05 March 2012 @ 05:22 pm
Episode 18.  
In which many things happen, from yelling and crying to dressing up to OHHHHHH FUCK.

And Dian gurl. Gurl.

Fam delivers the good news.

Dian is so mad.

Luscinia is back from the winter wonderland.

Then everyone finally gathers before Sara, who is doing such a good job on her own uuuuu.


Liliana and Millia exchange and give us a little more ... insight?

Turanian people plot things.

Talk about how the world is going to start sucking again, because humans suck, etc.

Then Sara is sick of this bullshit.

In the end a very awkward peace happens.

And then everyone has a ball for this awkward peace.

Sadri, seeing Fam dressed up so looking even MORE like Raha, makes his move to find out who she really is. It is adorable.

Tatiana looks gorgeous and Dio wears whatever the hell he wants to a formal party, fuck your standards! They talk about how awkward this is. Also I hope that's booze in Dio's cup, I want Dio to get crunked.

Sadri asks Fam about her family and her past.

Then before Sadri can finish Fam steps on his foot by accident.

Orang and Millia get a nice moment too and Sorush my babyyyyyyyyyy. ;;

Turanian maid makes her secret move!

Only. Well. It's not so secret with this guy creeping.

Millia goes to meet with the Turanians who don't want Liliana leading them, so propose Millia take the leadership herself by killing Lilana. But Millia is just like BUT YOU GUYS...

Oh yes and of course Alauda followed them after creeping earlier.

Oh it's a. Thing. (aka an old Guild fortress)

Millia gets taken to Luscinia.

They talk about stuff we know, ala about Earth, the great calamities, the Exile project and the Guild spearheading it.

Then we get some more tie-ins to Travelers.

Then she goes to meet with Liliana with convenient-for-drama placed shards of glass on the floor.

She talks about her choice being hers to brand herself as a witch and gives Millia her headpiece.

OT3. ;;


The next day everyone is gathering for this peace. AWKWARD PEACE but peace.

And then Dian tries to shoot Luscinia but AND THEN OH FUCK SO MUCH HAPPENS AT ONCE.

Millia gets the Exile powers! VISIONS.

La la la.

I HAVE MANY MIXED FEELINGS ABOUT THIS EP so as usual we shall break this down.

I think I'll start with how much I love Sara! Because in the last couple of episodes she's really stood up to finally really be Augusta. She's not just letting Vasant and Luscinia use her name for what they both felt was right. And when things got heated during the meeting, she stood up and went NO. NO YOU GUYS GOD DAMN IT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DO THIS. And they listened-- for the most part. I mean the whole episode basically focused on how flimsy and weak the peace was and how it once again ended in assassination, but there was still the fact that Sara really did do a lot on her own in the episode, and most people hopped on board with it despite the awkwardness. Given how the episode ended of course ... I wonder how Sara is going to react to however Luscinia reacts, because I don't think he is going to just go 'o ok' and not do anything in retaliation to (Dian, Glacies, everyone not Ades as planned).

EITHER WAY. I love Sara and feel so bad for her because she's trying so hard and she almost finally made a difference after taking a stand but now everything's just be tossed into a handbasket headed for hell.

Dian. Dian Dian Dian Dian. "As long as hatred smolders within people's hearts, peace is nothing but a fleeting dream." You sure proved that at the end of this episode. I kind of really like how they handled Dian's character going in this direction? Even though I wish they didn't because she became one of my favorite characters really fast when she finally got screentime, so it's just kind of sad to watch her basically go insane. And she ended up really taking the downward spiral after Glacies was destroyed. Much like Sadri being related to Fam, they chose an interesting and "... huh!" character to go down this route. Which is something I like that they've done in the series, because they're not who you would expect to be the person in that position anywhere else. Dian let her anger and thirst for revenge consume her, which is understandable after having her country destroyed and taken over, having no choice but to team up with former enemies who are now in-fighting with themselves, and then losing many of the few people she had left due to her own mistakes (also caused by anger toward former enemies). I really wonder what's going to happen to her in the next episode, now. They didn't kill her after she shot (just tackled her), so loooool.

