20 December 2011 @ 02:01 pm
Chapter 4 of Travelers from the Hourglass is out. Read it (alternately watch this whole series guys PIMP PIMP) HERE.

I can't with Alister you guys somebody app this queen of trolls she is amazing.

Opening image tickles me in my shippy place why are these two so married.

Claus gets invited over.

Tatiana's uncle Henrick is there (aka my husband) and UNSAFE FACES ALL THE WAY.

Alis is the most amazing ever.

Meanwhile in the Al-protection area LOOK WHO IS BACK!!!!! ♥

She is literally trembling with excitement.

Then Henrick realizes who Claus is...

Oh Mullin. Talking about Claus ~being such a sly dog~ right in front of Lavie.

... Claus drunk OH NO.

Yep that sure is a whole group of Guild starfish there for Al. ALSO MULLIN AND DUNYA WITH GUNS FUCK YES.

Meanwhile Claus is stumbledrunk, and Alis is PLEASED BY THIS.

So basically that cliffhanger is "OH NO CLAUS WHERE ARE YOU WE NEED YOUR HELP" "brb drunkenly passing out on ladies" Not too much on the story-end of things like the last chapter, we've gone into more character-relations in this chapter. Which, despite the :S? that was Tatiana -> Claus in the first series is actually pretty fun and enjoyable in this manga! Alis definitely helps with that with her MASTER TROLLING. As does the hilarious uncle Henrick. I seriously love that Alis is like she is inside with her :3 :3 and UFUFUFUFU NOW IS YOUR CHANCE FOR A TOUCHING SPEECH, TATIANA!! Someone seriously needs to app the two of these ladies (especially since they are broing out with Dio in the sequel, come bro out with me in camp guys). Claus continues to be Claus: "what do you mean? what's happening? I'm lost."

But yes it was a fun chapter even though the big story didn't move on any, but it seems like it will next, hopefully! It could just be a PROTECT AL BATTLE on the backdrop of OH NO HOW WILL TATIANA DEAL WITH DRUNK CLAUS?? but I am hopeful that something comes up in the middle of all of that. Still dying to know the connections with the Guild to Fam and Ades and ffffffff.