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Travelers Chapter 10  
And my short-lived raw provider job comes to an end. :P Which is to say, this is the last chapter! LOTS OF THINGS HAPPEN! Al is adorable, etc.

Uroctea drops more info and MORE WEAPONS AL CAN CONTROL YAY?

Aranea returns to the base to find ... Al just leaving with Claus and Lavie. Then flips a shit when he assumes Al is going to use the weapon against THEM instead.

Meanwhile with the true OTP.


Tara's app and canon-love pattern.jpg

Perfect loli.

The gate opens...! Surprise Kukai Foundation?!

And what's inside...?


Al Al Al Al Al ♥


And with that, the Travelers from the Hourglass manga is over. And I have kind of mixed feelings about it! I LIKED IT LOTS DEFINITELY. ESPECIALLY from Al's perspective, and I love how they continued to grow her character and how she was much more braver and self-capable throughout it.

But overall, it was a kind of weak manga both in terms of a continuation of the first series, and especially as a bridge to the sequel. It was a cute little standalone story to follow the end of the first. And the only real way the manga 'bridges' the two series together is by explaining how Fam's world has a lot of food problems and why Anatoray at the end of the first series in comparison was rich with wheat. Of course, since Fam came 9 years later they probably just went 'OOPS' and needed a way to explain that, since when they ended LE1 with Earth-Anatoray's rich fields, they had no idea that 9 years later they were going to expand on that world and have a majority of it have problems with growing food and wheat and stuff. So in that, the manga connected that point of the world's whole story.

But that's the only really big story-thing that they did in the manga. And only done because oh we made a sequel that really goes against what we showed at the end of the first series when we didn't know we'd even be making a sequel OUR BAD. The Earth Guild wasn't expanded on in Fam and since we didn't get much Anatoray in it, there was no off-handed mention about them being there. Whiiiiiich now that it's over and done with, we at least know that they have part of that Earth Guild living with them in Anatoray probably along with what remained of the Prester Guild. And again, I wonder about stuff like the techs and knowledge and stuff!

We also see something present in ... both series. Which is through the years the stories and information of what things are (like their 'great weapon') change and get lost and warped to the point where people down the line protecting really have no idea what it is anymore.

I did like getting a little more characterization for Tatiana and Alis, but with how much they focused on ~OMG DA FEELINGZ~ and then ... didn't wrap anything up? It was just like why did you botherrrrr then. :|a I mean, it kind of answered itself toward the end with Tatiana's navigation and that Claus and Lavie reunion scene. But with how much supplemental information we got for the first series and will probably get once Fam artbooks come out, I wish they could have gone for a manga story that gave us something out of there, considering how much there is probably going to be/already is. (and we still don't know how Claus got his injury lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

So yes. IN TERMS OF STORY CONNECTION AND SERIES BRIDGING, the manga was overall, a little underwhelming. But I still loved it because I just love this series and I want everything ever. It's a fun read as a little extra side story. And I did love what they did with Al in it, Henrick can still marry me forever, Alis is a master troll and Tatiana was the greatest badass captain ever when she wasn't dereing at Claus. And The Guild is seriously just made up of a gaggle of homoelves no matter where you turn.

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Csilla_Aria: Queen & Captain[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on June 30th, 2012 09:38 pm (UTC)
I was obviously disappointed to see the manga end this way. I do like things they put in it, Alister's hidden depths, and Heinrick ♥ but it doesn't answer any of the questions of what happened between series one, and two. It's just a kinda cute one shot story. Until further notice BTW, my new head-canon is that Claus was injured fixing a leak, and fell of the roof.

It did get me thinking about a lot of stuff however. First off here is a huge hint that the guild was not always Mega Douche Inc. Back in the day it seemed they really took their roles and guardians of the people seriously. Going as far as to ensure the people returning from the Anatoray-Disith Prester would have plenty of previsions while they rebuilt society on earth.

This has me thinking, since Alvis is apparently as connected to the food storage as she is to the Exile ship, that the A-D Exile was meant to return to this area of the planet in particular. There were probably systems like this for every Exile, only taking Turan as an example(I don't remember if it's said the people of Turan were the first returnees, or not but we'll use them regardless.) something went horribly wrong here. They return to their own designated settlement site to find other people living there. This of course doesn't mean war broke out right away, but something bad happened, and the Turan people claimed the land forcing those who already lived there at the time out.
Did the people who'd gone native there find a way to break into the food store meant for Turan?
Did disease break out between the two peoples after they'd spent so much time isolated from one another?
Just how many people did leave? Were they all driven out right away or were people there together long enough for there to be intermarriages, meaning some natives stayed, and some Turans left?
Why were there people there, when the A-D return area was still completely unsettled around 100 years later? Especially considering people, Ades in particular complained of not having enough land to grow the food they needed?
People seemed to know the land was there, but no one lived there, was part of the guilds job to keep people out of the return areas? If so why did they fail with Turan?

