28 March 2012 @ 12:46 am
Oh yes.  
So Fam OST 2 just came out, and much like OST 1 (seriously listen to these samples) it is basically a big, sexy orgy in my ear. So here are clips of my favorite tracks that I uploaded.

Like the rest of the series, the music is by Hitomi Kuroishi (who did music for Geass and Shangri-la), and, also much like the rest of the series OSTs, is fucking amazing.

For the rec HERE is the whole OST if you want it all or are interested after listening to these. The rest of the OSTs (which is more amazing music like this) are HERE as well.

Probs my favorite track on the new OST. Once the BG with the violin kicks in my ears literally orgasm.

This is the song they play for the epilogue and oh my God I get misty eyed.

This. Is basically the best battle music ever. And was basically the song that made me go "shit, I have to wait for the next OST for this don't I UUUGH CAN IT BE OUT NOW." It's seriously so epic.

This is also something I kept watching the episode just to hear the song for.

A different version of the ending. '-' Which is a beautiful ending anyway so this just makes it hnnngh.