03 December 2011 @ 05:00 pm
SO FAM THIS WEEK was amazing there was BATTLE AND ACTION AND FUCK YEAH TATIANA and the new Russian-speaking pilot ladies finally appeared and then the end made me sob because of how the character development is going between the three heroines and guys can we all just hug Gisey please oh my God.

Fuck yeah Russian-speaking Glacies pilots. Launching because the Ades Fleet and the Silvius are heading toward their borders.

Millia tries the old GIVE ME TO THEM I DON'T WANT YOU GUYS TO DIE and Tatiana is like lol bitch please they are not planning to let this ship go if we give you over anyway. We fightin.

Fam and Gisey basically get pushed aside by the crew who are preparing for some hardcore battling. Fam is still trying her best to HELP especially because they led the fleet right to them.


So Fam talks Tatiana into letting her go by promising she'll finish capturing the ships.

THE BEGINNINGS OF DRAMA. Fam just kind of doesn't answer and launches and tells Millia to get ready.


The best part ever omg.

Tatiana basically speeches telling everyone they are going to own these Ades bitches and not give over the princess and FUCK THEM.

I may be gay for Tatiana a lot in this series oh God.

Fam and Millia venture to capture a ship.


Sadri is nervous.

They enter Glacies territory and the sexy Russian pilots intervene. But when the Silvius gets hit and starts to plummet, the ship that cable attached to them gets pulled too.

So Fam and Millia try to help them because IF THEY DIE THEN GLACIES WILL SEEK REVENGE ON THEM OH NO.

And then this part. OH BOY. So Giselle, who'd already been having problems with what they are doing-- mainly Fam being so stuck on staying with the Silvius, helping Millia, etc. while Giselle has her whole family back home but at the same time wants to be a loyal navi to Fam. Giselle is not good at hitting ships' claudia engines with the gun, as she admitted to. And after the brush off Giselle got with Millia replacing her in the navi seat, this happens. And Millia hits it, sinking the general's battleship. SO OH BOY Giselle was already feeling super shitty about things and this entire episode. Ha ha ha.

The Glacies pilots were like HMMM 8|a at the Sky Pirates helping them.

And I had to make this a gif. '-' OH CAPTAIN~

I HAD A MOMENT OF AWW FOR ADES HERE. :( Saluting their sunken ship.

A-and then the end where I bawwwwww'd. Gisey is not just feeling awk about the situation, but now Millia just owned her at the job she was least best at.

And since they see her from a distance, Fam doesn't. Realize she's breaking down from there.

SO YEAH. After the LAST episode, I was like, oh man I want to know how this Gisey/Fam/Millia thing ends up because. AWKARDNESS! Gisey missing home and her family and Fam kind of. Not worrying so much about the Sky Pirates/Kartoffel. But this episode? Wow I didn't expect things to get so bad and dramatic. I feel horrible for Gisey and I hope that things end in a way where she won't be sad or feel replaced anymore but I also don't want to see her leave or stop being Fam's navi.

I loved seeing Tatiana and the Silvius in action finally. Tatiana is so badass I can't even.

And then there was no preview for the next episode so BAWWW WHAT TO EXPECT!!