14 January 2012 @ 03:14 am
Episode 12.  
So this episode was a whole lot of awesome (GLACIES!!) but me being me freaks the fuck out over the first minute of it alone (DIO OMG MATRIX JEDI!!!!).

I really really like Dian you guys.

In Anatoray, the Urbanus is not doing too well. Alvis is RUNNING FOR HER LIFE IN THE FIELDS WHEN SUDDENLY SOMEONE GRABS HER AND--

But we just got here. :(



But yeah Dio downs three assassins like nobody's business, flies away with Al on his vanship while Alauda watches. Because he probably knows Dio will kick his bitch ass. Also, I love how the Guildie lightsabers are keychain sized.

Welcome to the freezing land of Glacies!

Fam talks in Japanese while Dian talks in Russian and have no idea what the other is saying. But keep talking anyway.

REUNITED! And Millia can speak Russian so we have our translator for this episode.

Dian goes grocery shopping.

Fam overexaggerates a bit.

DELICIOUS GOAT TIME as Dian squeezes the heart to fill up her cup. :d

MEANWHILE WITH ADES. Chaos and some other groups like Chaos (who were taken over by Ades) are called upon for this mission. The Chaosians and Vasant are SO HAPPY because OMG ADES TRUSTS US!! WE'LL DO THIS!! My first thought? Oh boy I bet they're going to be meatshields.

Sara is as oblivious as the Chaosians are.

Still want to know what Liliana's MO is. She's not brainwashed, but she's still obviously not on good terms with Luscinia. GURL.

Dian brings parts so the girls can repair Fam's Vespa.

Fam tries to thank Dian in an adorable scene of LANGUAGE BARRIERS!!

Fam introduces Gisey as the cute one. .///. Now with Dian as part of Fam's harem I am shipping an OT4. Also Fam confirmed for female Claus. ALL DA LADIES ALL DA TIME.


Oh Gisey your list for Dian...


Then Dian asks about the Vespa - mainly where is the windbreaker? IT'S NICE TO FEEL THE WIND! Where are the weapons?

And then Dian brings them to Glacies' underground onsen. Millia doesn't want to change because "Fam is staring" ... t-this subtext. Suddenly GISEY HELPS TOO.

Dian talking about how the sky is her battlefield and asks why Fam flies. Stuff like that. Fam talks about the GOOD PARTS OF FLYING etc.

Then there is aurora in the skies. Dian says it appeared the day before the Grand Race as well, and how since then Glacies cut everyone else off.

Fam tries to splash and get Dian to cheer up and JOIN THE GRAND RACE WITH US WHEN IT HAPPENS DAMN YOU. Millia is a bukkake'd bystander.


... go Fam...

With the Vespa prepared, it is time to go! But first they want to show Dian how it feels to fly with the winds.

Then as they leave...

So that hunch about Chaosians and the others being meatshields? HAHAHAHA!!!

Shit is going to go down next ep. Glacies versus Ades YES.


So the Urbanus made it back to Anatoray with Al. Dio at some point broke away from the Silvius and followed suit, as did Alauda and the assassins. As for the Silvius itself, its fate is still up in the air! I AM WORRIED oh my Silvius oh my lovely Tatiana and Alister and Teddy and Cecily!! Millia has a book from Tatiana with her that is basically the operations guide to the ship itself, so I wonder what bearing that has on anything (just to learn? Will they need to rescue or capture the Silvius if Ades has it or downed it somewhere?), or maybe the Silvius ended up being OKAY at the end because Alauda and co. decided to follow the Urbanus. Hopefully we'll get answers soon -- I HOPE NEXT WEEK.

I mean I am like MEGA EXCITED TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS BATTLE but ... my biases want more Dio/Al and/or Silvius/Anatoray/Urbanus things. ;o; Especially after that opening with Dio basically being the GREATEST BADASS IN THE WHOLE WORLD. One minute of awesome is a cocktease for me!

