26 December 2011 @ 08:21 pm
Episode 11.  
Or technically the real Episode 10 since last week's recap is called 9.5 on the site.

So you know that trick when you have a tablecloth, glasses stacked up on it, and you yank the cloth and the glasses STAY UNTOUCHED UPON THE FINE WOOD OF THE TABLE?

Last Exile spent up until this episode setting that up, only they just kicked the whole fucking table over.

Ohhh mister Vincent ooooh. Turan allies with our beloved Anatoray.

Vincent stands on tables and drinks and don't give a fuck.


Aaaand Dio and Al are already the cutest.

Vincent spreading his amazing perfect coffee all around the new world.

Dio introduces Fam, Gisey but mainly Millia to Al.


Then we get some interesting info!! Turan's Exile has been passed down from women for generations. Of course Millia not having the power makes them realize that Liliana is still alive.

And then the Ades Federation comes-- and...!! LILIANA!

Dis bitch.

What the fuck is happening! My first thought was OH SHIT THE BRAINWASH TECH FROM THE FIRST SERIES.

Luscinia DIS BITCH.

AND DIS BITCH AGAIN how dare you speak of my Tatiana like that!!

Shit basically gets real. The fleet that was built up for Millia? Now under Liliana's command, and the Silvius and Anatoray have 10 minutes to either give them the Silvius or shit is going down.

Meanwhile in the peaceful lovely adorable Sky Pirate base of Kartoffel. Shit basically gets real EVERYWHERE AT THAT VERY MOMENT OH MY GOD.

IN THE CHAOS, VINCENT ABDUCTS THE LOLI!!! No he grabs her and leaps from the deck of the Silvius to ...


Ades assassins sneak onto the Silvius and start killing everyone. D: D: D:

According to Millia, Liliana is not being controlled.

Then Alauda comes to get them BUT THEN!!


Dio uses the worst line a character can use in a bad situation. Cue me being like OH GOD THOSE ARE FAMOUS LAST WORDS MOTHERFUCK.

The assassins make it to the engines...

Then we get HINTS OF MORE SHIT and Dio and Alauda being Jedi some more.

Then as Fam, Gisey and Millia escape the Silvius, the Glacies girls appear.

And we're left with a fucking cliffhanger. And this preview which finally promises backstory for the first Augusta and the Grand Race and what happened to her.

So this episode. This episode. That cliffhanger dear God. And if the next episode is all backstory we have to wait two weeks for the ending of this shit hitting the fan. I AM PRAYING FOR BACKSTORY AS WELL AS SOMETHING THAT WRAPS UP THIS BATTLE.

The Liliana thing is shrouded in QUESTIONS. If Millia is indeed right about her not being brainwashed or anything, then I think Liliana has some plan and didn't just. Get all Stockholm Syndrome on us. Of course, her basically taking Millia's ENTIRE FLEET is like ... well girl what the fuck are you doing/thinking? On the other hand, though, she knows Fam and Gisey are with her, and trusted them once in the past to protect her, so might have been banking on that. But the questions still remain. She COULD be banking on her dying at some point, and her Exile powers passing onto Millia. And in the meantime is trying to get in on Ades so if she does indeed die, forces loyal more to her than Luscinia will return to Millia. But at the same time it's like why would she do all of this if it is just going to take the long hard road to that goal? AUGH SO MUCH SPECULATION AND CONFUSION LAST EXIIIIIIIIIIIILE!! o9 Either way, Darth Liliana.

Now onto the deep shit end of things.

FIRST, ANATORAY/THE SILVIUS. The Silvius is in the middle of getting the fucking hell beaten out of them. Assassins are on board, a load of the crew was already dead by the end of the episode, and their engine was taken over. Tatiana's reaction to that was mega worrisome. Vincent, Al and the Urbanus managed to retreat, so as far as he know at this point they are safe. Vincent mentioned in this episode that Anatoray's main forces were still on their way. SO! There are a lot of things that could happen.

- Silvius somehow makes it out thanks to Anatoray's fleet arriving. Of course at how fast they are being taken over, the fleet better be effing close. And since the attack is coming from the inside as well...
- The Glacies pilots in the area get involved somehow. Dian and her copilot are currently following Fam, Millia and Gisey, who appear to be heading toward their territory. But like Anatoray's fleet, Glacies' border being 30 minutes away makes you wonder about timing and how fast the Silvius is getting fucked.
- Somehow in some miracle the Silvius fights back and drives them off with no deaths/captives/what have you. Somehow I doubt this will happen since we've seen the Silvius do this already.
- Someone or something on the Silvius causes them to retreat. Crew surrenders so they can at least live to fight back in the future, someone gets taken captive, some sort of infobomb or shocking revelation happens that causes it (which could happen hi Dio and Alauda). POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

The short of it is the Silvius is getting wiped out fast, so something needs to happen fast before the whole crew effing dies. I'M SCARED.

And on the other side of the getting fucked coin. OH MY GOD KARTOFFEL. One of their post stations got blown up and now Orang's fleet is heading toward Kartoffel itself for some revenge. The people living there hopefully have quick get away and/or hideaway for safety tactics. But things could get ugly if indeed Ades does start killing them. Gisey's family! Fritz! Everyone there Fam and Gisey grew up with and who Dio hung out with for 6 months! Why is so much shit getting real all at once!!

And finally oh God oh God Dio and Guild stuff screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam. First of all FUCK YES after that Traveler's chapter showing just how much faster and stronger Guildies can really get, we see Dio display the badassery by countering Alauda. Also LIGHTSABERS JEDI FIGHTAN YESSSSS HNNNNGH. And then MORE QUESTIONS AND CONFUSION! Alauda calling Dio "scion of the White" and Dio's "you seem to be from the Guild as well" plus those previews. Ades "Guildies" and Alauda and such wear grey, so shit happened clearly after the first Augusta was killed, considering they wear white in the previews. Also ha ha ha Alauda and Luscinia are twins. '-'

So yes. From what it SOUNDS like, the Guild existed in some shape or form, and since the twins Dio mentions are obviously Luscinia and Alauda, that means Farahnaz was the maestro he mentioned. Then some serious shit went down when she was killed during the Grand Race considering where we start off and learn in Fam. I can't wait to learn all of this finally.

Also please Dio don't die or lose a limb or an eye because "see you later" in the middle of SHIT GETTING REAL is never a good thing. Of course Dio being Dio and thus being the most amazing he is probably just metatrolling the audience (I HOPE)

And finally for anyone who might have caught caps from some adorable chibi commercial, HERE omg omg. Chibi Dio doing a chibi Immelmann Turn.