20 February 2012 @ 04:29 pm
Episode 16.  
The battle at Boreas happens and Tara finally gets her fleshing out for the two characters she wanted fleshing out for. And then she screamed and cried a lot. FUCKING LAST EXILE!

Oh also, from last week's summary: And then Dio and Al ONCE AGAIN escaping from pursuit. Dio is fucking boss though, COME AT HIM BITCHES.


Sorush and Orang bro out as they drink and discuss the war. As bros who are generals do.

Why are they so cute.

Meanwhile, as they prepare for Boreas, Fam is unsure about weaponizing her vanship.

Sorush and Orang meet up with Vasant prior to the battle, and things just suck because the 5 Ades generals are starting to break up. ;o; Orang is ~TORN~

More talk and unsureness and PERSONALITY DIFFERENCE DYNAMICS between them and ahhhhh. Basically Sorush looks at things more as "if this will end the war and bring peace in the fastest way, okay" and Orang a lot more complicated than that, because splitting up! Ideals! The Augusta!

Poor Sara is just. Hanging in the room, hardly knowing what is happening outside with Vasant and the preparations. :S

BATTLE TALK where more about ship capabilities come into play. Mainly that whole altitude thing that's been a constant point.

Dian wants to go after Orang's fleet for REVENGE FOR GLACIES!! But Vasant slaps her down because they are better against Sorush's and they really have to work together properly to come out of the battle victorious.

Millia is so awesome and stays brave and hopeful that this battle will be a big factor to ending the war. Meanwhile Giselle is as unsure as Fam about things.


This is how Sorush prepares for battle: with riveting tales of his past with Vasant to his crew.

This is how Orang prepares: broods.

Awwww yis more sexy Dian flying.

Fam does not have a good time in her first real battle, so can't bring herself to shoot. Or rather, hesitates, has an ally die, then freaks out and just pulls the trigger to miss the enemy.

Then she decides to regroup with the Sky Pirates for a NEW PLAN because fuck that soldier shit.

F-f-flashbacks of young cuteness. Seriously this series and its young flashbacks, I die at every one, they are all so amazing.

Anyway basically it is Orang like WHY DID YOU WANT TO BE ASSIGNED TO THE SOUTH IT'S MEGA DANGEROUS I thought you would have chosen an easier path you don't seem as motivated to the cause. And Sorush like I just wanted to go where the glory was, also I do respect the Augusta but I bet YOU chose to fight because you truly believe in the ideas and the future of Ades. And how he was jealous and how Orang should go down his own path while he watches from behind tepidly and fhkajs these twoooooooooooooooooo.

"Let's meet here at the capital again, one day." ;3;

Sara starts freaking because she LOVES ALL OF HER ADES GENERALS and whyyyyy is this happening.

The Sky Pirates drop the weapons and go for trying to use their tactics to stop the ships. WILL IT WORK? LET'S ASK SORUSH.


Lots of doom and ships getting fucked by going over the edge.

Then as they push forward SORUSH GETS FIRED ON BY ORANG'S FLEET OH NO.

Sorush has his big moment of glory. Telling his crew to go surrender if they wished to switch over and go back to Luscinia if they didn't.

And Sara runs outside to see Sorush's final moments. ;_; Soruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush.

And Vasant is given the Augusta cold shoulder after the battle.

A WILD DIO AND ALVIS APPEAR, with Dio bleeding and looking a little worse for wear. BUT YAYAY FINALLY A SAFE HAVEN(??????????????)

Luscinia sits and talks to himself and him and Alauda talk about how their path was set ten years ago on the day of the Grand Race.






And as usual.

THIS WAS A GOOD EPISODE AND IT SHOULD FEEL GOOD. My last few summary posts have mentioned Sorush and Orang, so I am so happy that this one was primarily focused on them since I was starting to like both of them and their dynamic so much. I THINK WE'RE STARTING WITH THEM THIS WEEK.

