05 February 2012 @ 01:57 pm
Episode 15.  
This episode had adorable, TWISTS and shocks, and was basically OH GOD SHIT IS GETTING REALER.


Luscinia, with Alauda ans Liliana in tow, venture deeper into Glacies to find this MYSTERIOUS THING he is looking for.

Poor Glacies.

Meanwhile in Anatoray, Vincent is Vincent and drinks coffee and talks about what Augusta Sara is doing, adding that they must protect the barley fields of Anatoray.


Millia makes her way to meet Sara,and the remnant of Turan greet her happily.


Vasant talks to Sara about Luscinia being a dick, but poor bb Sara is sad.

They finally meet and Fam ruins everything. "THE AUGUSTA REALLY IS JUST A LITTLE CHILD."

Sara, who knows this, still gets mad because DAMMIT SHE'S STILL THE AUGUSTA SHE'S DOING WHAT SHE CAN.

They eat and talk about more alliances and their anti-Luscinia plans. Sara is still sadfacing in the side.

The remains of the Winged Priestesses are there, but they're so upset. Mainly because they have no choice now and still had the idea of having to work with Ades even if they're anti-Luscinia and are >:( at everyone helping them as well.

Orang and Sorush have another opinions clash before a new strategy is sprung on them - to take over a really powerful stronghold that can help them have an advantage over Luscinia.

Hypocrisy happens and people get heated about taking Luscinia, Liliana and their supporters down.

Fam of course tries to talk.

Millia knows that things are gonna start sucking soon re: her sister. But she's still determined.

Fam is the good girlfriend.

After the meeting, Sara catches up with the girls and they be cute and talk about peace and the Grand Race and Sara is so excited to meet people who were there with her mother. ;o;

Millia sees descendants of the people who lived in Turan's land before Turan's Exile returned them home to that land to push them out.

Sara is sosad because now Vasant and Luscinia are going to fight but...!

Then she talks about Luscinia's dreams a little.

And as Sara talks about Luscinia's hopes and dreams and his promise to her which sounds SO CUTE ............ this happens.


Huge Exile-shaped skeleton things come out of the ground after they use that Guildkey they found from those bodies near the start of the series. DRAMA!!

A-and then the preview ... first series recap but lots of Dio and Lucciola in the preview I HAVE HOPES FOR THIS RECAP.


I really love how they show the balance of both sides in this series, because lately they seem to be doing better and better at showing the good and the bad from both sides of things. This episode especially - first with showing Vincent mentioning that they need to protect Anatoray and their barley fields, and later in the ep Sara talking about their lack of it because of their lands. Despite the whole Exile project and plan to let the Earth restore, the early returns and quite possibly other things from those who remained on Earth shows that not everything is even near completely restored. Natural climate also, obviously comes into effect, but yes. I love that basically goes hand in hand WITH the whole Exile returnees and people who remained. Because the people who remained moved into lands that later were taken back over by their 'original' inhabitants via the returning Exile. Turan in specific IS one of those countries that returned to their original land and as a result the people who had moved in there when they were gone were driven out. It's a really sensitive subject that you can really look at both sides for and sympathize with each. Because in that case there is no real 'bad guy'. They also haven't really gone into Anatoray's return yet and whether or not they really drove out loads of people when they did. But yeah, it's still a Thing about territory and farmland and ability to grow things.

And you can see that it's something affecting Millia as well in that one scene, as she wonders if that's the sort of thing her sister saw as well. Of course Liliana's true MO is still something I really want to know about because with the Luscinia stuff it's like ?!?!?!?. But in Millia's case, she feels bad and you can tell that she wants the best for not only the people of Turan, but to help the people of the groups she's now allied with through this whole anti-Luscinia movement. Again, Millia's character development is easily my favorite of the three girls. She's so strong even though she's scared and she's still learning and even though it's hard and people are telling her things (like those generals who told her to ignore the civvies talking about moving back) she's trying to stay true to herself and she's so very human about everything. Like, in Fam they truly are very weak and close to powerless up until this episode, but Millia's changed and developed so much through it all that from her POV it's so enjoyable.

During that Vincent scene they also mention holding out until Sophia returns. WHERE U AT GIRL. Is their Exile still making trips to and from Prester, or is Sophia on some mission outside of Anatoray. Perhaps something Silvius related? Because THE SILVIUS IS STILL MIA AND FUCK WHERE IS IIIIIIIT. Anatoray doesn't know where it is - Ades SEEMINGLY doesn't know where it is (they talked about it, and if they had captured it they would have said something), Dio is the only character who was on it during that battle who LEFT it so he might know, but he's still flying around with Al somewhere.

I ... feel really bad for Sara. Because despite this movement she, in a way, is being 'used' in the same way she's been until this point. Luscinia's been doing all sorts of terrible things in her name, and even though I'd like to think Vasant is a lot more levelheaded than Luscinia, she's still doing a very similar thing to what he's been doing. Of course, Sara herself still knows she's young and can't do much on her own, but she's very clearly torn about 'taking down' Luscinia because she's attached to him. But she's also attached to Vasant, and now they're enemies. When Sara talks about him at the end, it's full of so much love because Luscinia protected her mother and just wants Sara to smile and wants to protect her, and Sara wants to believe in that side of him and not look at him like everyone else is - as a cold blooded murderer who needs to be taken down. I hope, once things start happening, that Sara steps up or says SOMETHING to Vasant since she doesn't want to just kill Luscinia. In the same way Millia wants to stop them but doesn't want to kill her sister. Sara just wants the fighting to stop so everyone can be happy just like Farahnaz and why does getting there have to be so hard god. ;;

Dian and the Winged Priestesses, I feel so bad for them. :( Because they're now stuck with no other choice but to help these anti-Luscinia Adesfolk but they're still mega pissed because it's Ades and they have nothing anymore. Like Dian says, their 'goddess' is dead - whether or not goddess was a term they used for their Exile (which it sounds like) or if they had a person/key for it they meant, so they have nowhere else to go. Dian is pissed and determined to kill Luscinia, which is something I'm guessing will turn around for her character eventually since this episode was a lot about the revenge vs doing the right thing in retaliation thing and showing the hypocrisies people have when it comes to that.

