29 November 2011 @ 02:37 am

MYSTERIOUS THINGS. Of course the name and the garbed bodies all over the floor (that don't appear to have been killed-- at least not recently. Or maybe? WHO THE FUCK KNOWS THERE WAS NO BLOOD) point to it being Guild-connected.

Meanwhile Sara at least knows that people are being killed in her name. Whether or not she really knows how ruthless Luscinia is really being as he goes about it has yet to be seen. Either way, poor pawn loli just wants to be a good leader like her mother before her. :(

Meanwhile, Ades aims north for Glacies, where Vincent is currently trying to negotiate with them (OMG VINCENT MENTION OMG!!!!). Glacies is a country that isolates itself and doesn't intervene in anything going on in the world. With Vincent there and Ades targeting them next, however, that may change very soon! The Silvius heads north to check on Vincent's progress.

Fam gets way too sure of herself. SURELY THIS GRAND PLAN CAN ONLY END WELL, RIGHT? RIGHT?

Millia asks how Tatiana and the Silvius can take on an entire Ades fleet (as rumored) with just their ship.

Giselle's slowly-building concern finally comes out, though not as harsh as she'd like. She misses her home and her family but at the same time is Fam's navi. Fam, who is adamant on staying with the Silvius and helping Millia.

Speak of the devil, the Sky Pirates appear along with Giselle's father. They, like Fam, are aiming to capture the 8 ships in the area.

And then Orang and his fleet launches a surprise attack on all of them. And fuck the Sky Pirates' shit up.

Fam figures out a way to at least escape them.

Using Ades' firepower against them, they hit one of the glaciers and escape using the grand birds as a shield as well as an updraft caused by the falling piece of glacier.

Meanwhile Vasant's friends worry about the recent purges. Mainly because they were all part of a nation Ades had taken over and worry about the trust issues. Vasant assures them everything is coo' though. (FOR NOW)

The Sky Pirates, defeated, head home. Giselle wants to as well, but Fam asks her to send her father a message for her, apologizing for going off on her own and being selfish. Giselle doesn't seem to really like this.

Yet Fam still tries to assure her friend.

They return to the Silvius and-- oh fuck is that an entire Ades fleet that silently followed them back to the notorious Reaper ship Silvius? YEAP THAT IS A WHOLE FLEET AGAINST THE SILVIUS RIGHT THERE.

NEXT WEEK SHALL BE AMAZING. Tatiana told Millia that resources won battles more than numbers, so we'll see what the Silvius is made of against one of Ades' 5 generals. Will it get out in one piece on its own? Or will them heading toward Vincent come into play? PERSONALLY I HOPE FOR VINCENT BECAUSE VINCEEEEEEEEENT. And when we get Vincent that means we'll get to Anatoray and Alvis and maybe even Dio again since he headed there! Next week is going to be awesome no matter what happens.

I also cannot wait to see what happens with Giselle. She's clearly torn between wanting to return to her people and family and between being Fam's navi. And Fam, while she truly goes love Gisey is being way too gung-ho about things and in the process pushing her feelings aside. I hope Gisey does something soon, be it standing up firmly to Fam or finding her own cause to want to stay. Alister did speak to her about being a navi who goes along with magical pilots (lolTatiana), so one way or the other I hope Gisey reacts stronger than she has been soon.