29 January 2012 @ 01:34 am
Episode 14.  
Fallout of the Glacies invasion, the return to Kartoffel, and ho shit things are starting to shake up within Ades.

Turan's Exile done fucked Glacies up.

The Winged Priestesses (and Dian, yay Dian being alive) are not happy with this event.

Suddenly OMG VASANT WALKS IN. They realize she's Chaosian, and she tells them she's the last one, the rest of them just died in this battle, and that she "can show them how to fight" after explaining that they are not their true enemy.

Kartoffel. :(

Gisey finally gets her family reunion YAY. ;; I love Gisey's family!

They survey the damage done.

Millia seriouses up about TAKING DOWN LUSCINIA AND THE FEDERATION. EVEN ... le gasp!!

Great Sadri so this is all your fault?! THANKS SADRI ADES' PREMIER IS A GIANT DICK.

They talk about their next target, my beautiful perfect Anatoray, who is apparently weaker without the Silvius (WHERE IS MY SILVIUS) AND YOU KNOW THESE ARE FAMOUS LAST WORDS.

They came to Glacies for a ~mysterious reason~.

Luscinia heads somewhere, and Orang is not happy with the lack of info.

MORE MYSTERIOUS HINTING. What is Luscinia looking for in Glacies!! Also DAT HAT.

After the meeting, Sorush and Orang talk. Orang wonders where the hell is the justice in what they've been doing lately, but Sorush doesn't seem as concerned as he does about things. Canonballs, gunshots, Exiles, it's all the same when people are dying right?

Fam goes to try and talk to Millia about her KILLIN MAH SISTER declaration.

And gets mad when she talks about Anatoray's military strength being needed.

They have a lover's quarrel.

So after they fight, Fam races with Fritz to let off steam, since according to Tereza, that's what she does when she's feeling upset.

And now I'm gonna post stuff because this scene was gorgeous and MY SKY BONER.

Also, a new Hitomi song plays during it that sounds AMAZING. I AM READY FOR YOU ALREADY OST2.

omg Gisey's siblings and the Gisey flag.

Millia sads.

TEREZA BEST MOM EVER all of the hugs and momming.

Everyone is stressed and sad because war fucking sucks.

They make up as lovers who have tifts do. :'D


Oh shit, Sara and Vasant taking action against Luscinia!

NEXT EP PREVIEW. Sara gets angry at Fam and Gisey SOCUTING at her.

Millia puts on her robe and princess hat.

We know what time it is now.

Sadly, we didn't get what most of the fandom was hoping for - read: an Exile vs Exile battle, but rather the aftermath of it. BUT, I have a feeling that is because they are saving those OH SHIT OH FUCK OH MY GOD AHHHHHHHH moments of fuckownedness animation for when Anatoray really joins the fray. With them as Ades' next target, I have a feeling we'll get something to satiate that want soon.

The return to Kartoffel was a somber one, but not a horrifically depressing one. Nobody seems to have died, so there's not as much emotional impact. That would come more from the fact that Ades seems to have targeted and hit a number of Sky Pirate bases with their new weapons, so their homes are destroyed, and odds are their already difficult time with food and such will be worse in the near future. As opposed to Glacies, whom Ades put up a big fight for, their new weapons to make up for their altitude when dealing with the Sky Pirates seemed to be a very fast and easy attack. Like it's said in the episode it was like Ades was just tolerating them, and once they had the means, just did a quick crippling attack on them - showing them how in over their heads they truly were when it came to skyfish hunting and such.

Millia was also awesome in this episode. She's still weak, but determined, and flooded with a determination so strong that she was even willing to kill her own sister if needed be. She doesn't want to, and in the end watching Fam race helped her realize that, but I do wonder what Millia is prepared for in that case. If possible, she definitely wants to settle things and put a stop to Luscinia and Ades without harming her sister, but I wonder if she realizes, despite her wishes, that things might have to come to that. When she was heated, both her and Fam had clashing views. But in the end, I hope they both realize what the reality of the situation at hand is. It's bad to consider your ally as nothing but "military strength," but the other side of that coin is that it's war, so Fam's outlook on things (we'll just go and rescue your sister, etc.) are oppositely ridiculous with how things are. So their exchange seemed to be more of a give a little take a little, where they know what's coming, but they're not going to do what Luscinia is doing and lose their humanity in the process of dealing with it. Millia needs to be leader, and I love her development as she's learning how to do so while making mistakes in the process.