The opening with them was just ♥ because it basically sets up how it is clearly going to end. Sorush and his, as Orang put it "clear cut logic", and Orang with his passionate ideals, which they both in turn envy the other about. Also the very subtle reflection in the wine being swished away FOREBODING. What it basically came down to was those personality traits for them and how things ended up re: the whole Luscinia rebellion. Because neither of them is wrong, in the same way that Vasant's actions in starting the rebellion aren't exactly right, either, when it comes down to it (even though I will go into that later). Sorush aimed for his ideal of ending the war quickly to obtain peace, while Orang in the end couldn't raise his weapons to Augusta Sara. Though Sorush didn't intend to kill Sara, and instead viewed Vasant as a traitor who they needed to rescue Sara from, despite the danger attacking the ship entailed since she was on it. It's just funny and really sad that they were all fighting each other, but they were also ALL fighting for the Augusta during that battle, ideals aside. War is a sad thing, etc. It was still painful to see Orang have to be the one to technically take Sorush out (not directly, but still shooting at the surfaces over the crevasse), but at the same time, they both respected and envied their differences and I'm sure Orang felt the same way as Sorush did, RE: "I had a feeling this day would come." So while it was SADMAKING it wasn't heartbreaking because they're bros who, despite things coming to what they came to, stayed bros and didn't hate each other in the end. SORUSH WAS MY FAVORITE ADES GENERAL THOUGH and of course he's the first (only?? WE WILL SEE) to die. :(

Fam and the Sky Pirates in this ep. They go into battle with weapons attached to the vanships-- which is a THING. Because Vespas are light and fast so weight is a REALLY big factor for performance and they were being hindered greatly by the attachments, I'm glad they showed us just how much so. Either way, Fam can't bring herself to shoot, some people die, and then they drop the weapons and veer off back to plan. It's their first real battle and they're not soldiers, so it sucks. Either way, they decide fuck weapons, they'll help by doing what Sky Pirates do best: go skyfish hunting and use those tactics to stop the assault.

... and then that doesn't work either when they try it. So with more shit going down and with Luscinia probably going to RELEASE THE KRAKEN so to speak with what he acquired in Glacies, things are going to get worse. So I wonder what they are going to really ... do with the Sky Pirates/Fam from here on out-- that's if they don't reconsider weapons. Overall they've been shown (especially recently) to be powerless with the Ades forces coming at everyone in full swing (when they got the weaponry that could reach as high as their hideouts, etc.), and even in this episode, it was like. OH THEY'RE USING SKYFISH HUNT TACTICS NOW OH SNAP THIS-- ... oh that didn't do anything either. Though with Dio back with them and hopefully Anatoray jumping into the picture soon, they might not really need to focus on what they've already seem to have driven home? I like the Sky Pirates, though. Their ideals of the free skies and their honor to contracts bring a fresh side to the series. But they just don't really fit into things like this Boreas battle that just happened because of their lifestyles.

Vasant and Sara. :|a O-oh Vasant what are you doing. I really, really think Vasant does not MEAN to come off like she is, especially considering just. HER IN THE WHOLE GRAND RACE FLASHBACK! But she is going about things in a really iffy way. Bringing Sara aboard for starters seemed more like a ploy to stop Sorush and Orang's fleets to attack-- which did end up working on Orang's end, but, yes. Still a not smart move! Not to mention that the whole episode was pretty much Sara in a room with a maid distracting her from what was going on outside. It's not really different from what Luscinia had been doing: keeping her in the dark so to speak while he went about his ... fun oppressing times. But I do like that they ARE making that point. That Vasant DOES seem to really not agree with Luscinia's actions and how the war has progressed, but she is doing the same things he did in order to get her agenda done. Again, I don't think Vasant means to do it and I think she really does have good intentions in mind. But oh Vasant you are not going about things that much better.

With Sara refusing to see her now though, we'll see what happens next week. Poor Sara is only 10, but I hope she speaks up soon for herself. She's doing her best and is trying to be mature and a proper Augusta, so I hope she actually tries to really do something herself, even if it's a really defiant stand up to Vasant to say NO. (and then go say NO to Luscinia, too) Personally, I hope Millia helps her with this-- Millia who had Liliana, and has over this series matured so much and is really turning into a great leader. Even though Boreas was more Ades vs. Ades focused, she stayed by Vasant's side and ugh I love Millia. It'd also be cute for the young Turanian princess to take on the older princess role to Sara I think. Please happen!

Luscinia and Alauda are still just like YEP OUR PATH WAS SET 10 YEARS AGO and ... well soon they should be coming back with GODMODE HAX that they got in Glacies (maybe even pulling Lelouchs who knows). Luscinia sounded like he was muttering some Mysterion, so aaaahhh I can't wait. Especially with how they needed the Guildite thing as a key to access it GIVE ME MORE GUILD STUFF.