Anyway so, calamities, catastrophes, and a very long war. Naturally info is going to be lost. It says a lot about the mind set of the people who stayed on earth that the guild sect where Claus and co. settled thought the food store was a weapon, and that the returnees needed to be controlled. In their minds after all that has happened that the returnees are blamed for, it's probably very difficult to see them as anything but trouble. The A-D people however don't want to fight anyone, they are sick of fighting and only retaliate when the guild takes a child and one of her caretakers against their will... Stupid, stupid guild people...

Also adding pathetic shameless shipper head-canon note: I still think Alex is out there somewhere, and will get back to Sophia eventually, and they will(after working out his metric ton of issues.) get married and have lots of babies. Haters to the left.

Edit to add: If they decide to some kind of manga series, I will the happiest person ever. *keeps fingers crossed.*

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Dio Eraclea: plotty plot plot[personal profile] unguilded on July 2nd, 2012 08:12 pm (UTC)
Yeah. Cute enough standalone, but not really a big WOW in terms of the story as a whole.

But I love that about the Guild too. I love in LE in general that they make it such a point to show how stories and things change over so much time. Prester's Guild ended up being crazy, but I love how it's entirely possible other Presters had awesome Guilds that coexisted with their people (and ones that might have been worse off than our Prester and ended up just fucking themselves and killing themselves off entirely)

But gosh yes THOSE QUESTIONS I hope we get more light shed on the world connections and stuff one day. '-'

I still want a manga about Vincent Alex and Sophia's academy shenanigans.
Csilla_Aria: Sophia[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on July 2nd, 2012 09:06 pm (UTC)
About the guild: OMG yes. In my head-canon the Liliana, and Millia are guild descended because Turan's Guild wasn't full of jerks, and really continued to care for the people and treat them as equals to the point of intermarrying with them.

I'd love, love, love to know more about what was going on at the time the Exiles were made, why Grand Exile failed to leave and was abandoned, where the guild came from in the first place.

I still want a manga about Vincent Alex and Sophia's academy shenanigans.
moar head-canon: When Alex and Vincent were in the academy with Euris, once Vincent got Alex to open up dragged him into pulling pranks. Euris when she couldn't be there to supervise used to leave them in charge of little Princess Sophia thinking it would keep them out of trouble. This backfired spectacularly because Sophia was able to get into small places they couldn't reach, and was a more than eager accomplice. When Sophia was studying there herself Vincent sometimes tutored her, along with Tatiana, and Alister. He was very respectful, but also a terrible flirt, Sophia kept him in check by threatening to tell stories. She did the same to Alex on the Silvana. She won a surprising amount of arguments that way.

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(Anonymous) on July 2nd, 2012 10:33 pm (UTC)
Well I couldn't resist... my 2 cents...

We have at least three examples of how the Presters' Guilds evolved:

- the Anatoray-Disith Guild used to live separated from the refugees, and was mainly focused on running Prester. Eventually they could not understand the meaning of what they were doing anymore, got corrupted and... well... almost destroyed the space colony.

- the Turanian Guild mixed with the refugees, however they probably assumed the leadership of the space colony playing the role of the aristocracy, thus creating a royal family out of the lineage who inherited the role of "key" to the Exile. They did care for their people.

-The Glaciean Guild had a more religious twist... their Exile became a sort of Goddess, the male Guild members little by little became High Priests who lead the country like a theocracy while the female members became priestesses with the task to fight for the country and protect the Exile.

The Aerial Log says that many Presters were built, to the point that "the people and societies of the different Presters could have evolved drastically. So much so, that there may even be "ghost" Presters: the inhabitants killing themselves off, their history lost, while the Prester continues to run according to schedule" (from the LE wikia).

Moreover we have an Earth Guild, or better (this is my speculation) many local Earth Guilds, one for each Prester, each Guild waiting for their refugees to come back. And I think there is... well I'd better say there was a sort of Central Guild leading the regeneration plan.

