21 November 2011 @ 11:48 pm
Oh now I can do weekly this week's Dio-in-Fam (or just the series in general because ALL OF IT IS AMAZING)

Dio photobombs.

And then gets put in charge of 8 of their stolen ships to bring to Anatoray. Dio in charge of anything you guys oh god.

Then there's a race and this sexy lady (Roshanak) voiced by Maaya Sakamoto offers to give Fam her ship if she wins.

Of course if Fam loses Roshanak wanted Millia because ~she loves having cute boys work for her~ and Millia is INCOGNITO. Meanwhile Millia is awesome.

THE RACE WAS SO INTENSE also this series' music omg cannot wait for the OST!!!! Fam wins through the power of slashy love.

But then.

Meanwhile there was a massacre and Luscinia is a fucking nut. SHIT'S GETTING REAL THOUGH. Luscinia basically blamed everyone who got a ship stolen from them by Fam to be secretly helping Turan and sentenced them all to death. Way to go Luscinia.