09 January 2012 @ 12:58 pm
Episode 11.  
So now we get the big ol' flashback episode to show us what happened with Farahnaz and the Grand Race.

It was pretty fucking epic. And then sad. Also little infothings EVERYWHERE.

The Grand Race is beginning!

Kyaa Augusta Farahnaz!

OH NO DRAMA! And it seems like people in the world do know the truths about the Exiles in some places (in one ep the Sky Pirates talked about them as more stories/myths)

Turan princess meet the Augusta. And are UNSURE about her white-clad bodyguards.

Funi's sub is "They're angels who've come from a land of a white sky to protect me." And Funi's usually is more spot on. Because Commie's implies A LOT OF THINGS the way it's worded and. Yes. '-'a

Gisey is still the smartest.

Then bb Luscinia scares children. And then is told to smile at her. And CREEPSMILES and scares her more. Good going Lukia.

Augustaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa she metaphors vanship and the world and makes everyone love her (INCLUDING ME)

Sorush enjoys the foreign flavor of the ladies from other lands. Someone app this magnificent fucker.

So Luscinia has the bracelet Fahranaz used to have and does the same thing she does to it. We finally find out what it means. Originally it's "to count prayers", but ...

OH LOOK IT'S THAT THING FROM THE OTHER FLASHBACK. And slight hints for Fam's past.



Alauda and Augusta talk about how much Lukia fails at life.

Vasant is being bullied by Adesfolk, and is still known to be a Chaosian.

Serious talks.

Then Farahnaz asks them to protect not only her, but the world.

;__________________________; THE CUTEST PART


Atamora and his bro Kaiser win the Grand Race.

And then assassins come and ruin everything ever.

We now know why Sadri has a cane. Bullets to the legs.

And then Lukia crushes heads with his bare hands.

And now we know why Vasant is so protective of Sara.

Kayvan wants to seppuku.

Everything is ruined. Everything is sad. And then we jump back to present day. ON A GLACIES TRAIN!!!


There is a lot to say about this episode, wow. WHERE DO WE BEGIN??

Everybody in one place proved to be interesting, I think. It shows that everybody believed in the Grand Race and Farahnaz's dreams and goals. It involved a lot of negotiation and talks, apparently, but I have to say with the revelation about the bracelet (Farahnaz counting her sins) it makes one wonder what happened in the war(s) prior to the Grand Race being assembled. Kartoffel/the Sky Pirates exist (and Sky Pirates were formed because of the remnant of lands Ades destroyed/took over), there is still a lot of hatred toward Ades (hence the. Whole ending/assassination) and as revealed with Vasant, Chaos was already annexed. But Vasant also reveals that she admires Farahnaz and her methods of making peace, so Vasant, while it's hinted that she might secretly always have hated Ades for what they did to Chaos, did truly admire Farahnaz. So was Farahnaz involved in these past endeavors? Did she come into power after it happened? Since we have yet to learn about Chaos AND about Fam's past (both of which a lot of the fans speculate could be related), I'm sure we will soon. But in the meantime it's a lot of QUESTIONS AND WONDERMENT about who Farahnaz' really was prior to the Grand Race and her movements toward peace.

Luscinia Lukia and Alauda. It's sort of hilar how much anybody Guild related just fails so spectacularly at everything. Their personalities were pretty first-series, Dio Lucciola related, ala show your feelings, smile god damn you, how does I emotion, and so on (this is why I'm calling Dio being king of the world at the end of the series. Dio rules, teaches everybody feelings). It's odd because there was still no direct mention of Guilds or Maestros (especially considering Dio in the last episode referring to them as such) - and the only line that referenced it was Farahnaz's "land of a white sky." I'm sure people will be speculating on that if they watched Commie's subs because Commie's implies that they might not be from Earth - but the way Luscinia alludes to Millia in episode 3 is pretty solid that "THEY" are people who returned from Presters and he is not THEY!! But still, it was a reference to Guild things, so I want to see how!! Especially because the Travelers manga has actual GUILD in it on Earth. Whyyy do we have two canons happening at the same time so many things. SO MANY THINGS!!

On that note, their talk with Farahnaz was very ooooohhhhh. Her basically asking them not only to protect her, but the whole planet was very HA HA HA in present time. Because of the path Luscinia went down after that. It's weird because you can tell he still has ~that request~ in mind, but he's going about it in the way that Farahnaz did everything in her negotiating power to avoid. And with Sara in the picture suffering (like that episode where she broke down to Vasant) everything is just sadface. The Farahaz and baby Sara stuff in this episode were just too much. :(

Fam's past. She has that large pendant thing with the hourglass and the-- well I think it's interesting that there are only TWO moon images in the picture. And the other 5 are stars. There are 6 (well. 5 after episode 2) Exile moons in the sky in Fam, with the final 7th assumed to be the still-functional Anatoray's-our-series-Exile. So the pendant is from a time where there were only two returned Exiles, so the others must have all returned in a relatively small window of time (by the standards of the series, we know Turan's came back 100+ years ago). Either way, during the race, Fam wonders if her family might be out there somewhere, so looks around during the race a bit. Gisey knows about this, too.

Basically this was a great backstory episode peppered with a lot of small infothings as well as potential hints toward other things. And of course more questions. Damn you and your questions and cliffhangers Last Exiiiiiile!

Which brings us to our final thing. THE NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW.

Alvis was escaping on the Urbanus, and Dio was still on the Silvius when we last left our heroes. In the preview, not only are they together, but the backgrounds of that scene is wheat. Which doesn't mean they're back in Anatoray (possibly) specifically like people assumed (they were near Glacies territory after all), but they're now on land, and the Urbanus and Silvius met up again, or just both landed in the same area and abandoned ship. REGARDLESS, the fact that they're both being silent and hiding and then SCENE PAN TO ALAUDA means that they are still being attacked/hunted. So the shit hitting the fan in the last episode is still going. Just omg Dio protecting Alvis and BEST BIG BRO EVER and Dio be careful because shit's going down and U IN DANGER GURL. Omg going to die waiting for the next episode because DIOOOOOOOOO.