Now the big'un. What's been put out there about Luscinia, Liliana and their goals. Which the backbone of it is pretty much that the Earth is going to get fucked again because it's too small for all of the people returning from the Presters settling/growing. Which is something the viewer can see as a very realistic thing in our world. But I think the way they're handling it-- OR RATHER, what they put it out there SO FAR doesn't really put a very sympathetic light on Luscinia and Liliana. They obviously wanted one on them (hence the whole special ending with Liliana and Millia scenes) but the actions taken for those reasons weren't very justifiable and now that their MO-- or a big part of their MO is finally revealed it's not really something to go "oh! Now I see why they're doing what they're doing!" at. Of course, with three more episodes and there being something Luscinia "needs to do" according to Liliana, there might be more TO it, which is why I'm not going into it too much. But so far what's been revealed isn't hitting me in the sympathy area because of the way they've handled things. And the narrative seems to have intended a form of it, given what we've seen and learned about Luscinia and Liliana both. Though that Liliana knows she has branded herself a 'witch' to everyone says a lot, so there might be more to it (or rather, I hope there is). With Millia's inheriting the power and seeing the visions, we'll get that answer soon.

Though despite any of that, it was still very OH MY GODJKSJKFJSKL when she ended up dying because seriously, Dian's actions were not exactly in the cool club. And if there was more to their goals that required Liliana being alive/able to control the Exile, they're pretty much fucked up now. And now we see how Luscinia reacts to this in the next episode, because it's not going to be pretty. That's two assassinations and major fuck ups right when peace is finally a possibility/starting to come together. And both hitting Luscinia right in the heart.

Now I wanna ramble about the visions Millia got, as few as they were. I'm still wondering if the destroyed building in the first vision is supposed to be something the viewers might recognize? I just think it's interesting that it looks very modern/our-day so might tie things into a more 'LE takes place in the future of our world' (of course, still AU because things like lolClauda and lol jedi genetic clone elves). And with moons involved I think it'd be cool if they used the actual moon for the Exile project. It also fits in with things fandom has noticed in other scenes-- ala the globe and the VCRy looking things in the backgrounds of the Fam/Giselle child flashbacks. And in the background of the space cap looks it like there was an orbital elevator of sorts. This was just over 600 years prior to where both LE and Fam take place.

- We don't know how long the Exile project was supposed to have lasted. Much like how over time things turned into myths and legends, the plan to 'signal the Presters' when the time or return came was probably also lost, considering the 'Guild relic' Luscinia found was pretty much ruins. Likewise, in the timeline it says that Presters were built 'so the colonies could last for perhaps a millenium'.

- Still, 600 years is a long time and it seems as though Earth was really royally screwed by the calamities.

- Which brings me back to the setting for Fam taking place on a slightly altered but still recognizable Mediterranean Sea. With all of this talk about 'the world being too small' I wonder about ... the rest of the planet? Is the rest of the planet unable to be inhabited because it's so bad? Global warming and other things happened to start the Exile project in the first place, so I'm sure there's a lot more changes all across the globe (like said Med. sea joining with all other bodies of water around it for Fam), but there's still more LAND out there. They haven't addressed whether or not that's a Thing or not. Because compared to the scale of the planet, Fam takes place on just a small portion of it.

SO ALL IN ALL. I liked this episode with the possible exception of the whole backbone to Luscinia/Liliana's MO, but with three more episodes it could expanded on in a way where it might be fleshed out better. Sara is finally being awesome, I can't wait to see how everybody reacts to DAT ENDING and Dian u in danger girl.
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Sion Astal: pondering[personal profile] dreamsofahero on March 6th, 2012 01:38 am (UTC)
You know, in the ruins in Millia's vision, IF YOU LOOK CLOSE there's like. big block letters on part of it....
Dio Eraclea: good tailwinds[personal profile] unguilded on March 6th, 2012 01:47 am (UTC)
Yeah that's exactly why I was wondering that. XD
Sion Astal: generic back of head shot[personal profile] dreamsofahero on March 6th, 2012 01:50 am (UTC)
I CAN MAKE OUT what looks like I R E C but that's about it. :|a

