12 November 2013 @ 04:42 pm
Memories #010 & #011 & Skill #02  
How did I two memories, one after the other, of Dio technically not really in the memories at all?? Oops. I still typed a lot.

Skill: Basic sword/knife fighting.
Game: Day 291
Form: A nasturtium flower. Must be eaten. (1/1 used: Dio)

Not too much for this skill! It balances out the basic martial arts skill he's already regained. So he knows how to use a sword. Basic stances and moves, etc. Though along with the martial arts he's also a slightly heavier and better hitter than he'd be if he just remembered it on his own. Basically, Dio swordfightan now and pretty good at it as well as general defense and offense since he can mix the two easily. None of the crazy leaping around ships/trees/in a vanship moves yet, though.

He's accustomed to normal swords, but more attuned to his extendy magical Guild tech lightsabery thing. He'll remember how they work and all, though. And he's adaptable so normal swords won't be no big thang.

Memory: The hockey game. (Positive-Significant)
Game: Day 296
Form: A tiny clear bottle. Mix into a drink. Unlimited uses. (1/X used: Dio)

Video of the whole memory.

The crew of the Silvius, while cleaning up the deck, decides to have some fun along with it and play a game of hockey with a piece of the hull they find. Fam is also down in the dumps, so it cheers her up, too. Giselle returns to the ship with Millia after going out to get supplies/food and join the game. Fam and Giselle, who had a disagreement earlier, make up and there is much girlship and OT3 bonding with music and child flashbacks. More of the crew joins the game (like Tatiana and Alis) and the rest of sit on the sidelines and watch. Dio's one of the people on the sidelines (and was, prior to this, setting up downstairs for a surprise birthday party for Fam).

What it does:
This memory is more of a seeing and watching/observing others thing from Dio's POV, but in the series the context is also something important to Dio himself, so there's actually a lot in this memory despite Dio just kind of. Standing around in the background.

- Before the game, first! Dio was helping set up a surprise birthday party for Fam around this time. Teddy had ninja'd around to gather people to set it up and Dio was, obviously, more than happy to help. Like, SUPER HAPPY!! Dio's already gotten his Best Birthday Ever memory back, so birthdays are already a huge fucking deal to him. So his excitement in the memory isn't new to him. FAM FRIEND'S BIRTHDAY! IT MUST BE A HAPPY JOLLY BIRTHDAY WITH SMILES AND JOY AND JOYNESS. Dio just always wants birthdays to be the best, happiest things ever after his first ever good one. So many many more points onto his BIRTHDAY LOVE, not just his own but where other people are concerned.

- Then the ship started buzzing about HOCKEY GAME GOING ON UP ON DECK, and Dio of course had to go see what was going on because ... Dio. Something going on? Dio's there. He's already naturally curious and nosy so this doesn't do much for that area.

- He wanted to play hockey. :x But opted not to for a few reasons. He was thoughtful about Fam and Giselle for one, and it felt a calming kind of nice to watch them. There's more to that as well, but that'll be in another section. So he wanted them to enjoy it and he wanted to see how well they worked together in something other than flying. But another reason he didn't play was because he knows a majority of the others are normal humans so it would have felt like cheating. With that thought, though, Dio knows he's a little different than a "normal" human. He probably didn't think in terms like "oh everyone else is NORMAL" but more in a manner of "I'm not the same as most of them." Not a condescending thought, just a passing "yeah I'm different/stronger so if I played I'd tip the scales a bit. :x So I'll hang back THIS TIME!!!"

- More names to faces from his thoughts. Elio, Ignace, Nicolo specifically. Also knows that they are mechanics on the ship. Watching them was fun and hilar.