AND NOW TIME FOR THE BIG THING IN THIS EP. The shaking up that's about to happen within Ades.

In the last episode, we see Vasant's reaction to all of her Chaosian allies dying. This is on top of episodes prior hinting that despite her loyalty to Augusta Sara (and formerly Farahnaz), Vasant is not entirely happy with Luscinia's Ades. Also in a prior episode, Sara seemed to start realizing just how many people were dying in her name. Sara was also present when Vasant got the news about the Chaosians. That's all built up to the end of this episode, where Sara (with the help of Vasant, as Millia points out - Millia realized Sara clearly isn't doing this herself and that the anti-Luscinia folks in Ades are taking action) requests to meet with Millia. So really, Sara and Vasant's actions were expected, especially after the last episode.

Of course, that opens up a ton of possibilities. In order for Sara and Vasant and whoever else is ready to break away from Luscinia's Ades, they need to win the trust of the majority of the Ades strength, as well as their generals. Once Luscinia finds out what happens, there's a possibility he's going to toss out accusations of Vasant manipulating Sara, which could keep Ades forces on his side, depending on how he spins it. Considering she is a Chaosian, that is a card he could play on her to kill these plans they're hatching. If I had to take guesses, Orang would be more sympathetic to Sara/Vasant's cause, whereas Sorush seems like he might stick with Ades unless Orang convinces him (... which will be a hilarious reverse-personality Yzak/Dearka Gundam SEED thing because Orang and Sorush are bff military academy bros and jfc I've been shipping them NOW LAST EXILE PULLS THIS POSSIBILITY ON ME) - which could happen. Sorush wasn't as ADES 4EVA RAWR as much as KANYESHRUG about things, so. Yes.

Sadri is where I am confused! One episode back he was PANNED TO giving a LOOK when Luscinia was talking about the Glacies invasion - but this episode was like. Sadri is the reason Luscinia is Premier Dickface?! SO ARE THEY BROS? Sadri I want to know more about you! As for Kayvan ... well Kayvan tried to seppuku when Farahnaz was killed, and he does seem to like Sara a lot, but we don't know much about him yet. It will basically come down to their loyalty toward Sara and Luscinia and these "world peace" ideals. I can't wait to see where it goes. :3c But mainly I can't wait to see how LUSCINIA reacts when he finds out Sara is doing this.

And also, what the Glacies pilots will do since Vasant approached them and after the end of episode it seems like she wants what remains of their forces to help.

Which brings us to our final point. LUSCINIA'S WACKY SECRET ACQUIREMENT ADVENTURE WITH BONUS STUPID HAT. He invaded Glacies for a reason, to obtain something. And is off by himself, without telling ANYONE (sans who he went with, ala Alauda) to look for it. WHAT IS "IT"? I WANT TO KNOW. Is it Glacies' Exile key? White Legacy shit? A not-stupid-looking hat? A new eye? TELL ME LAST EXILE YOUR TEASING IS DOING EXACTLY WHAT YOU INTEND IT TO DO. ;_;

Next episode looks promising, as Millia meets with Sara and Vasant and we'll probably get a lot more infodumping for Luscinia/Ades' side of things this whole time. Time to aww at the adorable loli with Fam and Gisey next week.

Meanwhile WILL WE SEE ANATORAY INVASION? VINCENT'S GLORIOUS CHAINSAW SHIP FLEET? WHERE DID DIO GO WITH AL? WHERE THE FUCK IS THE SILVIUS? I hope at least a couple of these burning questions are answered next week.

ANNNNNNNNND The new music (like the Hitomi insert song for the race and that track played at the start of this ep that was played in the last ep too). Fuck me I want OST2 already THIS SERIES HAS SOME AMAZING ASS MUSIC.