NEXT EP I GET TO MAKE MORE ICONS AND POSSIBLY WILL FINALLY HAVE A PLACE TO CANON UPDATE DIO IN CAMP!? BECAUSE YAY HE IS THERE WITH AL! Excite! And worry! Because bleeding and injury and LOL I JINXED THAT LAST WEEK. Watch the episode end with something happening and Dio and Al running off again. I will legit sob. Just please be okay Dio, fucking teasing previews making me NERVOUS!!
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Alison[personal profile] justice on February 21st, 2012 02:03 pm (UTC)
Last week in the end, Al had her arms around Dio's mid-section, so it might not be anything immediately bad since he doesn't look like he's in pain. Just a thought.
Dio Eraclea: zz BON APPETIT[personal profile] unguilded on February 21st, 2012 06:05 pm (UTC)
HE WAS STILL UNTOUCHED THEN. Because he is the mfing dodge master of the skies.
Alison[personal profile] justice on February 21st, 2012 06:36 pm (UTC)

Show stop makign it hard for me to learn things about you from screencaps.
Csilla_Aria: Queen & Captain[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime on February 21st, 2012 04:16 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure how I feel about this episode, mostly because I'm not sure how I feel about the generals.

I do want to ask just WTF is Luscinia trying to do? I really don't understand what his goals are. Does he want to wipe out the returning exiles? Does he just want to subjugate them? What are you doing man?! He's told Sara he wants a peaceful world for her, but his actions, as we've clearly seen, have just recreated the very feelings and atmosphere in the rest of the world that got Augusta Farahnaz assassinated turned it up to 11.

I know we aren't going to figure it out till the end of the series, and it's just driving me nuts. What is he doing? What did he find in Glaces? Why is Liliana willingly helping him? WTF IS GOING ON!?!?! I need to know these things.
Dio Eraclea: hay gurl[personal profile] unguilded on February 21st, 2012 06:18 pm (UTC)
I knew Orang and Sorush were going to be split since they both had that whole "opposite personalities but bros" thing in their profiles from the start, so it was a nice seeing it focused on since they were two of my favorites. ;; As for Vasant-- hopefully next week we'll get a little more on her and how she deals with Sara's reaction.

As for that second thing LOLOL yeah I wonder that too. One theory some people have been tossing around is a Lelouch thing, buuuuut because of Luscinia's role in the series and how he's presented/written in the narrative, it's really not going to have as much of an impact in the end if it is that. :|a Once we see what he found in Glacies I'm sure it'll answer a lot of things-- I mean, I HOPE it's not something crazyevilomg because ... Liliana's following him. Though I guess at the same time because of the Turanian Exile power she could also be setting herself up since she knows that once she dies Millia will inherit the power and she clearly sees that Millia is shaping up to be a great leader?

But yeah, I HOPE WE FIND OUT SOON ... I mean lol 5 more episodes lol.
Sion Astal: generic back of head shot[personal profile] dreamsofahero on February 22nd, 2012 12:31 am (UTC)
You know I have to say I'm really enjoying the SHEER AMBIGUITY of Fam so far. I mean, you have some morally gray characters in the first series, but you also have Delphine, who's just flat-out crazy, as an antagonist. Where in Fam it's like... more a question of whether the ends justify the means, and so on.

I suspect the thing with the sky pirates may be leading up to something AWESOME later. Because I think part of the deal in this episode was that they're basically doing the same thing they always do. They've been so secure in their apparent superiority that they haven't bothered to change and adapt. Hence how terrible it ended up being when suddenly their strongholds WERE attacked, because since they figured no one could get at them, they were safe, and never bothered planning for how to defend themselves! And now, if they just use their same old tactics, it's just not gonna work anymore, because the rest the world moved on without them. But the sky pirates are nothing if not creative at heart, I think, so I wouldn't be surprised if they end up pulling off something amazing in the end.

I KIND OF WONDER though if Dio being injured is partly a plot device to sideline him for most the final battle. I mean, HE REALLY IS SERIOUSLY BADASS in the series, to the point where he can probably out fight/fly most the rest of the cast. So if the main cast is to get the spotlight, Dio has to be out of it, or at least not performing at his full strength...
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