06 September 2013 @ 01:31 am
Memory #003  
Memory: Hair care. (Lucciola) (Positive-Neutral)
Game: Day 281
Form: A card. Trade with someone else to view their memory—then trade back to view yours. Single exchange use only. (1/1: traded with Annabeth)

Summary: Lucciola cuts Dio's hair when he needs it, and brushes and ties his hair for him daily (braids it for him when he's older). It's more of a 'montage' memory since he's been doing it since they were children, so it's something familiar. Dio is aware that he's not that good at tying his own hair without it looking as perfect.

What it does:
- Dio talks a lot to Lucciola when he does this, so he knows Lucciola's face and name! And he thanks him every time.

- Sometimes he asks if he can try himself to see how it comes out, but he's not as good at it and wants it to look nice. (needs? it's not a big deal to him when he does it himself, but there's something there saying it has to look neat and presentable)

- Lucciola is a friend? He doesn't feel like blood-family or a brother, but he does his hair for him all the time. The way Dio talks to him he figures he's either a friend or maybe a butler he sees as a friend. He likes him lots and lots though. Always excitement and happy in his voice when they're alone.

- Since it's a montage, there are some times when he talks to him happily when they're alone, but not so much if somebody else is around. He's more guarded when he feels that someone else is watching.