17 September 2013 @ 02:20 am
Memories #005 & #006  
Memory: First flight. (Positive-Significant)
Game: Day 282
Form: A plain cloth mask in team's color. (1/1 used: Dio)

Dio's first flight would have been in a Guild starfish rather than a vanship, obviously because of his status and such. But before Dio flew he obviously trained for it (alongside Lucciola). So this is more like memories of the first few flights in different atmospheres. A COUPLE OF NOTES ABOUT THAT!

- This is what the starfish look like!

- Inside view! The screens there obvs show the outside once they're on. Has a lot of computerized targeting systems and stuff.

- Dio and Lucciola's can come apart and turn into two separate crafts as seen in this image.

- They also have a mode that looks like this.

- But most importantly for the memory, the cockpit looks like this inside. (IGNORE THE DEAD GUY)

Anyway, Dio's first time flying was amazing and he was a natural (because it's Dio and he's a prodigy in canon) and he absolutely loved it. There was a feeling of freedom and the sky was so open and vast and amazing and...! ALL OF THE SKY FEELINGS! He was also really happy to be flying with Lucciola. And at some point, he requested that they break apart so he could open his cockpit to see how the winds felt. He tried it and loved the fuck out of that too. He did a few maneuvers and go-arounds with Lucciola before heading back. Since it was his first few flights he was more on a short leash.

He flew both in Anatoray's skies, and within the Grand Stream (obviously he opened his cockpit in Anatoray because doing that in the Grand Stream ... not a good idea).

What it does:
- FLYING FEELINGS +10000000000000000000



- He felt natural flying, and wasn't scared at all. He felt like be 'belonged' up there like a bird so he took to it really fast. No awkward periods at all.

- He also really liked Lucciola flying with him. Not just because they flew together, but because he wondered (and asked) during their flights how he felt about it, if he liked it, and stuff like that. From this he still figures Lucciola is a butler of sorts (he doesn't quite have the whole servant thing with the Guild back and realized yet), more of his personal one if he's the one learning to fly with him. But Dio's affections in this memory much like the hair care one are inclined more toward him being a friend (but much like the hair care memory, he has to watch what he says to him and how he acts with him when other eyes are on them).

- He felt 'free' in the sky. It was a wondrous feeling to him, even if it was sort of heavy because it was more a rush of how it felt TO be free instead of him actually feeling that way. But he loved it and latched onto the feeling quickly (as he does to most good feelings and people because of lol sister).

- He doesn't like that the machines they use where he's from are enclosed. When he opened his cockpit to feel the wind he was just. 'w'!!!!!!!!!!!! FLYING DOESN'T FEEL NEARLY AS AMAZING IF YOU'RE NOT FEELING THE WIND AND THE LIFE OF IT...!

Memory: Sneaking out of bed. (Positive-Neutral)
Game: Day 284
Form: A pair of handkerchiefs. Give one to someone and keep the other and you'll both receive the memory simultaneously (forced shareable). Your initials will appear on the handkerchiefs after. (1/1 used: TBA)

Video of the whole memory.
(note: Funi's sub and the dub have the "I met him while I was having my meal" line as "I met this gentleman while I was having my meal" which is 10000000x better so I'm going with that line because :x "THIS GENTLEMAN.")

Summary: Dio is recovering in Boreas from his injuries he got while protecting Alvis when they were on the run. In true Dio fashion, he sneaks out of bed when nobody is around because he gets nosy and wants to go exploring-- also because he's hungry, but hunger is never the only reason for Dio to go snooping around. He ends up walking straight into the room of the little loli empress, Augusta Sara of the Ades Federation while she's eating her meal. She and the Ades people with her are allied with them for the time being, they broke off from the rest of the Federation and they're about to go into battle with them, who are claiming the Augusta was "taken" and are aiming to reclaim her.

