30 January 2012 @ 12:35 pm
About Dio, the first-series Guild, the BRAINWASHING MINDFUCK, and other things that I hope they don't completely skip/badly give an interview in a never-translated artbook short ass answer to.

Since sob I want to know what Dio went through when he started recovering from the mindfucking.

I just feel like copying what I self-rambled to about in Plurk for archive's sake-- JUST IN CASE.

[last exile/semi-rp] I am going to talk about Guild/between series stuff. SLIGHTLY MORE IN DEPTH NOW. Since usually I just whine about baw please canon give me Dio between-series info. Because when I was thinking about it today, I thought of all of the things!

One thing is what happened to the Anatoray/Disith Prester Guild after the end of the series. Because, yes, their shit got fucked up. But they definitely were not completely wiped out. The Aerial Log even says that when Dio fell in the Grand Stream, it was a Guild ship that picked him up. When Lucciola went to confront Delphine, Apis and Coccinella let him pass without any kind of fight. So they were probably still alive. Hell maybe they were even the ones who picked Dio up. So yes, by all intents and purposes, some of the Guild should have been left at the end of the first series.

And they would technically be answering to Dio who was in line for next Maestro. Whether or not there's still something in the series we're going to see with that or not remains to be seen. IE if it still exists in a form where Dio leads them, or if he basically set them free/just told them hey, fuck this, you guys are free to live in the new Anatoray/Disith and DO WHAT YOU WANT!!! But yeah that is not the main thing, though that is something I would like to see in some form.

There's a lot I really wish/hope we're going to be told about Dio's recovery. Mainly because I dance around it easily enough, but it would be SO NICE to have canon answers. When Dio was brainwashed, it was also a memory wipe (or forced memory repression, w/e). In the last episode, he regains the memory of the Horizon Cave race and thinks he's there because he's still kind of fucking crackers. Obviously in Fam, he regained all of his memories thereafter. My biggest wonderment is whether or not he remembered everything that happened AFTER the brainwashing too. Technically he should, I guess...? Because there was no further mindwiping after that, even though his old self recovering happened. I think that's important to know mainly because ... what he would remember. '-' IE oh Immelmann and Al were there and Lucciola helped us all escape because my mind was fucked. And mainly things that were said.

Dio then was CRACKERS so he had no fucking idea what was going on. But when he recovered it's like ... now that he's back to normal does he remember all of that? And then there's everything following his fall in the Grand Stream... If he was picked up by a Guild ship, who was in it? Did they realize OH HEY THIS IS OUR NEW MAESTRO? Was he hurt when he fell? Because LOL FALLING IN THE GRAND FUCKING STREAM. Also he had only regained the race memory. So he was still probably all kinds of fucked up, mental-wise, until he remembered everything.

What triggered his regaining the rest of his memories? How long did it take? HOW DID HE REACT WHEN HE REMEMBERED EVERYTHING (mega important fuuuuck please canon love me). Did he remember the post-brainwashing stuff? How did he react when he learned about Lucciola. ;_; HOW DID HE LEARN ABOUT LUCCIOLA (unless he remembered what happened when they were escaping and knew what it meant. If Apis and Coccinella lived maybe they told him??????) ALSO LEARNING ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO DELPHINE.

Did he return to Earth on the Exile's first trip, or later down the line due to recovery time? Did he meet Claus, Lavie et all before or after he was all better? If not, did they help him recover? If so, what happened during the time he was recovering with what was left of the Guild? How long did that all take? He was definitely 100% a year and a half later, as that was when he joined the Sky Pirates (Fam starts 2 years later and he'd been with them for 6 months). So that's a year and a half's worth of time for recovery, as well as meeting his friends again. But then there's also the stuff about the Guild, not to mention that he's the Silvius' vanship team captain. So there was time to set that all up with him actually interacting and getting to know Tatiana and Alis more and joining the crew. Integrating himself with the new Anatoray/Disith and Earth, all that stuff.

I will just be PRETTY SAD if they don't answer this stuff even a little. Especially considering how ... kind of fail they were with Dio's final moments in the first series. PEOPLE WHO JUST WATCH THE SERIES AND WALK AWAY ASSUME HE JUST DIED. Thanks artbook information. That's why I worry about how they'll handle any potential explanations for that stuff. If at all.

I swear to balls if canon doesn't provide me with answers I am going to go write out a long elaborate head-canon story myself. >:( (AND THEN WHEN I DO THEY'LL RELEASE A SURPRISE ARTBOOK THAT GOES LOL OH HERE AND I'LL SCREAM, BECAUSE THEY DID THE ARTBOOK INFODROP AGAIN. And the fandom is small so people actually scanning and/or TLing bits is always a gamble)

But. Yes. That is my ramble. Give me my Dio recovery story I've been waiting 9 years for GONZO. ;_;

I AM GOING TO EDIT THIS POST TO ADD THINGS IF CANON ANSWERS THEM. Just to keep a checklist of what I actually get answers on out of that giant list.

- Dio does, in fact, remember things after the brainwashing. In 15.5, he talks about the scene where Lucciola helps them escape, saying that he "was just laughing, not knowing or caring about anything that was happening" because he was fucking crackers at the time. So he may have heard everything and later realized o-oh so that. Happened.