18 August 2017 @ 02:52 am
so, its my birthday next wednesday

& dont get me wrong? not a big deal, i guess, its just a day, i forgot it even happened last year, but

thats the whole thing. ive gone from 19 to 21 here, that's longer than i ever imagined staying, which has left me thinking about how long ive been here

what was your favorite mission? what do you think youve learned, from being here? who have you met that youre going to miss when you go home? what moment sticks with you the most? or, idk, anything you wanna talk about. we always get stuck on the negative stuff,
& i get it, its easy to get stuck there

but there is more than that. & i think that its important for us to remember that.

so, i will go first, i guess. i think my favorite mission was zeta-12. definitely. the squidges are great and i still think about it there sometimes. it was nice feeling like we made a difference there and helped that species continue. if youre curious, here is beaker and scooter now.

( there's a picture attached of two full-grown squidges, apparently holding hands and puzzling over a plant native to Zeta-12. be glad it's text mode, or Peter might be getting misty about his alien baby. )

ive learned that there is no such thing as protecting someone from the truth. im going to miss my friends. i already miss some of them that have transferred. im going to miss my boyfriend, though he may or may not kill me for using that word and then i wont have to miss anybody. and... i think woodhurst is always going to stick with me the most.

so, thats me. im sure we all have our own stories. id like to hear them, if you wanna share.
17 August 2017 @ 11:46 am
HEY FUTUROS it's me again! For no reason at all except that I was curious, I counted up how old everyone in-game was. Then I screwed it up by miscounting, and angrily made it neater by shoving it into a Google sheet.

Without further ado: an Audentes age census! It actually appears that we have a fairly even spread of characters across age groups (with slightly fewer people who are 30+), which is really interesting!! Feel free to edit or move your characters around if I've mis-sorted.
16 August 2017 @ 07:03 pm
Dropping Rideaux since I never did a get job of getting him to click with the setting. Congratulations, Jude, you are free.

Still here with Mishima!