18 August 2013 @ 11:27 pm
Skill: Basic martial arts
Game: Day 274
Form: Shot glass full of water.

(I'm not sure about the timing for this so I can alter or remove if it was a mistake. :|a?)

Nothing too big for this one! Dio knows how to throw a few punches and some well-timed kicks. But he doesn't have his Guild enhancements so they're pretty standard. He's also a liiiiiiiiittle more athletic overall as a result of this. As in he just recently climbed a tree after Annabeth, so he'd be able to do that with slightly less trouble than he had then.

Memory: "What lies beyond the furthest reaches of the sky?" (Neutral-Neutral)
Game: Days 275 - 276
Form: Five pieces of team-colored candies. (1/5 used: Dio)

Video of the whole memory.
Pastebin of the novel version of the scene.
(anime trumps novel in terms of canon, especially the end, but novel adds a little more meat to certain scenes, so stuff that doesn't directly conflict I'm merging. This one is a good non-conflicting memory!)

Summary: Dio has his hands binded in front of him, and is being questioned in the captain's room after being detained. He seems more amused than worried about this fact. Alex asks him about who he is, knows exactly who he is as part of Delphine's family and part of the Guild. That makes him suspicious about why Dio is there, but all Dio is there for is because he's stalking Claus IMMELMANN!!!! because he's such a sexy awesome pilot unf.

He's asked if he's there "for Alvis" but he insists he's not, then offers Alex a token of friendship, reciting part of a poem; the Eraclea Mysterion that only he and his sister knows and tells Alex to keep it a secret from his sister. He talks about how other families had these special poems, but his sister purged them, and then asks Alex how many he knows, noting that his sister only knows her own family's. He fiddles with a photo as he does this, then shrugs off his questions and asks if he can go see Immelmann now, warning Alex that he shouldn't hesitate from getting to the Exile or he'll miss his chance.

What it does:
- Dio now knows his full name!

- "Maestro Delphine's clan" as well as "Guild scion" - he is some kind of part of some seemingly ... important family at any rate. Especially with the line 'my sister thinks everything in this world belongs to her' so she's probably some kind of major ruler of some sort? The Guild is his country/home something he guesses. There's a feeling of disconnect from them all in his actions and feelings in the scene. He speaks and acts self-assuredly but there's no pride when he thinks about/refers to his sister or the Guild.

- The 'poem' that Dio recites to Alex is important. Dio knows it's called the Mysterion/Mysteria and it's a very important and secret thing that only he and his sister Delphine know because it's only been passed down through their family for a long time. He also knows it's connected somehow to the Alvis girl they mention. He knows his sister will be very upset if she finds out he shared it with him, so tells him to keep it a secret from her.

- There were three other families that also had these special poems passed down, but his sister purged them all. Alex mentions the term coup d'état, Dio says she sees it as 'quelling a rebellion full of troublemakers'. There are uneasy feelings when he talks about this! UNEASY SISTER FEELINGS! They are very there but Dio tries to mentally disconnect himself from them while he talks to Alex. Also from all of this talk he is gathering that they are obviously either in or just out of some kind of war or battle or some crazy sort of shifting of power.

- The act of sharing the Eraclea Mysterion and asking to keep it a secret is both exhilarating but scary to him. He's also sharing it with Alex because he feels that Alex can 'do something' with this poem to 'get to Exile', but he has to not hesitate. What the fuck is the Exile? Dio has no idea and doesn't care, but he wants Alex to get to it, preferably before his sister. And since all of them are secrets within different families, finding out what all four of them are is important? But yeah, there is a real feeling of secretly defying his sister that he feels when he does this. He takes a kind of joy out of it like it's a game but at the same time he knows he's stepping across a minefield so there is a fear there of being found out. He really really doesn't want to be found out.

- Some guy named Phalanea who wants his sister's ass is trying to help her find them to win her favor? Dio talks about him like whatever this loser.

- He's on the ship to see some guy he calls "Immelmann" so apparently having his hands bound/being detained is worth it. HE FELT REALLY EXCITED AND HAPPY WHEN HE TALKED ABOUT HIM. 'w' Whoever this Immelmann is Dio likes him lots. And thinks he is a really talented pilot WOW THOSE TURNS look my hand movements are trying to emulate how awesome they were!! And then all he wants to do is just go see him and fly with him after everything else in the scene like GOD JUST LET ME GO SEE HIM ALREADY. Interest in flying is a super go. As well as ... idk I LIKE BOYS WHO CAN FLY GOOD emotions. And attention to detail? Patterns, at any rate. HAND MOVEMENTS!!

- Speaking of Immelmann, the picture Dio is fiddling with on Alex's desk is of particular interest to him. The weird flying ship thing looks a lot like Claus'! HE WONDERS WHY maybe Alex and this cute perfect awesome Immelmann are friends? Family?

- Some girl named Alvis is on the ship with him. He really doesn't have TOO much of an interest in her like he claims, but in that scene the mention of her name probably ticked something in the back of Dio's mind. Something curious. He knows of her, and he connects her with his family's Mysterion in some way, but in the scene there's just that small tick of interest and not much else (because ♥IMMELMANN♥).

- ... getting in all creepyclose to Alex's ear. So Dio will not feel weird being all close and in peoples' personal space. As well as being a little more nosy/pokey/touchy at things since he just kind of ... grabbed Alex's photo and toyed with it while he checked it out. As well as poked around his room to look at things.
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