Chances are HIGH though if it is a landmark it's one that Japanese viewers are more likely to recognize.
Dio Eraclea: can't take away my might[personal profile] unguilded on March 6th, 2012 01:52 am (UTC)
I have the HQ raw, and it's an L instead of an I, which is why I keep going STARE STARE STARE as if something is going to leap out at me. I'm just like IS IT SOMETHING WE'RE SUPPOSED TO KNOW. AM I DUMB FOR NOT RECOGNIZING IT.
Sion Astal: pondering[personal profile] dreamsofahero on March 6th, 2012 01:54 am (UTC)
Hmmm.... so are there any famous places with "lrec" in their name.......
Dio Eraclea: FIRE EVERYTHING[personal profile] unguilded on March 6th, 2012 02:13 am (UTC)
It looks like there's supposed to have been a letter after the L from the gap size in between. So maybe L_REC

Sion Astal: morning news[personal profile] dreamsofahero on March 6th, 2012 06:29 am (UTC)
I wanna knoooooow ;_;

ALSO I was just thinking about things in this ep and like... I REALLY SUSPECT that Liliana was supporting Luscinia in part just out of personal reasons. Like there's that line she uses to describe him to Millia that in the Funi subs is translated as "solitary", but the Japanese word carries some definite implications of "lonely". And is actually how I interpreted the line when I watched it. And we know from the flashback that there was definitely a ~thing~ between them, though it was possibly more one-sided on Liliana's side because Luscinia fails at feelings, but! I think it's highly likely that while she probably did believe in his cause too, her desire to support him personally was a notable factor in the choices she made.

Which brings me to the next thought, which is that at this point it really starts to remind me of Sophia and Alex! Luscinia and Alex are both men who help drive the series because of their ambition and desire for revenge. Both of them felt they failed someone dear to them and because of that lost that person, and blame themselves primarily for that, though it also becomes a primary driving force. The difference is that while Alex is pretty single-mindedly consumed by his desire for revenge, he also has an immense strength of will overall, and other than a few brief moments is able to keep a clear head. That and he understands PEOPLE and FEELINGS which I'm going to get to in a bit!

Continuing on that point, Liliana and Sophia both play a similar role in supporting Luscinia and Alex, respectively. But there's a HUGELY different dynamic to those two relationships, because of the personalities and actions of the persons involved. Where Alex flatly chastised Sophia for depending too much on what his opinion of her was and told her to make decisions for herself, Luscinia seems to lean on Liliana for support. There's a codependency there that locks them BOTH into the relationship in an ultimately unhealthy way. Because for as much as Sophia plainly loved Alex, and probably would have taken a bullet for him had the opportunity come up, she's still able to stand on her own, especially since Alex flat-out refused to rely on her. Whereas Luscinia relies on Liliana's support and Liliana sees that need and GIVES it to him. But like Sophia, Liliana knew what kind of a mess she was getting into by choosing to support Luscinia over even her own countrymen, and chose to do so anyway, whether out of love or loyalty or something else entirely, but the end result is the same.

ANYWAY as for Luscinia's motivations, I think that like.... well I really doubt we've seen ALL there is to it, because I can't imagine him giving up all his plans just because Sara said so. Much as he's theoretically dedicated to the Augusta, but! The whole thing seems fishy to me. But I strongly suspect there may be an element of wanting to control enough power that no one else would DARE challenge them (a la "have weapons so terrible no one would dare use them in war" philosophy) and thus be able to enforce and regulate the peace the late Augusta had worked so hard to try to achieve. I think he also though harbors some serious resentment of the people who killed her despite the fact that clearly (in Luscinia's mind) everything she did was ultimately to help and benefit them! So there's probably an element of revenge to it as well, which hearkens back to the comparison to Alex again. Luscinia is kind of a big bundle of some good intentions and a lot of ambition and a lot of PROBLEMS and he's just... I'm sure in his own mind his plan is flawless, but he's obviously never understood people well to begin with, so.