Which just. Oh gosh now I want to gush about how much I love Dio. And what he has become throughout the entirety of Last Exile's storyline. I mean SERIOUSLY go watch those child flashbacks! So much of his life was controlled by someone else and though Dio was always smart he was also always protected. And now he just the guy who can do fucking any and everything. He's a great mechanic and is savvy with tech designs as well as the workings of a lot of the advanced Guild tech and the things they used outside of the Guild. He's captain of the Silvius' vanship team, he fights like a mofo too -- which I think is so djkfksd. BECAUSE IT'S. Dio protecting Al and he protected the girls on the Silvius and he's SO GOOD at it and HE'S ALSO SO STRONG - and when you think back to him in the past how he never had to do that because Lucciola was always protecting him it's also SAD in that way as well that rather than a could have been of fighting together Dio's now pretty much doing that stuff on his own. BUT HE IS STILL ROCKING IT so he's come such a long way in that department especially. ... and to emphasize that he can take out Guild assassins like nothing and go against Alauda who has been doing his KILLTHING forever...

And to boot to all of that the first episode implied his connections with Turan's king and he mentions Sophia (omg when are we gonna see that sexy ass anyway) and Dio is just. HIS NAME MEANS GOD he is the mfing god of this series for reals. He excels at so much. And then it's just amazing because he hates doing all of the war shit - the official glossary talks about how he hates doing it and taking orders and being in a military and all poor Dio wants to do is live in peace and be free and have fun and homotroll people. ): His development is so amazing so every thing he does in the series is just like. Dio!! You are the best!!


Because now I want to talk about how much I like Dian. After just one episode. Fandom is adorable for calling her Soma before we knew her name because that name was just perfect. I want to see Soma and Dian in a game together (APP THEM INTO CFUD!) She's a hardened soldier with a set goal and a determination to protect Glacies, blanketed by the sadness of the Grand Race and Glacies' cutting off the rest of the world - so despite that it's also easy to see that she's also really kindhearted, just in that rough way. She felt indebted to Fam because of the help she gave to one of her allies which was why she took them in and boarded them for a while and helped them repair their vanship. As thanks for their help back then.

She genuinely loves her people and she's popular among them, to boot. And then despite her calling to battle in the skies she's clearly never had the chance to truly enjoy them, so is intrigued with Fam's way of flying to the point where she ends up taking their offer to really feel how it is to fly. I like her because while she had the traits of one of those linefacey emotionally awkward types who are secretly dere and sweet inside, she's not the type who really hides that other side away when it comes up. Which for me made her the best part of the episode (... aside from matrix jedi Dio of course) because all it took was one to make her easily one of my favorites of the new cast. I can't wait to see more of her. '-'

Liliana. Like I said already, I just am really curious as to what her plan is. Because in my mind it COULD be something really twisty and great but the other half of my mind is doubtful? :|b Which worries me. Like something dramatic will happen and it will happen for a reason but you could look at it and go "but why did you have to do all that to get there?" I hope that WON'T be the case and so far, Fam has REALLY surprised me with how it's gone so far, so I am hopeful that it will crush my doubts!

Chaos, Taopistan, Vatos and Laitus. Ades' provincial fleets. All requested to "lead" the three main fleets going in to invade Glacies, according to Luscinia. Then Fam calls it a decoy and oh boy! They are prooobably going to be meatshields for the main fleets. Which is going to be very interesting, considering Vasant's feelings about everything. Because she, like the Chaosians, are so happy because they were nervous when Ades was going around fucking shit up like WHAT IF WE'RE NEXT!! Now they're SO HAPPY TO BE TRUSTED AND ... yes.

The preview promises lots of fighting and ship sinking, so we'll soon see how this invasion goes.

(... and hopefully get more Dio!! THIS IS A DIO RP JOURNAL I CAN BE BIASED ALL I WANT OKAY!)