Given that the symbol on the uniforms of the young Lukia and Alauda -the moon-shaped exile - is the same you find on the top of the hat of Millia, I believe that their role towards Turan (well the role of the twins before them, 118 years earlier actually, and that of the guild the belonged) was similar to that of Uroctea and Aranea towards Anatoray-Disith. Actually Uroctea and Aranea have the same symbol of the Anatoray-Disith Guild on their uniforms - the hourglass symbol. Incidentally that would also explain why Luscinia knows the Mysteria of Turan.

However something went wrong... they were not able to manage the return of Turan (maybe because the had no counterpart among the Turanian refugees since their Guild had mixed with the population?), moreover they somehow were also in charge of the "left-behind"... probably they screwed things when allowed some left-behind groups to settle in the area originally planned for the return of Turan... and so we get 100 years of wars... (but I need to elaborate on this last paragraph) XD

Csilla_Aria[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on July 3rd, 2012 08:19 pm (UTC)

I think Sara is probably Maestro of central guild, and Farahnaz was before her. Which is another difference between Earth's guild, and the A-D Pester's guild as the title of Maestro seems to be passed in a similar way to the power the Exile keys have. On the Prester we're most familiar with the title became earned through gladiatorial combat.

I'm also wondering if the hourglass shape became a symbol for some the guilds connected to other Presters as well. Looking at Fam's medallion, the only link she had to her biological family:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
It also has the hourglass shape. with what looks almost like a sprout or seedling on top of it, and something shining just above it. Symbolizing Fam's ancestors returning to earth from their own Prester maybe?
There are also four crescent moons, most likely Exiles that had already returned. Six five point stars, Exiles that hadn't returned yet maybe?
depending on what each symbol represents there are possibly ten(Maybe eleven if Fam's exile is only represented by the sprout object rather than any of the moons, or stars.)

In GnF there are including Turan's six orbiting Exiles. If we include Glaces Winged Goddess,(Though there seem to be hints that it's an Exile based defense system rather than and actual Exile.) and the A-D Exile(I'm excluding the Grand Exile since it never got off the ground.) that leaves two(possibly three) known Exiles unaccounted for. Considering what knowledge loss we have seen there may very well be more lost Exiles that were completely forgotten.

Dammit, now I really want to see a prequel series/book/whatever that answers all of this...
(Anonymous) on July 3rd, 2012 10:20 pm (UTC)
In my view the Guild was organized in a central body located in the Island of the Angels' Descend and in local branches, one for each emigration area in which the planet was divided at the time of the Grat Calamity.

Then each local guild branch split into two groups: a group that was responsible for the migration with the exile and escorted the refugees to their prester (this group became the Prester's Guild) and a group that remained on earth to oversight the local regeneration plan and guard the facilities prepared for the return of the refugees (like in the manga).

Probably the central guild had to deal with an unexpected problem: since it was not possible to bring everybody to the stars, (not enough exiles/presters?) they had to manage many people left behind on Earth. They choose to concentrate them in the area that later became Morvarid because it was the less polluted in the world. However these people wanted to leave earth as well, therefore the central guild launched the Grand Exile project, which eventually failed.

Moreover I think that once the project failed the left-behind were formally assigned to the care of the local branch of the guild in charge of the Morvarid area. Probably this branch went astray, succeeded in taking over the central guild in the name of the left behind and started to manage the return of the refugees once they started to come back.

Concerning Fam's medallion, I came to the same conclusion on the meaning of the stars and the moons. The shining thing on its top seems the symbol of the weather machine, the 8 point star (a compass rose?) that is another sign of the guild. I am unsure on the meaning of the sprout.. maybe rebirth? As for the houglass shape that's the trademark of the guild and I take it as the symbol of the regeneration plan. You can find it almost everywhere, even on the personal flag of Luscinia!

I wonder if the medallion belonged to her mother or her father.
What if her father was a refugee that married a left behind (Raha) against the will of Sadri?

Anyway, back to stars and moons... Batos, Raetus, Ta-Opistan, Chaos, Metopon (that's the name of the "zone under occupation by Ades" located at north of Turan, according to the official glossary), Notos, Turan... these are the nations I can think of... it is possible that some exiles haven't come back yet, some might even never return! But then, there's the agreement between Vasant and some representatives of other countries... I don't remember their names and where they fit...

But I believe that both Glacies and Anatoray-Disith are not represented on that medallion since their exiles are different from the "Turan-type" exile.
Probably Glacies buried their Exile after their return and modified it to defend their settlement like a fortress.

Eh... I wish all this were canon...