07 September 2013 @ 11:59 pm
Memory #004  
Memory: Murder. (Negative-Significant)
Game: Day 281
Form: A leather tankard full of wine. Once the wine runs out, the memory is no longer there. Enough for three 8 oz glasses of wine (1/3 used: Dio)

... Dio's sister who is like 13 at the time kills her and Dio's parents. Dio who is like 5/6 witnesses this by chance, unbeknownst to her. Most info about this memory is just text and info in the supplementary canon sources, with some small extra stuff headcanoned.

From the Chronicles artbook:
9 years ago, Delphine killed her and Dio's parents. By chance, Dio witnessed the scene, which instilled a deep-rooted fear of Delphine as a result. Delphine, who did not know that Dio was a witness to the murder, assumed that Dio's change was caused by simply knowing their parents had "suddenly died."

Other stuff:
Delphine (here's an image ref of her at that age lel) probably didn't do the actual killing herself. Part of her seizing power was seduction and coercion to get others to help her do her dirty work. Her personal servant Cicada (pic!!) is most likely to have done the deed on her order.

Dio witnessed it without them noticing, so he, being the type of child who was always sneaky, was probably lurking and heard/saw something happening so decided to go snoop. He slipped away when they were ... cleaning up after. If the trauma from MY SISTER JUST KILLED OUR PARENTS wasn't enough, there was also the fear of WHAT IF SHE'S GOING TO KILL ME NEXT.

What it does:

- A lot of Dio's memories already have that background noise to it because of all of the fears and lack of freedom of/from his sister imprinted on a lot of his actions. The rainbirds gave him the longing to be free like them. Lucciola tending to his hair had those feelings of needing to not show him kindness when others were around. There were hints of 'guarded' and 'careful' feelings. And his memory with the Mysterion and Alex had them basically talk about Delphine. How she 'purged' the other families (Dio didn't want to assume they were all killed, perhaps some of them were just banished/ran away? But he figured there was bloodshed either way from the way he felt when he talked about it. There was a fear of her there. He had no love for her when he thought about her, and he knows others hate her too). Sharing the Mysterion with Alex and asking him to keep it a secret from her (he said it playfully, but he knew that he would get into some serious shit if she actually found out). All of those had this background thing going on for him because of how much she controlled and influenced his fears and actions.

- So yeah Dio already knew he didn't really like his sister, but he didn't know the extent of this. And this memory kind of ... shows that extent ... because killing parents...

- Trauma. All of the tiny child parent murder witness trauma.

- Did I mention trauma.

- And also trauma.