Orang and Sorush omggg. I HOPE WE SEE MORE OF THEIR REACTIONS SOON especially since a potential big battle for Boreas is going to happen. Orang is still questioning, Sorush is like dude no don't even come on. TENSION BETWEEN THE BROS, I am going to laugh so hard and also love if they end up fighting each other and/or ending up on different sides.

AAAAND that brings us to Luscinia and his search. Which ended at the end of this episode. That key they found in that Guild stronghold (where Alauda is all WHITE LEGACY!!!1!) on one of the bodies ended up granting them access to this big thing Luscinia was seeking out that will truly end the war. WE DON'T GET TO SEE EXACTLY WHAT IT IS but you know shit is going to hit the fan because CRAZYLAUGH-- and worse, crazylaugh on the backdrop of Sara fondly talking about him because he's not really crazy and evil. The things coming out of the ground were Exile-shaped, but they looked more like skeletons, so it could be some massive fucking Exile tech weapon, the original facility where they made the Exiles for the Exile project centuries ago, or perhaps some kind of Exile control device. OR SOMETHING NOT ANY OF THOSE THINGS WHO THE FUCK KNOWS! But it's something big and something that's going to cause a lot of shit. I am so excited to see what happens next - especially since maybe now we'll get more Guild answers, I HOPE considering a Guild still existed in Travelers. Augh LE give me answers.

... And now.

The preview for the next ep.

YOU WOULD THINK I'D ONCE AGAIN BE ANGRY MONOCLE DROPPING because NEXT WEEK IS THE SECOND RECAP EPISODE!!!! The last recap was narrated by Gisey and Millia in the form of writing letters home and reflecting to each other about what's happened so far in Fam. The preview for the next recap is going to cover the original series - and the preview had a lot of Dio, Lucciola and Al in it.

So that means we might be getting narration from Dio, or Dio and Al. AND I HOPE IT'S DIO BECAUSE FUCK ME REFLECTIONS AND DIO THOUGHTS ON THINGS AND POSSIBLY ANSWERS FOR WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO HIM AFTER THE END OF THE FIRST SERIES? I really really hope they do this because it could be an amazing fucking recap in that case, and also because I am biased and want to hear Dio's thoughts and feelings on everything and also Lucciola and idegaf give me more OTP things to squeal over I am that person. GONZO you failed me a little with the first recap, please don't fail me this time!! Also that would mean getting at least A FEW MINUTES of new stuff to let us know where Dio and Al went since we last saw them escaping Anatoray.

Also a first series recap means we may be getting Claus and Lavie in Fam soon. And that would be super, because omg Dio and Claus interacting.

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Csilla_Aria: OT3[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on February 5th, 2012 11:13 pm (UTC)
COMMENTING HERE! is that ok?
I've been waiting for this all day I won't get the watch till tomorrow because I watch the funimation subs. I always look froward to your episode reviews.

I really, really want to know what the deal with Liliana is. I do not get at all what they are trying to do with her character.

I'm excited for the next episode, but at the same time dreading it. I really want to see Sophia and find out what happened to everyone, but I just know next Friday I'm going to have to let go of all my delusions that Alex somehow survived, and my heart will shatter into a million pieces because my OTP, or OT3(See icon) will never happen. ;_;
Dio Eraclea: good tailwinds[personal profile] unguilded on February 6th, 2012 12:43 am (UTC)
EVERY EPISODE IS JUST LIKE ... scream is it next week yet.

And yeah, since her return I've really wanted to know what was up with her. Since we'll probably be getting more info soon about their FUNTIME GOALS soon thanks to crazylaughing in Glacies, I just hope it's something really explainy and not something that makes me go "... what?" Because I have this weird feeling it could be, though I am trying to HAVE FAITH.

And ugh yes. I looove the whole Vincent-> Sophia -> Alex -> EurisRevenge thing. The three of them are so fun and cute. YOU HAVE PROBABLY SEEN ALL OF THEIR BEAUTIFUL FANART but I have a bunch of random fanart posts linked in the top post of this journal. I love finding fanart of them.
Laguna Loire: interesting conversation[personal profile] lagunarok on February 9th, 2012 12:34 am (UTC)
Man I SO AGREE on the whole thing with Vasant basically manipulating Sara. I mean, even if she's RIGHT that was still a pretty underhanded tactic to use, and Vasant of all people would KNOW how easily the loli is manipulated through her emotions.

Although I am totally seconding the hoping Dio narrates the recap. Because yes. :D
Dio Eraclea: guide the lost child[personal profile] unguilded on February 9th, 2012 12:40 am (UTC)
If they don't after that preview I will seriously go cut someone.