of anticipation.
We can die together every week then, because it's exactly the same for me.
Sion Astal: generic back of head shot[personal profile] dreamsofahero on February 28th, 2012 01:01 am (UTC)
I ALREADY RAMBLED IN IRC A LOT but also I have to say man it's nice to see Sara FINALLY standing up for herself. And realizing that she CAN do that, and that the people who say they serve her and MEAN it actually WILL listen to her. Instead of her just being this sheltered little thing who's not really making decisions on her own.

Also though I wanna know when/how Anatoray is gonna come into this. Other than the Silvius THEY'RE STILL LYING LOW and we're running out of episodes in which they could get involved, so....
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