- INWARD TROLL LAUGHTER AT ALIS AND TATIANA. Since when they go to even out the teams Alis just kind of goes "yeah we're playing" and poor Tatiana is like "wait what" and ends up playing. Captain of the ship topped by her XO waifu, Dio loves it. So more semi-playful thoughts toward Tatiana. He definitely knows she's a hardass and tries to keep that up as much as she can. And despite everything, she even takes something like playing hockey seriously with BADASS GOAL PROTECTING and stuff. Thinks Alister is a pretty cool girl though for just being like :> with her. They're clearly close if Alis can be how she is and Tatiana is so easily topped by her.

- Millia is a princess Dio knows this now! When she joins the game and ... accidentally princess tops Ignace like "PLEASE GET OUT OF THE WAY." "OH NO A PRINCESS REQUESTED SOMETHING OF ME WHAT DO?????" This lines up with a couple of other things. His sneaking out of bed memory had a lot of empathy for her, especially in terms of "being related to a sister people hate/call a witch." Now that he knows she's a princess, that means this sister of her's is as well? And since there is a war and the sister was clearly on the enemy side ... well that complicates things. :x Dio doesn't know to what extent, but still. And the awkward peace party memory doesn't help alleviate that feeling by much. It keeps him hopeful? Like even though this FEELS like it's about to all come crashing down maybe the peace is sustainable? So he wonders now about Millia and her sister and the princess stuff and what will happen/did happen with them.

- Fam and Giselle THE BIGGEST PART OF THIS MEMORY NOW HAHA. They fought about something earlier, and Giselle coming back to join the game just had these moments between the two basically reaffirming how important to each other they are despite anything. He doesn't have any memories of his actual convo with Fam (especially because that memory's locked :x), but he knows she felt really bad about not realizing how Giselle felt about things and taking her feelings into consideration and assuming things. He felt for Fam's regret about that and feels happy for her, that she was able to sort things out with Giselle in the end. So there's a heartwarming feeling watching the two of them get back together and smile and play together as a team like they've always been doing. There's a hint of a calm bittersweetness to it as well, but Dio wouldn't be able to connect to any reason why it's there yet. Not to mention that it's just a hint of it since he already had his reflection moment in an earlier memory, so was focused more on Fam, Giselle, everyone else and the fun of the game. But overall the memory DID bring a lot of pilot/navi, partner, friend feelings to the table. And how important those bonds are and how important it is to be share your feelings and things like that.

Memory: Covenant with Turan. (Positive-Neutral)
Game: Day 297
Form: A Necco wafer in your team's color. One use. (1/1 used: Dio)

Video of the whole memory.

Anatoray and Turan, represented by Millia, ally together! Yay! There is a ceremony in the Grand Lake to officiate it. Dio is more than likely on the Silvius when it happens.

What it does:
- This is a Good Move to Dio, as it means more allies for his people (Anatoray) in the war. He's still fuzzy on the specifics about who they are fighting against, but he knows Millia's sister is helping them from his other memories. But yes, there is HOPEFULNESS in this memory. Allies. Strength in a war. Yes good.

- They also get a little extra help from the sky pirates with this as well, so that's a plus! THIS IS HILARIOUSLY IMPORTANT especially because Dio got his interesting news memory back before! Because he did that so Fam would go after the Silvius and eventually they could possibly ally with the sky pirates, too. Dio does indeed think about this wherever he is in the memory, so he knows he's pretty good at being farsighted with things. JUST AS PLANNED!!

- The Grand Lake is Important and sacred and all that, hence the ceremony being held there and the whole drinking water from it as a form of alliance thing. The Grand Lake has a giant hole in it called the hole (??? they never specify whether or not that has any relevance either THANKS OBAMA).

- Random thoughts from Dio since they were probably watching the ceremony from the ship. Stuff like "haha Fam looks so stiff." Knows Vincent by name and face now, also Atamora.

- Since Tatiana and Alis were down at the ceremony this could very well mean Dio was keeping things in order on the Silvius itself. :'D So we can go with that, the firing after the truce was probably him going "FIRE!!1!" and he was so excited about it. GIVIN' COMMANDS.