Basically to sum up I think that Luscinia honestly has some good intentions/ideals, enough to convince Liliana he truly MEANS for the best, but it's also for very personal reasons that she chose to help him, as well. Kind of a "you'll probably go to hell for this, but I'll go with you" sort of attitude. Which... may not be the best reasoning in the world, but Fam is nothing but full of bad decisions and I think that's exactly part of the whole thing of it, IF ONLY people thought things through a little better, or IF ONLY they could put their feelings of pity/revenge/etc aside, and so on. Liliana, Luscinia, Sorush, Dian.... GOOD PEOPLE MAKING BAD DECISIONS is definitely a theme here.

Edited 2012-03-06 06:35 am (UTC)
Dio Eraclea: homeboy Dagobert[personal profile] unguilded on March 6th, 2012 07:48 am (UTC)
Oh he's def. not going to give up, especially after what just went down. But that is the biggest difference between his and Alex's reactions to death/drive for a sort of revenge - is that Alex's was focused on a single person with no additional world population problems.

It's actually funny especially considering Luscinia's talk to Millia about the Guild, mainly on their having so much power/tech to rule and he and Alauda were "twins" who underwent that sort of training for their sake. And now he's pushing for that same sort of domination. Especially where the alleged population problem is concerned-- in Travelers, Uroctea uses the term control, which, if every country in Fam was forced under the the rule of Ades with Luscinia still calling the shots like at the start, the same thing would probably have happened. Basically yes everyone is riding the bad decision dinosaur.
Csilla_Aria: Alex sketch[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on March 6th, 2012 04:56 pm (UTC)
butting in the the conversation, sorry
But Alex-Luscinia comparison! I feel the same way.

I think another difference between them, and this is a big one for me, Alex had people around him who were willing to tell him when he was going too far, and stop him from doing so. From the more subtle advice he got from both Reciuse, and Sophia, to Campbell outright going over his head in telling the crew to ignore his orders.

Luscinia on the other hand had free reign, and unconditional support from those around him until Vasant began to worry about the effect it would have on Sara. Even then if it he hadn't made the rest of the Chaos survivors his red shirt army, she may not have taken the immediate action she did.
Dio Eraclea: every pace[personal profile] unguilded on March 6th, 2012 07:16 pm (UTC)
Haha yesssss oh gosh. Delphine's entrance will forever be one of the coolest scenes in the series for me simply because how she causes two main characters completely flip their shits. That's another good point, that Alex had people to hold him back in the (rare) event that he was about to make a REALLY BAD CHOICE.
Sion Astal: just talking[personal profile] dreamsofahero on March 7th, 2012 12:03 am (UTC)
Yeah, exactly, that's the OTHER reason why the whole parallel to Alex and Sophia occurred to me, really. Because Alex COULD HAVE been just as bad as Luscinia, had not people like Sophia stepped in to stop him when needed.

Really the more I think about it THE MORE SENSE IT MAKES TO ME because there's soooo many parallels between the two series there. And I think it helps explain both Luscinia and Liliana's actions and motivations better, because lol can you imagine what Alex would have been like if HE had just been enabled to do whatever he pleased.....
Sion Astal: just talking[personal profile] dreamsofahero on March 7th, 2012 12:21 am (UTC)
Haha yeah that's exactly it. Like I don't know why it didn't occur to me sooner, given how much I LOVED the dynamic between Alex and Sophia in the first series, but once it did it was just like ".....oh, wow, THAT REALLY FITS" and makes so many pieces fall into place. Especially for Liliana, for me, because Sophia COMES SO CLOSE to falling into the same trap in canon, except that in her case Alex tells her not to be so weak as to rely on HIS opinion and Claus is. Claus and so she gets over it and goes and does her own thing! But in Liliana's case, Luscinia just leans on her for support which only encourages her to keep DOING the things she's doing, even when it's not good for either of them, so... yeah. BAD DECISIONS EVERYWHERE
Csilla_Aria: OT3[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on March 6th, 2012 01:54 am (UTC)
TL, DR. I do this way too much when it comes to LE.
This episode, this episode. Like you I'm feeling rather conflicted about it. As I've said on tumbler Luscinia, and Liliana's motivations for what they have done just don't cut the mustard with me. There is all this technology available, but apparently people in the LE universe are only interested in turning it to war rather than using it to improve the lives of the people living there, and helping the world recover. It also really bothered me that they were going to go through with the peace treaty, and then apparently planed to go right back to "culling the population."

