22 January 2012 @ 07:56 pm
Episode 13.  
In which more shit goes down in a Glacies vs. Ades battle.

We have good times to look forward to in this series.

So Glacies does have men. Not just these weird ass old men, but mechanics shown later as well.

Both Luscinia and the weird new Glacies guys talk about blah blah WAR THIS WILL BE BAD oh but we have the weapon--

Dian and the Winged Priestesses launch.

Fuck yes.

And Glacies' first strike ... wipes out the provincial fleet. Mainly that means Chaos, which, from my post about episode 12 ... yes. I knew this would happen sob. :'D

The girls rush back to try and warn Dian.

Then the Glacies vanships, after learning this, decide to strike from the side. ... which Ades wanted them to do because lol new weapons. And Glacies takes a heavy hit back.

Though Fam tries to tell Dian to run...

And then since Fam taught her how to say thank you in Japanese... ;; DIANNNNNNN ♥

As Ades moves deeper into Glacies, hidden cannons throughout their terrain start to fuck them up.

But Ades retaliates with as much power.

Vasant reflects on the poor loliempress being stuck in the middle of this BS.

And then she learns that all of her Chaosian allies and friends are dead.

AND THEN........


Because firing on an Exile is a great idea with those defense systems, right Sorush?


The girls arrive at Spargel, another Sky Pirate base. Only to find it royally fucked. They plan to warn Kartoffel.

Liliana gets summoned by Luscinia and ... welp. She knows what's coming because Newtype Exile activation pings or something.

Glacies readies for ... oh shit things are glowing what the fuck is going to happen next!!

As the girls leave Spargel to head for Kartoffel, they see the the former Turan now Ades' Exile heading for Glacies.


That was an amazing action packed episode with basically both sides going back and forth at fucking each other up. First it's like GLACIES IS GOING TO CRUSH THEM! Wait no ADES HAS NEW WEAPONS! FUCK NOW GLACIES HAS THESE! NOW ADES IS SCREWING THEM! FUCK THIS CALL THE EXILE!! OH YEAH WE HAVE AN EXILE TOO! But of course they cliffhang at the Exiles, so next week is sure to be FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-worthy because now the biggest guns are out. Now, where to start with specifics...

Glacies, I guess! Not an all-female nation like people thought/claimed a blog somewhere said? Though they seem to at least revere the women-- mainly because women make up the fighters (The Winged Priestesses, they're called), as well as them saying things like "May the Goddess of Wings protect us" and "how dare they step into the Goddess' territory." Now the bigger question for them is the Exile key! We've had no sight of an Exile key, though they spoke the Mysteria to activate their Exile (which, I have to say, them being basically on top of their own Exile is so cool - unless for some reason they managed to clone the Exile defense tech, but they did speak what was pretty clearly Mysteria) I wonder if there's a reason we're not shown who their Exile key is. They must be within that secret creepy old man chamber, but, yes.

Another thing I have to say I like about seeing more of Glacies, how extremely ODD and DIFFERENT it is for the leaders (seriously, take a close look at their garb and their hats...). It reminds me a lot how, in the first series, you spend a majority of it with the "grounddwellers" with very few glances into the Guild, and once the series takes you to the Guild you are just like oh my God what in the name of cocks is this. I kind of love it and am intrigued to learn more.

Dian. I still love her. I think I can safely say after her first real episode that she's my favorite character of the new cast. And she continued to prove why in this episode. The Winged Priestesses are revered and loved by the people of Glacies as protectors, and Dian does a great job of not just appreciating this, but wholeheartedly fighting for them all. Even when the vanships begin to be wiped out, she tells Fam that she has to continue to fight (even though she's clearly scared that shocked at their wipe), so while she's still tough, she's also really human and even thanks Fam (in Japanese, which. Was so cute). I can't wait to see more of her soon since SHE CAN'T DIE AFTER LIKE TWO REAL EPISODES OF DEVELOPMENT.

Vaaaaaaaaasant. HAHAHAHA!! So basically the provincial fleets going in was a decoy/meatshield (even though Ades got fucked some anyway) and they were completely wiped out. Right before Vasant gets this news, she's reflecting on Ades' actions and how all of this bloodshed and killing is going to fall onto Sara's shoulders. I think after this wipe, and maybe after the results of Exile vs. Exile next week, Vasant is going to do SOMETHING soon. Especially now that she's more or less alone within Ades since her allies are gone. I can't wait to see what it is, how she goes about it, and most of all if it includes Sara. Because Vasant was the one who promised baby Sara that she'd always protect her for Farahnaz, and Sara herself seems attached to her.

Are Fam and the girls going to follow the Exile back to Glacies (this would be their second time going back after leaving), or will they maybe realize that thing is moving pretty fucking fast and stick to the plan of heading to Kartoffel to warn them? We'll see next week!

Luscinia and Liliana. Their exchange at the end was VERY peculiar. I mean-- obviously, since Liliana only just came back into the series again after the first Exile summoning/coma?? thing and was like Darth Liliana. But it's so odd comparing the exchange from this episode to the one in episode 2. Liliana pleaded against him, and he went LOL FUK U and spoke the Mysterion anyway to activate the Exile. This time around, she feels Glacies' Exile activate, so knows what's coming, and goes to Luscinia. He basically asks her "are you okay with this?" and she says that her hands are already dirtied, and willingly lets him use her to call the Exile forth again.

So, again! What is going on with both of them is still something that baffles me. Especially from Liliana's perspective. We kind of knew from the start that Luscinia's ideals now are pretty skewed with the actions he's been taking. But what Liliana truly desires and why she's now simply going along with things is something that I hope we learn soon! Because trying to think of everything makes my brain hurt.

Next week promises more fuckownedness with the Exiles coming into the picture again, so I REALLY CANNOT WAIT.

Also my dream for episode 14's cliffhanger is this: EXILE VS. EXILE!! Suddenly Anatoray's Exile appears with Dio riding on top since he's currently with Alvis as it is. PLEASE HAPPEN.