25 February 2012 @ 12:36 pm
Travelers from the Hourglass: Chapter 6  
Icon is my face when this chapter.

So last chapter was a short one, to which I replied with "I hope that means the next one will have lots of stuff that makes up for it!"

Apparently me saying "lots of stuff" equals "here is everything to make Tara scream and also make her RP apping pattern even more similar and hilarious." The fuck, Last Exile.

Also drawn flashbacks to a certain baby of mine aaaaaaa.

Like a good girlfriend, Alister takes the heat for Tatiana while she pretends to go be hetero for Claus.


Lavie deals with the Guild keeping her hostage much better than Claus did. P-pasty skinned sour faced creeps...

We meet these two, who introduce themselves as the twin Uroctea and the twin Aranea. Huh, I said, the word twin again! Remember Dio telling Alauda that he had heard of "Twin bodyguards who served a Maestro" (aka Alauda and Luscinia). How odd!

Also fun fact, these two are named after spiders. Luscinia and Alauda are birds, whereas the Prester Guild were insects. O u name themes!

So Al is like ... okay free to walk around, are these guys really bad, THEN SHE SEES THIS.

And then this fucking manga sealed my app pattern similarities forever. STILL BOGGLING OVER THIS.

MORE LUCCIOLA ;3;!!!!!!!! B-but oh God how they found Al on Earth...

Awww yeah Tatiana.

Poor Al never catches a break.

So. This chapter.

This chapter.

First I'll just note on CONSISTENCY YAY!! Which I was not expecting, so I am pleasantly surprised by the pendant coming up, e-even though oh no. It was apparently the only Guild tech that went back to Earth with the first trip on Exile which was how they were able to track Al.

Claus and Tatiana are playing detective and might make it to their hideout via the same way the Guildies tracked her next chapter. Also love the reverse engineering coming up!

Now that Guild bomb they dropped in this chapter. I just. Guys I play from Gundam SEED and Xenosaga, this genetic and clone shit coming up just makes me cry because all three of my canons now not only have these themes period, but I play characters they are associated with. After all of my laughing and realizations about things. Hourglass space colonies! Creepy pseudo-incestual white haired siblings! So many more things. And now genetics and clones.

But as much as this infodrop says a lot, it also raises just as many questions. So it's a sure thing now that Guildfolk are all AT LEAST genetically modified, which is why they possess their advanced skills. That's something most people figured/pointed out as being in random canon sources that are still not TLed (fandom one day a hero will arrive who can TL everything that is my greatest dream ;__;). But the clone thing is a new HOLY FUCK. Uroctea said "we are all clones." I am going to bulletpoint shit that came up when I talked about this on Plurk, now.

- Prester Guilds were up there for 600+ years. That they are still in control and clearly still advanced, they probably had the technology with them. Did that include this clonal aging tech? Are ALL Guilders clones? (aka: DO I PLAY ANOTHER CLONE, SURPRISE, TARA?) If Prester Guilds didn't have the cloning tech, maybe that's why they were so adamant on breeding between each other and not mixing. But the general cloning tech is also very secluded, so we don't know if they did or didn't.

- The whole process period HOW DOES I SCIENCE

- Reproduction in the Guild. Delphine and Dio at least had a father - though in the Chronicles artbook the word "parents" is used. If it was just Darius we could chalk things up to your general "here is my DNA for my son and crazy ass daughter" - but if the Chronicles book is right and there is a mother, hence "parents," it seems like, also from Uroctea said, their genetic code fucks up after a while. Much like in SEED with Coordinators, they can reproduce with each other to birth Coordinators who inherit their abilities - but after the first few generations their genetic code starts to derp out. It could be the same case for the Guild so Darius and whoever mother is could have just gone that way. Also to note in the first series is how against the Guild was of "mixing" with the land-dwellers (ala House Bassianus doing just that) Of course, that is with the prominent Guild houses - what about the servant class? Lucciola and Cicada? Do they have "parents" as well or might they and those like them all be part of this fucked up process? Either way, they said they were having these problems "recently," so yeahh.

- I wonder if the "twin" thing is important. So far it's come up twice, Alauda/Luscinia and Uroctea/Aranea - Is it a comes in twos thing? Dio and Delphine do look MEGA ALIKE and Lucciola is a lot younger than Cicada (17 vs 31) so it's hard to tell with them. But now it's like oh I wonder about the other Guildies we've seen! TWINS AND CLONES EVERYWHERE?

So. Yes. That nuclear infodump sure did happen. Leaving me laughing and crying to myself in a corner. I hope we get more info on this soon. And also obligatory please have Dio in Travelers so I can know wtf happened to him between series.

But no seriously you guys. Clones.
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Sion Astal: pondering[personal profile] dreamsofahero on February 25th, 2012 10:31 pm (UTC)
You know I have to say though, the whole cloning/genetic manipulation and it degrading thing really goes a LONG WAY to explaining why Delphine turned out so utterly crazy.
Dio Eraclea: first move[personal profile] unguilded on February 26th, 2012 01:14 am (UTC)
Yeah it's just. Guild you are so crazy. IN GENERAL. Delphine being Maestro Crazy.
[personal profile] swordandbells on March 18th, 2012 10:14 am (UTC)
I been thinkin'....
Maybe only the prominent houses were allowed to reproduce naturally, perhaps as a way of showing that only they could afford that luxury. Maybe the servant classes were clones.
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