Since Dio is injured, kind little Augusta Sara offers to help him get a meal and bring it back to his bed for him. By the time they get back, Alvis, Fam and Giselle are at his bed like "DIO GOD DAMMIT" because he put pots and boots and stuff under his blanket when he snuck off... They explain how they met and are met with "SO YOU BROKE INTO HER ROOM WHILE SHE WAS EATING?" (wow rude!!) After Dio is back in bed and Sara returns to her quarters, Dio can tell that she's having a rough time with everything so he talks with Fam a bit. Sara thinks everyone is fighting because of her, and they mention Millia's having a hard time as well because of people calling her "the witch's sister." Fam and Giselle get called out (presumably for battle).

What it does:
- He now knows Alvis by face and name. Though her name was already known to him from when he remembered talking to Alex about the Mysteria. He was hurt protecting her, so he gets the idea that she's important to him, even if that's all he really knows about her.

- Dio has gained some GONNA SNEAK OUT OF BED EVEN THOUGH I SHOULD REST points. He's not stupid enough to not rest if he HAS to, but if he's feeling good enough to wander around, he'll do it despite suggestion to rest. And throw things under a blanket to make it look like he's sleeping apparently. Wow what a ninja.

- Also while looking for food he very much was poking around to be nosy. So even more ... nosy Dio points now.

- They're on the verge on a battle so that's hanging on his mind through this memory. Him and his people and their alliances plus ... people from Ades including their leader, Augusta Sara, who defected from them? Versus Ades that is attacking to get Sara back.

- When he found Sara, he sure did have a thought of "JUST AS PLANNED" since, as said, Dio went to find food AND to snoop. He was hoping to run into her, and probably wanted to meet her himself since he found out she was there. DIO MEDDLES A LOT IN THINGS and he's very farsighted so he does it all for positive long-term reasons.

- He likes Sara a lot! He was nice and polite to her and showed her respect, and she was sweet and kind to him in return, offering and following through on helping him carry his meal back to his bed. SWEETEST CHILD! So more Dio being good with children points there. He got a good vibe from her. She's a leader, so he showed her respect, but he was also kind to her in a being kind to children way-- because she while trying her to best to be a leader, is still a child (he's thankful for that; that she's coming off as a child still and her responsibilities aren't killing that part of her). So there was giving her the respect she deserved not just because of her title but because she is also trying her best to live up to it, while still being gentle but not condescending to her because of her age.

- He thought about her when she left, more in a "she's a poor little 10 year old girl being, despite the good intentions of some of them, manipulated by the adults around her and kept in the dark about a lot of shit" sort of way. She was kind so him both because it is in her nature to be kind, but also because as Augusta, she wants to much to be like her mother was, kind to all for the hope for peace. So he empathizes with her guilty feeling of "people fighting because of me" and hopes they won't have to fight (he's pessimistic about that though).

- Now knows that tomboyish girl who was dancing with that old guy from that other memory's name is Fam.

- "Doesn't that mean he broke in while you were eating?" UNFAZED BY SUCH THINGS. Which I guess gives him a bit more KANYESHRUG to people talking to him like that...

- Knows Millia's name now! He just knew her by face from the awkward party memory where he probably had some interaction with her during it.

- Millia's sister is on the enemy's side apparently? From what Giselle said. Which is giving Millia a really tough time. Dio feels for her for that alone but...

- He REALLY empathizes with the "being called the witch's sister" thing. B-because he knows how it feels to be related to someone that people hate and see as a witch/monster. There was a definite surge of feelings when he heard that, because it was a very familiar and very painful concept to him.

- He had a few thoughts about Millia's sister, though. They weren't filled with the same sort of contempt he felt when he thought of his own sister. It was more a ... curious pity? Almost as if he questions whether or not Millia's sister is really 'evil' or not, like he knew or thought of her once as something different.

- Had an inward frowny face at Fam and Giselle being called out, because that meant they were closer to battle and he's hurt so he has to sit out. :/