And as I also said on Tumbler, Liliana's death was just a huge disappointment with how predicable it was. Though I have to admit I don't have nearly the sympathy for her after hearing her motivations for what she did. I do wonder if becoming an active key to an Exile somehow warped her mind a bit, I'm having a very hard time seeing Liliana from the beginning of the series as the same Liliana from the next time she appeared. She seemed like a sensible caring person, and then she turned into "Darth Lily." It makes me worry about Alvis, and definitely Millia, they've already been through enough dammit!

And I agreed about Sara on all points, she was so awesome in this episode, and that people recognized her authority and listened to her despite her age(though honestly watching that my thought was "Dudes, when the ten year old, and the loud mouth 15 year old pirate are the most sensible people in the room there is a problem.") was great. It just makes it worse however that everything is going to go to hell now.

I kind of agree with your moon theory, and that really bothers me. The moon is incredibly essential for the survival of complex life on Earth. With the moon gone the rotation of the planet would not be stable, and I have a hard time imagining those left surviving if the earth suddenly tilted over. Unless the guild found a way to fix that without the moon the returnees should have come back to amoeba land.

I can't wait for the series to finish, mostly because I want to write fan fiction dammit. Mostly as is typical for me an AU where Farahnāz survived the assassination attempt, and therefor the world is not in such a state of crap because she's not putting up with any wacky BS.
Dio Eraclea: hay gurl[personal profile] unguilded on March 6th, 2012 02:46 am (UTC)
Yesss. If not for Dian's actions at the end just kind of ... making everything insane I wonder how it could have played out otherwise if they were still planning to do some shady ass things. :|a Like I said, I HOPE there is more to this that will be revealed, because if there isn't I'll feel bad because I'll be pretty underwhelmed.

I always expected Liliana to die as well, especially ever since the whole Exile powers pass on thing Dio explained to the girls. I wonder though, about the whole getting the powers thing. When their mother died, Liliana would have inherited the same visions Millia got, right? Since Millia pretty much saw them and understood right away. Maybe it was circumstantial things that made Liliana realize whatever she did later-- ala getting taken by Luscinia and infodumped on.

On the subject of Alvis though I am going aaaaahhhh it's almost over I want to see Anatoray Exile in action!

And yeah I guess with all of the stuff that could point to OH OH STUFF I RECOGNIZE FROM OUR WORLD the moon thing just jumped to mind in a very "HMM :|a" way. I mean the calamities were apparently horrible, possibly to the point where they were the reason why the planet's polarity is reversed (if that's a story point or just a "LOL AU EARTH" thing).
Csilla_Aria: Sophia[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on March 6th, 2012 03:20 am (UTC)
With the powers getting passed on, I'm wondering if it has something to do with the state of the Exile ship they are connected to.

From the way everyone reacted to it, no one was aware of the Turan princesses' connection to Exile until it was activated. I'm guessing it a passive inheritance, when the Exiles are "asleep". Liliana, and Alvis could have inherited the power when their mothers passed without ever knowing it, but now that Turan's Exile is awake it's communicating with its key, thus Millia gets the visions her sister had probably been seeing since Luscinia used the first mysterion.

Liliana may not have noticed Anatoray's Exile perhaps because of the distance when it was activated, or simply because Turan's exile was still dormant at the time. There are most likely still other living keys to the remaining Exiles(Personally I'm still not sure Fam isn't one herself.), but we haven't seen any hints of them yet, while Liliana felt when Glaces' Exile was activated, and Alvis later said she could no longer hear it. If any other girls/women in the world had noticed it, it would have gotten attention, so maybe the keys of dormant Exiles aren't "logged on to the network" yet.